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What is Data Structure?

Data structure means that how data is store in the memory. In the programming language the basic data types are int, float, and char. OR

It is set of procedures to define, store, access and manipulate data. OR

The organized collection of data is called data structure.

Types of Data Structure

1) Linear:  Elements are organized in a sequence such as array.

  • Arrays: All elements are of the same data type.
  • Linked List: Single liked list is a concrete data structure consisting of a sequence of nodes
  • Stack: Insertion or deletion of elements is done from only one side or end which is called top of the stack.
  • Queue: It is linear data structure consisting of list of items. In queue, data elements are added at one end, called the rear and removed from another end, called the front of the list.

2) Non-Linear: Data structure data is organized without any sequence

  • Trees: A tree is an abstract model of a hierarchical structure that consists of nodes with a parent child relationship.
  • Graph: A graph G=(V, E) is composed of:
    • V: set of vertices, E: set of edges connecting the vertices in V

Difference singly linked lists and arrays: Data structure assignment help

Singly Linked Lists


Elements are stored in linear order, accessible with links.
Elements are stored linear order, accessible with an index
Do not have a fixed size
Have a fixed size
No binary search
Binary search
Remove (int index) is O(n) 
Iterator.remove() is O(1)

Remove (int index) is O(n - index)
Iterator.remove() is O(1 - index)

The node in the linked list can be added and deleted from the list
Array element can not be added. Deleted once it is declared.

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