DATA4200 In-Class Group Data Mining Exercise Assessment 1 Answer

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Assessment 1 Information

Subject Code:
Subject Name:
Data Acquisition and Management
Assessment Title:
In-Class Group Data Mining Exercise
Assessment Type:
Data Analysis
Word Count:
20 %
Total Marks:

Your Task

  • Face-to-Face Students: Complete this task in an online zoom webinar at your usual class time in Week 6. The zoom link will be provided to you a few weeks beforehand.
  • Online Students: Complete this task in your usual online webinar in Week 6.

Assessment Description

  • Business Problem: Suppose that you are a data analyst for the Police department in Boston, USA. You have been asked to start cleaning and analysing subgroups of crime statistics in your city.
  • Data sets: Access the following excel files on the KBS portal: Boston_Crimes.csv


  • Recall that we first saw this data set in Week 5.
  • The group activity in Week 6 will consist of each group submitting a word document and excel file on MyKBS in 2.5 hours with:
    • Part A: A quick review of theory from weeks 1-5 (200 words)
    • Part B: Cleaning, interpreting and visualising data (using excel or SQL and/or Tableau) and writing up your interpretation as a group (250 words)

Assessment Instructions

  • Form groups of 3-4 to complete the exercise before class
  • All students will be given 2.5 hours in an online zoom session in Week 6 during your class time to complete this activity
  • Face-to-face students will be sent a zoom link for the class in Week 4 (in week 6 they do not attend campus but come online)
  • The activity is open book
  • You will need access to excel or SQL and Tableau and a computer in class to complete this activity
  • To prepare for this activity review lectures 1-5 and practice SQL and excel examples
  • At the beginning of your online class your lecturer will email you Part A and B questions in a word document to complete as a group (in break out groups using screen share so the whole group can work on one document)
  • Supporting excel data can be submitted via an excel file
  • All students must be online, contribute and have their camera on
  • Any visualisations can be pasted into the word document
  • Once the group has completed the questions, and before 2.5 hours are up, one group member only needs to:
    • Submit the word document into a Turnitin drop box on MyKBS (in assessment table)
    • Submit their supporting excel file into an excel drop box on MyKBS (in assessment table).
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