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About Deakin College

Named after Australia second prime minister is, Alfred Deakin, the respective Deakin College was established in the year of 1974. It is being noticed that all around 47,000 students of higher education are studying in this Australian public university. There around four main campuses of the respective Deakin College and they are located at Geelong, Warrnambool, Bur Wood, and Melbourne. David Morgan is the chancellor of the Deakin College and Jane Den Hollander is the vice chancellor who takes complete responsibility for the various affairs at Deakin College. 

Around 19,000 administrative members are hired to take complete responsibility of the students studying there. The university is known for its exceptional academic facilities provided to the students from all around the world and for its wide range of courses with which the students can take their educational needs a step ahead.

The prime objective of the Deakin College was to help more and more students in and around Australia with their respective educational needs. 

After combining with the Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Technology, the University expanded immensely in the year of 1990. And in the year of 1991, the respective Deakin College combined with the Victoria University and having the campus and Bur Wood, Toorak, and Rusden. This growth certainly helps the students from all around the world with their respective educational needs and also allow to enhance their knowledge with the help of the professional academy tutors working at the respective Institute. 

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Courses Covered

With a number of students increasing year by year, the Deakin College has undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the students and around Australia. To make it easy for students, they have experienced and very well qualified teachers working in the respective institute so that the students can get complete guidance on the respective cause they are studying and also want to have a future in. 

There is a number of popular courses which are being followed at Deakin College on regular basis, take a look:

  • Bachelor of Architectural Technology
  • Master of Landscape Architecture
  • Bachelor of Design (Architecture)
  • Master of Construction Management
  • Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)
  • Master of Facilities Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering Science
  • Master of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours)
  • Master of International and Community Development

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