Customer Service Management In Travel And Tourism Industry: Report Based On Lux Resort

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Question :

Module Code:  CSMT4014

Module Title: Customer Service Management For Travel And Tourism

Level: Level 4

Awarding Body: University of Plymouth

Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment 

To successfully complete this assessment, students should be able to: 
  1. Define the types of customers in the travel and tourism industry.
  2. Analyse the effectiveness of customer service and the use of quality systems in the   travel and tourism industry.
  1. Examine the solutions of customer queries’ and complaints in travel and tourism.

Using the case study above answer the following questions:

  1. Describe the types of customers that Lux Resorts can attract as a major hotel operator.                                                                                                   
  2. Identify the current needs of each type of customers and explain how they can contribute to the success of Lux Resorts?
  3. Discuss the major techniques that Lux Resorts can use to analyse the effectiveness of customer service within its resorts?                                                    
  4. Analyse the use and importance of a quality system that can be implemented in Lux Resorts to enhance customer service?                                                      

  1. You’ve got to instill in frontline providers the mindset that service comes naturally and from within’. CEO Lux Resorts. 

In line with the above statement, you are required to prepare short action guidelines to cover each of the major skills of customer service. Examine the ‘do’s’ or ‘don’ts’ you would include in your checklists for each of the following topics:

  • Handling customer complaints
  • Dealing with a difficult customer
  • Effective communication over the telephone
  • Principles of letter-writing when corresponding with customers queries
  • Listening skills

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Answer :

Executive summary

In this report, the customer service in tourism and travelling has been discussed with the specific instances from the case study. In this report, the Lux resort has been chosen to discuss about the customer services. Different types of customers and their contribution at Lux resort has been described in this particular report. It shed light on the marketing techniques that have been applied by the respective organisation. This helps to analyze the effectiveness of the marketing techniques in the context of customer service. The development of customer relationship with the organisation helps to increase the customer loyalty. This report states about the significance of increasing customers’ values and understanding the needs of users and buyers in order to enhance the quality of customer service. In this way, by developing the customer service and improving customer relation, Lux resort can increase the business profits globally.


This report is all about the customer service in tourism and travel industry. The main aim of this report is to focus on the various issue related to the customer service in tourism industry. The objectives of this particular report is to find out the issues related to the Lux resort and analysis the various strategies and theories that this resort is used to attract their customers. The secondary source has been used to critically analyze, finds various issues, problems related to customer service. This report sheds light on the investments, importance of customer service and the initiative steps that Lux Resort is using to provide their customers the best services and hold their good position in the business market. This information and analysis, findings helps people to understand the business techniques of Lux resort. This report helps people to understand the impact of customer service in tourism and travel company. A lux resort is a luxurious resort in Mauritius and it is well-known for its good customers’ service. This resort not only provides the hotel services to their customers but also provides tourism service and spa facilities to the people.  

The main aim and objectives of the Lux resort is to give their customers luxurious, unique hotel experiences that satisfy the customers’ demand. The management and staffs of this particular resort always try to meet the customers need and they try to develop their customer service more according to market and customer demand. Lux resort mainly focus on their customers services as customers service plays a key role in business, tourism, travel and hotel industry. The business income, profit and recognition depends on the customers service. Therefore, people are the key source for every industry to make huge profit from their business. This report has shown that various factors such as social, economic and environment influence customers’ perception about the business, hotel, tourism services and  these factors can bring great change in customers’ decision making process. 

Findings and analysis 

1. The success of hotel and tourism industry mainly depends on the customers’ demands, needs and perception. Therefore, it is the important factors for all hotels, tourism industry to understand the needs, perceptions of the customers. In 21st century, different customers have different perception, views regarding the hotel and tourism industry. Various factors such as economic status, psychological factors, social ambiance influences the perception, views of the customers. 

Zhuang and Babin (2015, p.115) stated that different customers has different choices, different taste about their life standard and they lead a different lifestyle from each other. The food habit, comfort zone, demands and needs are different for different types of customers. It has been observed that from the economic and sociological background, customers have different class and different level in the society. Some customers belong to the upper-middle class family; some are belonging from the middle class, rich family and remaining others from poor community. Rich upper classes customers do not think about the money, they only want quality, while the poor community think about the expenses first. They need minimum good quality service at low price. On the other, the purpose of the customers to come is another important factor in hotel industry and for the Lux resort also. 

Customers come to the Lux resort for different purposes and different needs. Some customers come for business purpose, some others come for Wedding purpose, some organise a party in this resort. Some people come for having excellent spa facilities, some come to see movie under the luxurious accommodation. Many couples come here to enjoy the temptation water pool villa that is specially designed for the couples (Blazevic et a,l 2013, p.309)  

Tucker (2013, p.31) argued that, Lux resort tries to satisfy the all types of who come their hotel with their different needs and different purpose. The Lux resort management designs their resort in such a way that they can provide all facilities such as movie, marriage hall, party hall, spa villa, temptation villa to their customers. 

Saleem and Raja (2014, p.708) commented that, the comfortable luxurious accommodation, beautiful, attractive design of their resort easily catches customers’ eye. They design their business and party hall in very comfortable, decorative structure that people can feel relax and comfortable carry their works. They build their near the sea, coastline that people who come to spent their holidays at Lux resort can have the experience of beautiful sunrise. Customers can enjoy the diving facility that Lux resort management arrange for their customers. People can feel, see the beauty of sea, and witness the colourful empire of fish, whale, shark under sea.

Blazevic et al (2013, p.298) commented that, Lux resort provides their customers the Special spa facilities where people can nourish themselves and remove all tensions, stress from their body. To attract the couples they specially designed the temptation villa, where couples can enjoy the beauty of nature. Lux resort tries to provide their customers wonderful hotel experiences that soothe the customers’ mind and fulfil their demands.

2. Lux resort try to satisfy the needs of customers as different types of customers have different needs. Customers who choose Lux resort for the business purpose need perfect business hall and proper business accommodation. 

Lux resorts arrange conference hall with large dining facilities. They also provides modern high definition project facilities for the business purpose and look at the factors that they can maintain peaceful environment around the business hall. Blazevic et al (2013,p. 295) commented that Lux resort management also provides strong security forces around the business hall that any unnatural disturbance might not hamper the business meeting. Strong security, appropriate business accommodation and peaceful environment attract the businessperson towards them. The feedback and large investments from the businesspersons help them to make huge profit and the valuable opinions from the people help them to develop the management infrastructure. 

Zhuang and Babin (2015, p.117) stated that customers who choose Lux resorts to spent their free time, holidays demand for luxurious accommodation, 5 star hotel facilities with sport ground, body fitness centre, modern dining facilities and good quality food. Lux resort provides all these facilities to their customers to satisfy their customers’ demand. Lux resort management provides their customers infinity pool facilities, big tennis court, an attractive sanctuary area specially reserved for the adults and big game zone for the children. 

Tucker (2013) argued that the Lux resort management provides special night packages to pull large number of customers towards them. They also arrange a special session for children where children can enjoy the sea beach and learn many things about the body fitness activities and the management arrange PowerPoint presentation session for the parents to show them the importance of environment, nature in human life. This session guides the parents, children in a way through which they can find the aim, objectives of their life and achieve grand success in their life.

Saleem and Raja (2014, p.709) commented that another important issue that can dissatisfy the customers is the food quality. In the 21st century, customers are very health conscious and prefer to have nutritious food. Customers demand good quality food and prefer the hotel that provides their customers good quality food. Lux resort always tries to maintain the quality factors in their food and they provide their customers unique, nutritious food. Lux management look at the fact that they can properly maintain the hygiene factors in their food services, as they know the most of the customers need the best quality food.  Professional behaviour and friendly atmosphere are another factors that can satisfy the mind of customers. Friendly behaviour and professional standard of Lux resort attracts their customers, employees, staffs of this resort treats their customers like their guests. Every individual employee always notices the problems, needs of their customers. 

3. It is the important factors for every organisation to measure their service quality and the proper measurement helps organisation to develop their quality of services. Therefore, it is important for the Lux resort to analyze their customer service quality properly. According to Hesket (2013, p. 29) different organisations use various techniques, theories to analyse their business success and service quality. Similarly, Lux resort uses different techniques such as identification of the risk factors, proper implementation of the service planning, developing management infrastructure, improve e-service quality, using modern techniques, proper risk assessment, feedback from customers and open discussion session. These techniques helps Lux resort  to improve, analyze their service quality( Saleem and Raja 2014, p. 709) 

Identification of the risk factors

Lee (2013, p. 45) stated that to analyse the effectiveness of the service quality, Lux resort should identify the various risk factors, issues related to their service. Proper identification of the risk factors helps lux resort to develop their service quality. The management can find the reason behind the issues and this identification helps them to find out the loopholes in their service. If the Lux resort can properly recognise the risk factors, they can develop their qualities and it also help them to satisfy their customers.

Feedback from the customers

Lux resort can form a help desk where customers can inform about their problems to the management authority. Customers can solve their queries; take advice and solution for their own purpose. Ina help desk, customer can also file a written complain about their problems that they have to face in this resort (Zhuang and Babin 2015, p.117)  

Conway et al (2012, p.39) commented that on the other hand, according to some people, Lux resort might arrange a face-to-face discussion session to know the reaction of the customers about their resort. This open discussion helps them to understand the problems of the customers and the management might get an overview about customers’ needs and different perceptions. Customers can freely share their opinions, thoughts, and view about this resort with the Lux management. This conversation helps them to understand the market demand and it helps them to develop their management infrastructure, service quality.

4. To develop the quality of customer service Lux resort might use different tools and make sure that they can successfully implement the strategies in their service process. Blazevic et al (2013, p.309) commented that Lux resorts might choose various different, unique techniques such as pricing strategy understand the customers’ needs and values, make good relationship with their customers, good management infrastructure and attractive design and professional training. 

On the other hand, other people think that Lux resorts might choose leadership development process, online survey, constant monitoring, and improvement of survey tools. They might recognize the key factors for success and proper implementation of the service plan( Saleem and Raja 2014, p. 709).  

Understands customers needs and values 

Zhuang and Babin (2015, p.117) stated that the most important and prime factor in customer service is to understand the customers’ needs, values and perceptions. Similarly, it is the important factor for the Lux resort to understand the customes’ need and demands. They should understand that which process might give their customers deep satisfaction. If Lux resort management does not know anything about the customers’ needs and demands, then they might not be able to develop their customer service. 

Saleem and Raja (2014, p. 709) argued that on the other hand, other people think that understanding the customers demand is not enough to serve the best. To understand the customers’ needs and demand properly, they might listen to the customers seriously and then they might decide their next step according to the customers demand, they might plan their structure, procedures in such a way that they can meet the customers’ demand and gain recognition for the best quality service.

Make good relationship with the customers 

Conway et al (2012, p.39) commented that Lux might make good relation with their customers that customers can freely shares their problems with them. They might treats their customers like guests and make them feel that they are in homely atmosphere. The good behaviour and friendly nature of the stuffs, employees provide the customers an assurance that they are safe in this resort. 


Lux resort might conduct an online survey, direct discussion session that they can directly communicate with their customers and take fast action to solve the problems of the customers. Blazevic et al (2013, p.309) commented that the lux resort management might use internet facilities for online survey and the managements can see the opinions, reactions, feedback of the customers through their website. 

Saleem and Raja (2014, p. 709) stated that management might measure their success from the reaction, feedback of the customers. Management might arrange a discussion session where they can directly communicate with the customers about their problems. This discussion session helps management to reduce the communication gap between the Lux resort management and the customers. 

5. Handling Customers complaints 

1. carefully listen to the   customers and try to understand the problems of the customers
1. Never neglects the customers’   complaints.
2. Employees should treat their   customers like their guest and make a good relationship, bonding with their   customers.
2. Do not behave rudely with the   customers.
3. Form a customer help desk and   make sure that customers can freely shares their opinions, problems and   feedback with the employees.
3. Do not treat the customers in   such a manner that they feel insulted and irritated.
4.Always try to solve the   customers’ problems and look at the fact that their behaviour will not   dissatisfy their customers.
4. Do not laugh on the customers’   problems and try to mock them.

Table 1: Do’s and Don’ts of Handling Customers complaints

(Source: created by self)

Dealing with a difficult customers

1. Listen carefully to the   customers and try to manage the situation in a very   tactful manner.
1. Employees should not lose their   control while they are handling difficult customers.
2. Employees should keep their   mind cool and calm.
2. Do not behave very rudely with   the customers.

Table 2: Do’s and Don’ts of dealing with difficult customers

(Source: created by self)

Effective communication over telephone

1. Employees should try to   maintain their professional standard while speaking with the customers over   telephone.
1. Employees should not speak in a   casual manner while speaks with the customers.

Table 3: Do’s and Don’ts of effective communication over telephone

(Source: created by self)

Principles of letter writing

1. Try to maintain the standard   writing format and trey to write in formal styles.
1. Do not write a in a informal   and personal letter style.

Table 4: Do’s and Don’ts of principles of letter writing

(Source: created by self)

Listening skill

1. Try to be an active listener   and give focuses on the customers’ words only.
1. Do not interrupt the customers   and try to place own view when communicate with the customers.

Table 5: Do’s and Don’ts of listening skill

(Source: created by self)


From the above discussion, people can understand the customer service process of the Lux resort. This particular report helps customers to understand the issues that customers have to face at the Lux report. People gain knowledge about the quality factors and understand how quality factors affect on the customers services. People can know about the various facilities that Lux resort provides their customers. This report shows the different techniques and tools that Lux resort management uses to develop the quality of their customers service. People can understand from the above discussion that what procedures Lux management follows to meet their aim and objectives.