Development Of An Infographics Poster For Start-Up Assessment Answer

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Question :

Section B (20 marks)

Title: Develop an infographics poster for a “Start-Up” 

Scenario and Task:

  1. You are joining a “Start-Up” hackathon.  The main focus of this hackathon is to develop an e-commerce “Start-Up”. Present your final idea in a form of ONE (1) PAGE of infographics poster to sell your idea individually. You have to develop and explain your idea. You also MUST include all the following requirements: (Tips: please read all the questions below before you start to answer)
  2. Student have to choose any one from the three main categories of Electronic Commerce and justify your answer 
  3. Identify the appropriate business model for the e-commerce category chosen above. 
  4. Embed at least one idea to generate additional revenue for the selected business model. 
  5. Integrate at least TWO (2) types of the social media as part of the online marketing.
  6. To choose and list the most critical knowledge workers involved in this “start-up” and their specific roles. 
  7. Suggest one intelligent technique into this “Start-Up” idea.
  8. Propose ONE (1) analytics tool to assist the team for decision making.  
  9. Consolidate all content from Qa-Qg into “Start-Up” idea.  
  10. Develop an infographics poster that provide; clarity of the content, appropriate layout and presentation, free from spelling and grammatical errors as well as the validation for overall completeness. 

Infographic Poster Guideline:

  1. One (1) page size of infographic poster (horizontal or portrait)
  2. Student details (name & matric and picture) at top right of the poster.
  3. Student can use any appropriate and available tools/software for the infographic development
  4. Submit.pdf version and via online by the due date to your respective tutorial group.
  5.  Late submission will not be entertained.
  6. Plagiarism is totally prohibited
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