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Hospitality Services Management MNG00441 – 2018

3.1 Application of the service theme

Theme 1 from reading 8: measuring customer satisfaction in the hospitality organisation

Customer satisfaction swords as the leading Criterion to determine quality which is delivered to the customers buy accompanying services and through commodities. It is also considered to be the least expensive means of promoting any commodity or service (Pizam, Shapoval, & Ellis, 2016). Measuring or examining customer satisfaction is dependent on customer attitudes and perceptions as well. The article even suggests that in order of achieving success for any organisation a program of measuring customer satisfaction shall be incorporated into the corporate culture of the firm.It supports the fact that instead of listening to customer complaints the corporate culture of the company must be made consumer-oriented in order to seek continuous feedback and reports from the customers by repeated customer satisfaction measurement initiatives. 

Theme 2 from reading 9: Customer loyalty and perceptions

Retention and customer loyalty is a fundamental aim of any relationship marketing which is intensely related to the profitability of the organisation.The entrepreneurs of resorts and hotels must be aware of the retention of loyal customers for gaining profit instead of acquiring New Market players. Quality of services is highly significant for improving the loyalty of customers as it is already resumed that organisation resources seem to be Limited and customers may not be equally served (Prentice, 2013). 

Relating to the case scenario of crown Resort, measurement of customer satisfaction must be applied by introducing two major techniques of assessing satisfaction level of consumers. One of the most fruitful customer satisfaction measurement strategies is Likert scales that can be introduced in the feedback questionnaires. The second measurement is a semantic differential scale which actually measures the reactions of people based on their concepts and words.The third method to examine the customer satisfaction level is the Kano model. This is broadly used to understand the opinions and needs of customers as well as their effect on customer satisfaction. Quality of service restaurant can change perception and objectives of customers while selecting a particular commodity.  

3.2 Quality and productivity

Crown resort is known for maintaining their Hospitality Services with respect to the delivery of accommodation and food amenities to people and their quality. The food quality of crown Resort restaurant services is quite superior, and people already have built a perception regarding this band. Luxurious rooms and suites in crown Resort are quite attractive, and people had established an impression from the outlook of the resort rooms. They seem to have developed a consumer-oriented organisational culture in order to soothe consumers.The escorts and receptionist, as well as other employees of the crown resort, is quite friendly and well behaved which Comforts the customers and thereby it helps in retaining the existing customers who are already  the justification of second theme (Shirali, Salehi, Savari&Ahmadiangali, 2018).High-Quality Services are ensured in the organisation for maintaining gainful perceptions among the customers. In order to maintain loyalty among customers towards the brand of crown resorts, they provide skillful training and imparts productive knowledge to the Employees about their relationship maintenance and management with customers. On a daily basis, Crown resorts maintaining primary areas of operations like front desk services, appropriate amenities of hotels and extreme level of Quality Services. The most effective service that is maintained by front desk operators employees in crown Resorts is to be available for customers on a 24/7 basis with a calm and composed attitude.  

The different ways in which Crown resort can be sustainable and viable in providing highest Quality Services by maintaining productivity are:

Motivating employees through gamification: Motivation is highly important to us your productivity and therefore an effective way to motivate the employees in the application of gamification techniques (Crinò&Epifani, 2012). These include tasks such as contributing ideas for policy changes and projects are the completion of reports which can be gamified. 

Setting comprehensive goals and providing feedback: a clear statement of goals and objectives maintaining the Vision and Mission of the company can provide a guide to the employees. Short term goals can encourage employees for proper management of their face to do tasks. It is also significant for providing feedback to employees. 

Responsible use of Technology: Training must be provided for using Technology specifically for the front desk operators and the Accountants in order to maintain invoices as well as customer receipts (Khan & Khan, 2009).

Communicating effectively: effective communication with the employees can increase their urge to put more effort into their work and also enhances customer satisfaction. 

3.3 Using technology

The productive capacity of the service organisations can take various forms which is one of the biggest challenges to be encountered in the service-oriented organisations. One of the forms includes medical clinics hotels entertainment facilities Supermarket shelves and distinct transport modes. The second form includes equipment for providing services like hair dryer, machine tools, telephones, cash registers, oven and Airport Security Scanners. The third form include the capacity of serving customers that have constraints such as experience as well as the expertise of the employed personnel (Khan& Khan, 2009). Crown resort can incorporate some Strategies for overcoming these challenges and strain its employees which include to effective measures- the percentage of the aggregate time wherein equipment and facilities are used and percentage of physical space used while operations. Flexible capacity must be created within the organisation in order to face any kind of challenge in terms of Technology. 

The second article, however, focuses on introducing innovative Paradigms of Technology so that it can provide the competition to its rival organisations existing in the market. The broad idea refers to market creating service innovation which is basically defined as the idea for enhancing performance that is perceived by customers in the form of an offering of new benefit to influence their behaviour as well as that of the competing firms.

3.4 Website

Website of Crown Resorts Melbourne

Crown Resorts Melbourne

The homepage of the Crown Resorts Melbourne. Australia: 

The three images seen in the previous page are directly screenshot from the homepage of the resort chain – Crown Resorts, situated in Australia. The website has a warm black background, in which alternately different pictures slide on. First one is a photograph of the spacious room of a suite from the resort. Then, other photographs indicate at the other amenities that this resort is offering. As we scroll down, we find all sorts of helpful information, such as the other branches spreading across Australia. We also find the different departments. Each of these has different links redirecting us as we require. Finally, towards the bottom of the homepage, there are enlisted all of the possible categories and different things that someone who entered the homepage may need to know. This indicates the clarity of information, and it also makes a website trustworthy. 

 In the era of internet and search engines, there are too many sites and links trying us to direct towards something unnecessary. In such cases, trying to find out what we need to know is essential. Optimally putting information and properly writing the information maintaining popular parlance is important to find the proper place in search engine results (Paraskevas, Katsogridakis, Law and Buhalis, 2011). It is also necessary for a hotel website to focus on the appearance of the website. The appearance and adequate photographs that elevate the eyebrows significantly raising the desires of the customers to become a necessity. The Crown Resorts has optimally measured every aspect of this on their website (Panagopoulos, Kanellopoulos, Karachanidis and Konstantinidis, 2011). The design is intelligent and minimal as well as concise insofar as information is concerned. 

3.5 Four current issues and their impact on the industry

Housing price slump and tourism: House price has seen the lowest in the last twenty years in Australia. The crash started to occur from the final days of last year, and it has deepened further into the beginning of 2019 (Economist, 2019). This has been one of the major economic events that the country has faced in the last few years and has resulted in shifts in the patterns of consumer expenditure all over the country. One of the impactful sectors is tourism. People are not keen on spending on holidays, and that has made the hospitality industry in an economically less profitable sector. 

Tourism industry boom in Australia: Internationally tourism industry is facing growth of an unprecedented measure while compared to other industries. In 2018 alone, the rise was recorded as the highest $41.3 billion. Australia ministry's scheme to ‘supercharge' interests of US tourists by installing a Crocodile Dundee scheme is expecting to see a US market increment of $6 billion by the year 2020. NSW, with the expenditure by foreign visitors, recorded to be $10.4 billion is the tourist hotspot of Australia (NewsComAu, 2019). 

Complex Visa system for tourists repel Indonesian and other international tourists: When Indonesia relaxed their Visa system for Australian tourists, it saw an immediate positive impact as Australian tourists increased by 16% since 2016 in Bali. This resulted in an increase of $145 million business in the local economy. The reciprocal action was not observed as the Australian tourist Visa became more and more complex and discriminatory over the years. This is a bad sign for the tourism industry. This can have a direct impact on the hospitality industry (ABC News, 2019). 

Boxing Day sales and future of the economy – unemployment will still rise?: The big online retail sales have a lot of spending extravagance. But how does it relate to the whole economy? Australia’s 5.1 percent population is unemployed. The population to unemployment ratio is recorded at 62% - highest in the last eight years. But these sales have a great effect on the economy. Only this year can show us what impact it may have on the entire economic activities (NewsComAu, 2019).