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Task A Research report discussing the customer service policies
Carry out research into customer service policies. Using your research, produce a written report of your findings which should include:
  1. A discussion of the reasons for using customer service policies (ref. 1.1)
  2. A discussion about the purpose of evaluating customer service policy and its relationship to future staff training and development (ref. 1.2)
Task B Communication and information research
Provide a written account demonstrating your understanding of the above subject. It should provide an insight on the:
  1. Evaluation of the different communication methods (ref. 2.1)
  2. Analysis of how customer perception is influenced by customer service provision (ref. 2.2) (+M1)
  3. Assessment of sources of information on customer requirements and satisfaction levels (ref 3.1) (+M3)
Task C Group presentation
  1.  Carry out and present a research on customer requirements and satisfaction levels for a hospitality business (restaurant or hotel), and suggest some potential improvements (ref 3.2) (+D1)
  2. Organise and execute a delivery of customer service (role play) for the same business (ref 4.1) (+M2) (+D2)
  3. Review your own performance and make recommendations for improvements (ref 4.2) (+D3)
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In this highly competitive market, any organisation must satisfy their customers with the effectiveness as it helps any organisation to achieve the loyalty from the customers. Customers cherish and love those businesses that take care of them with the quality by which they love to be treated. It has been observed that, if any customers get the effective services then they even pay more for those services. In order to increase the productivity, it is important for the organisation to increase the service related strategies so they can create the optimistic reflection from them. Along with that, it is important for the organisation to make their employees understand regarding the appropriate customer services. This particular assignment is intended to describe the customer service for the Hilton hotel.

Task A:

A) Reasons for utilizing the customer service policies:

Customer service policy generally helps any organisation to provide better services to the customers. As stated by Frowet al. (2011), customer service policy can be defined as the set of regulations or rules that mainly define what are the terms of services that any customers are exactly expected from the organisation and how the need of those respective customers can be managed. Reasons for utilising the customer service policies in the Hilton hotel are as follows:

For the achievement of the sustainable competitive advantage:

There are several hospitality based organisation and all are effective to provide a delightful services to the customers. Along with that, their pricing strategy can also be the same. Therefore, it is very important for the Hilton hotel to develop an effective and outstanding customer service policy so they can provide a unique service to the customers.

Achievement of the goals regarding the business:

The goal of the Hilton hotel is offering effective level of services for achieving the loyal customer bases. Therefore, in order to fulfil their business goals and to achieve effective level of profit, it is very much important for the Hilton hotel to implement different types of customer service related policies for effectively align their human resource in the customer services. This strategy can help them to provide quality services.

Helps employees to get effective guidelines regarding their work:

Implementation of the customer service related policies can help the Hilton hotel to provide an effective guideline to their employees so they can understand the strategies and the way by which they can serve their customers to make them satisfy.

Discipline management:

According to Su (2011), effective customer service policy can help Hilton hotel to manage the discipline in their organisation and employees in order to provide better services to the customers. Hilton hotel must maintain the better level ofpolicies regarding the customer service regarding the customer relationship management so they can satisfy the effective relationship with the customers by maintaining an effective level of satisfaction. It is very much important for any hospitality based organisation to maintain the discipline in the organisation for providing good services to customers.

Find out the challenges regarding the customer services:

Implementation of the good policies regarding customer service can help the Hilton hotel for the identification of the different problem associated with the customer services. After the identification of the loopholes, it is very much important for the Hilton hotel to develop the standard for providing effective customer services.

Minimising employee turnover:

Identification as well as the implementation of the client service policy also helps the organisation for minimising the employee turnover, because the customer service policy also include the strategy by which the employees can be motivated. Effective customer service policy enforces the organisation to measure the current performance of the customers to understand whether it is possible for them to achieve the perceived standard of customer services or not. If it is observed that any employee has certain weaknesses then it must be avoided by effective training.

Increasing the cost regarding effective customer services:

Appropriate customer service policy must help the hotel in different ways like it helps the organisation for understanding the actual requirement of customers and it also increases the effective level of services so organisation can provide effective services by eliminating the unnecessary services. The cost cutting regarding the unnecessary services helps them to increase their profitability.

Building a positive reputation for the organisation:

Effective brand reputation can be generated by the Hilton hotel with the excellent level of services to the customers. Policy regarding customer service helps the Hilton hotel to decrease the threat related to the substitute services. Actually this policy regarding the customer services increase the morale among the employee and facilitates the employee empowerment that helps them to understand their roles and responsibility with betterment and helps them to provide an excellent services to the customers. This effective level of the services to the customers can helps the organisation to generate an effective and positive brand reputation.

Measuring the customer services:

 As stated by Han et al. (2011), effective customer service policy can help the Hilton hotel for understanding the performances of their organisation. It also helps the Hilton hotel for minimising the staff turnover through different active initiatives. Effective customer service policy measures the performances of the employee by evaluating their weaknesses and providing them an effective training which in turns helps them to achieve an effective level of the customer services

B) Importance of the customer service policy evaluation and the relationship of it with the training as well as development of the future staff:

The customer service policy implementation cannot provide effective level of the services to the customers, in order to make this happen it is very much important to implement the effective customer service policy. The main purposes for the implementation of the customer service policy are as follows:

As stated by Darcy and Pegg (2011), customer service policies helps the management of the Hilton hotel to evaluate the gaps associated in the customer services so they can develop the effective services to rectify it. This rectification mainly required in those place if it so seen that the policy is not successful to cover those area in which they should cover. The policy evaluation can help the Hilton hotel conforming to the changes regarding the law changes. It is seen that the UK government has implemented and modified different types of law after they have left the EU, because in the earlier times; EU implemented and maintained all of the law. Therefore, it is important for the Hilton hotel to evaluate the policy regarding the customer services in order to identify the area in which their policy does not conform to the currently implemented law. Regular evaluation of customer service policy is important to Hilton hotel because it can provide them the opportunity to achieve the competitive advantage. In order to make this happen it is important to make a comparison with their one of the strong competitors. As stated by Tepeci and Bartlett (2012), it is observed that the customer demand are always dynamic and changes according to the time so it is important for the organisation to change their customer service policies according to the customers for the achievement of the competitive advantages. Hilton hotel monitor the customer service policy in order to understand their capability to serve the customers. For example, customer wants more effective room service so Hilton hotel provide a free and fast room services to their customers. They also evaluate their customer service policy to motivate their employees. Customers always want to get effective level of care from the hotels so it needs to motivate the employees in order to provide appropriate level of services for the customers.

After evaluating customer service policy if it is observed that the performance of the employees is not up to the mark, then it is important to provide them training according to the pre-determined standard. Hilton hotel must develop their training strategy in that way so it can help them to generate an effective level of the outcome.

Task B:

A) Different communication method:

Any kind of the hospitality based organisation always requires some effective communication because in the service based job the communication is everything because an effective level of communication can satisfy the customers. As stated by Gustafsson et al. (2012), effective communication is one of the interpersonal skills that helps any organisation to improve the communication. Along with that effective communication among the management and the employees can helps them to be motivated towards their job, so it is the duty of the management to maintain an effective relationship with their customers because it helps them to understand their roles and responsibilities more clearly. On the other hand, the effective level of communication among the employee and customers helps the employees to provide more effective services because it helps them to understand the actual need of the customers. In order to communicate with the employees as well as customers, it is important for the Hilton hotel to implement different communication style such as the verbal communication, written communication and non-verbal communication method.

According to Chelariu and Osmonbekov (2014), verbal communication is the way by which any particular individual can transfers the messages with other person in verbal mode. It is the sending of the messages through the speaking as well as listening. For facilitating the communication with the organisation, Hilton hotel follows different type’s communication such as the telephones, meeting, interview as well as the video conferencing. However, video conferencing utilises the electronic media but it is one of the verbal communication. Among different communication method, verbal communication is the easiest mode of the communication where senders sends the message in front of the receiver and after receiving the messages receiver provide feedback to the sender. This communication style does not involve any middleman. These kinds of communication can facilitate the high level of understanding as well as the transparency because this communication does not involve any kind of rigidity. In case of the verbal communication the feedback from the customers is spontaneous that can help the Hilton hotel to make business related decisions without any delay. Verbal communication is not only saves the time but it also promotes an encouraging working environments for the employee that increases the staff morale. Oral communication is one of the effective medium for transferring both the confidential as well as the private information. Despite of different advantages, there are several disadvantages of the verbal communication such as oral communication is less authentic than the written communication so this type of communication does not considers during the preparation of the agreements. Oral communication is not easy communication method because misunderstanding can be generated from the oral communication. 

On the other hand, nonverbal communication method is the sending of the messages through the expression, demeanour and the body gestures. This is the communication method that helps employees of Hilton hotel to transmit their emotions by giving a value in the word spoken by them. In case of the hospitality based organisation, this kind of communication method is very much important because it helps the customers to understand their value. A good expression or a smiling face of the employee can help them to make an effective relationship with the customers that help them to understand the actual need of the customers. Different advantages of the non-verbal communications are it is fast, adds an emphasis on the verbal communication and very useful in the noisy places. However, there is huge possibility of the miscommunication so the employees of the Hilton hotel must be careful while communicating with their customers. 

Hilton hotel mainly follow the written communication in order to communicate with their employee because this kind of communication is intended to inform the receiver. In order to communicate their employee, Hilton hotel mainly follows the formal letters, different business memos, and bulletin. This kind of communication is implemented by the Hilton hotel for instructing employees. The most effective advantage of this communication is it’s one of the everlasting means of the communication and assists the employees regarding the proper delegation of their employees. However, there are substantial amount of disadvantages of this communication method in Hilton hotel that are it incurs huge amount of costs regarding the stationery and the man power associated with it. Moreover, it is very much time consuming.

B) How perception of the customers are influenced by the customer service provisions:

For the creation of the effective level of the customer services it is imperative to provide effective services to customers. Good customer experiences always generate some loyal customer base. For generating effective customer services for customers it is important to create a positive feeling between their employees regarding their services and generate the loyal customer base. As stated by Croom (2010), the main things that can create the most effective perception among the employees are the word of mouth. It has been observed that a loyal customer generally participates in the word of mouth marketing and creates more loyal customers. Therefore, during provides services to a single customers Hilton hotel must follow the person-centred approaches so they can satisfy their customers with effectiveness. Negative word of mouth can also be generated if Hilton hotel will not consider the actual need for customers while they provide effective level of services to customersHilton hotel should provide a wonderful service for their customers in order to generate positive experience of the customers. Along with that, Hilton hotel must have an effective advertising strategy in order to influence customer from different regions. Moreover, Hilton hotel must have effective and innovative strategies to motivate their employees. It is seen that Hilton hotel is the early adaptor of the interactive 360 degree mobile video technology and it becomes the first Watson enabled hotel concierge around the world. The above mentioned innovation provides some unique experiences to the customers. Moreover, price also creates some perception among the employee, though Hilton hotel does not charge the low pricing strategy from their customers but they provide value for money with their effective person centred services.

It is seen that Hilton hotel is facing some gaps in their customer service provision which can be evaluated by the SERVQUAL model. It is seen after application of the model that they are facing some gaps regarding the actual expectation of the customers. It has been observed that they are facing difficulties to reach the expected level of services of the customers (, 2016). Along with that, they are facing problems regarding the service delivery and the external communication. Therefore, it is important for them to satisfy all of the needs of the customers by providing more person centred approaches.

C) Information regarding the customer requirements as well as level of satisfaction:

For the improvement of the effective organisational performances it is very much important for the Hilton hotel for the assessment of the level of the satisfaction for customersIn order to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction it is important to collect information from different sources such as:

Primary sources:

As stated by Moket al. (2013), in order to collect the information regarding the customer satisfaction level the most effective primary sources are the feedback of the customers. After providing the effective level of services to the customers, it is important for the customer care executive of the Hilton hotel to request them to provide some feedback regarding the services that they have received from the hotel. The main benefits regarding the primary sources of information are they are the accurate, updated and specific. However, in order to collect the primary data from the customers huge time is required and it requires the involvement of the skilled employees. After receiving different benefits from some big hotels almost everyone shares their experiences in the social media so Hilton hotel can collect the primary information from the social media sites also. Hilton hotel can collect customer satisfaction level from their loyal employee.

Secondary sources:

According to Teare and O'Hern (2010), the customer satisfaction related information can be collected from different secondary sources. For the collection of the employee satisfaction Hilton hotel can analyse the sales record, and other financial record such as profit and loss statements along with the client database. In these contexts if they have observed that they get the huge number of customers in the present times that mean they have high level of satisfied customers. Along with internal data, Hilton hotel can analyse different types of the external data such as the government publications, different commercial information, periodicals, and professional associations. By retrieving data from the secondary sources, Hilton hotel can get several advantages like they can obtain data very quickly and it does not involve too much costs or time. Despite of this information, there are several disadvantages that are faced by the Hilton hotel that is in this case the data are mainly collected by the other organisation rather than the Hilton hotel so redundancies can be generated. This is because; intentional manipulation of the data may not provide good quality data. The other disadvantages of this kind of sources are the competitors of the Hilton hotel may get that information and use it to combat against them.


Tie above discussion conclude the fact that for providing effective level of services to the customers, organisation must assess the actual needs of the customers. The main reason behind that is, without the assessment of the customer needs it is very difficult for them to design the effective services by which they can provide effective services to their customers. For providing effective level of services to customers it is very much important for the organisation in maintaining the effective relationship with the employees so they can understand the actual need of the customers. Along with that, it is also important for the organisation to develop the customer service policy for satisfying their customers by assessing their actual capabilities and implementing different effective strategies.