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Assessment item 2

Team work and reflection


Assessment 2 and Assessment 3 are to be completed using the Virtucon & Globex Scenario outlined in Interact 2, (with additional resources found at and

Assessment 2: You are to complete the following tasks based on the discussions and learnings from meetings held with your assigned team.  Your work should be submitted individually, and will be marked individually according to the rubric.

Part One:
Project Name / Team / Description
Working as a team you are to
• Agree on a suitable team name, list all team members and provide their contact details in a professional looking document.
• Provide an overview of the project on which you are working.
• Complete a project description. This should be written clearly and concisely so that anyone unfamiliar with the project can fully understand the objectives.

Part Two:
Learning Cycles
Learning cycles give structure to your team meetings and accountability for when you and your team work outside of the meeting schedule
Firstly, prior to your next meeting, assign roles to the team. There should only be two central roles – the organiser and the scribe:
• Organiser – organises the meeting by writing down the team’s ideas and then distributes them to the team for feedback.
• Scribe – documents the ideas and action points going forward.
Note: Roles should be rotated for each meeting and assigned so that everyone on the team has equal responsibility.

Using peer learning and reflections, document your understanding of the project at this point in time in a table format.

Note: it is likely at this early stage of the project that you will write down very few facts. You will have a few more assumptions and probably a larger list of questions to be answered. Seek answers to your questions, and show the iteration of learning cycles as you gain a deeper understanding.


Part Three:
Communication Plan
As a team, brainstorm and identify all stakeholders to the project. Then individually, develop an appropriate communication plan.


Part Four:
Write a brief reflection of no more than 300 words of your team work experience in this subject. To guide your reflection you should address the following questions:

  • How did      your experience compare to your understanding of the leadership qualities      required to successfully lead a project?
  • Based on      your experience, what are necessary techniques, skills, methods and ICT      project manager requires in the IT profession?



This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to      identify, critically analyse, reflect on and synthesise the key elements      of the IT project management framework, including project stakeholders,      communication management, the project management knowledge areas, common      tools and techniques, and project success factors. 
  • be able to      critically analyse the role of IT project management within a professional      workplace, from the viewpoint of the member/leader of the project team. 
  • be able to      research and critically evaluate how a practising IT project manager      applies IT project management techniques, project management skills,      methods and software tools in the IT industry. 
  • be able to      understand and apply appropriate communication practices within a project      management context. 
  • be able to      research and apply established IT project management principles, skills      and techniques to a case study. 
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Assignment-2 Template

Coversheet (All members’ details – student id, name, lecturer name)

Part 1 (Group)

            1.1 Project name: Development of Online Cash market, i-Crop for Globex Corporation

            1.2 Team details:

First NameLast NameMobileEmail


            1.3 Project description: Globex Corporation is basically a provider of quality agricultural products in the Australian region. The company was founded in the year of 2013 through the help of merging of two largely extended regional corporations; those are Riverina Precision Farming and BT & Sons Farming Equipment. Riverina Region of North Eastern Wales is the primary location of the Globex Corporation (Home - Globex International. 2018). The company has also three more offices in different locations, such as Albury, Griffith and Wagga Wagga. The main motto of the company is to provide quality products which are justified by the value of money and also make sure that whether the products can meet the expectation of the customers or not. The corporation delivers their products throughout the Central West Region of New South Wales and Riverina. Recently the corporation has decided to launch a new online cash marketplace platform, named i-Crop to provide the growers as well as customers the quality products. The app will minimize the time of the operations and deliver the products in such way which decrease the cost transportation and the time of transaction process. In order to develop the online app Globex corporation has contacted the project management team, Virtucon (Virtucon | Homepage. 2018). Globex has a good collaboration with Virtucon from a long time span. It has instructed that the i-Crop app and website will develop in in-house. The app will introduce to deliver all kind of information regarding the transaction process. It has also a tracking option for both the growers and buyer to track the products in anytime and anywhere. Globex has also instructed the project team management that the app and website will endeavour to deliver the easy usage of controlling as a mobile-enabled platform. The Virtucon will try to deliver the app in such a way that the online app will entirely new in the market. Globes corporation will try to introduce an app by which they can connect the buyers and growers in the same platform for the more convenient transaction and easy to manage the process of selling and warehousing the grains. Globex Corporation has also identified some authentic features which are requested to add on the website of i-Crop. The corporation will also look after the remote location where the internet connectivity are not reached properly and try to incorporate the situation through innovate the online cash market platform for reaching all over the world (Chen, Hwang & Raghu, 2015).

            1.4 Team charter:


Skills & knowledge inventory Member 1 (Project Manager)
  • Ability        to manage the basic project management team through their leadership        qualities
  • Quality        to cut the conflicts and make the solution
  • Expertise        in risk management system
  • quality        to connect with the clients and has the ability of good communication        skill
  • Well        connection with each of the employee and negotiable nature
Member 2 (Financial Manager)
  • The        ability of assumption about the nature of the marketplace
  • Generate        the fund for the company according to the company’s budget
  • Good analytical        knowledge about financing
  • Ability        to know the usage of financial software like Tally, ERP
Member3 (IT Specialist)
  • Has        the ability to develop website and app as per specific allocation
  • Knowledge        about software and programming
  • Knowledge        about time management to end a project within the given deadline
  • Ability        to think in a critical situation
  • Knowledge        about cost control management
Member4 (Marketing Manager)
  • Expertise        in leadership quality as well as the motivational skills
  • Creative        thinker
  • Good        knowledge about promotions and advertisement
  • Ability        to work in a team
  • Excellent        communication and interpersonal  skills
Roles and ResponsibilitiesMember 1 
Roles: Project   Manager
Responsibilities:  The main functions of the project management   team, Virtucon are maintaining and controlling the overall operational areas   of all the departments. Communicate with all the employees and negotiate with   them to bring out the best outcomes from the employees as productivity (Anantatmula, 2015).
Member 2 
Roles: Finance   Manager
Responsibilities: Financial Managers of the company are responsible to   raise the fund through approaching shareholders and generate the fund to   develop the website and app as per the company's pre-planned strategies. They   are also responsible for construct an effective budget structure to start up   the initiative to launch the new online cash marketplace app (Blomquist & Müller, 2016).
Roles: IT   Specialist Manager
Responsibilities: IT managers of the Globex Corporation are   responsible for the development and design of the overall i-Crop website and   app structure. In order to develop and add the features regarding the   company's need and customers utility (Efendi,   Srivastava & Swanson, 2015).
Roles: Marketing   Manager
Responsibilities: The main responsibilities of the marketing managers   of Globex Corporation are to develop the design of the final product to the   advertisement and promotional purposes. Implementing the promotional   strategies to survey in the marketplace for collecting the customer's review   about the upcoming app (Fritzsche &   Becker, 2017).
Team communicationsWeek-5The meeting of the authorisation body of Globex   Corporation will be conducted at 11:00 am in the main headquarter of Globex.
Week-6The next meeting will be conducted to the projection   of the entire i-Crop app and website at 3:00 pm in Riverina Region headquarters.
Week-7The next meeting will be scheduled for the   pre-launched of the product to examine the sample test at 12.00 pm in the   head office of Globex Corporation.
Communication and sharing methods
Team rules & expectations
(team values, code of ethics, rules &   expectations)
Team values: Effectiveness to complete the product at its best   and also work in a team by maintaining the positive understanding of each   other.
Code of ethics: Equality in handling the team with an unbiased   manner for bringing the best outcomes.
Team rules: Avoid any hurdles regarding miscommunications among   the team members. 
Expectations: The expectations are for completing the work   efficiently within the given time frame and also maintaining the work   environment in a positive manner.
Member 2
Team values: Effectiveness of the assuming power of fund   resources and generating the fund to develop the app.
Code of ethics: Maintaining and monitoring the employee’s efficiency   regarding work culture and work ethics.
Team rules: Maintaining the time schedule and delivering the project   as per business norms.
Expectations: Work to develop the best outcomes from the employees   as per the analytical skills and also decrease the total cost of the project   by raising the funds from various shareholders.
Member 3
Team values: Team values are to design the website and app with   authenticity and creativity.
Code of ethics: Maintaining the code of conduct with every team   member.
Team rules: Team members are required to be punctual, well   manners and have the ability to control the critical situation.
Expectations: It is expected that the website will not a   replacement for any existing products and the app will create for in-house   usage. 
Member 4
Team values: Creativity and productivity are two main values in   the marketing department.
Code of ethics: Honesty in own creativity, maintaining punctuality   and also developing the communication skills.
Team rules: Promote and advertise the product in terms ofexploring the current market scenario and customer survey.
Expectations: Generate the utility and productivity of the app   through promoting a large extends of advertisement. Approach the customers to   understand the demand of the future product and also reach the product to   enhance the knowledge of the customers globally. 
previous experience as a team   memberThe members of all the departments are well attached   and have a good interpersonal relationship with each other. They have worked   previously with Globex Corporation in many projects and also worked for other   companies. The members have the potentiality to end the project within the   deadline and delivered the best product as per their previous experiences. 

Part 2 (Group)



  • The        Globex Corporation is required to conduct a meeting in the presence of        the authorisation body of the corporation and one manager of each        department to communicate the whole project for further progression of        the online app.
  • Clear        the strategies to develop the value addition of the project.
  • Communicating        and diving the work in each sector. 
  • The        meeting was conducted as per the mentioned schedule.
  • Strategies        of the structure of the development process were properly described.
  • The        works were distributed among all the sectors.


  • Virtucon        the project management team is required to demonstrate the projection of        the design by a power point presentation in the presence of all the        stakeholders of the company.
  • The        project team is required to demonstrate the operational aspect of the        features of the new online cash marketplace app as per the client        ability and demand criteria.
  • The power        point presentation was done by the project management team and delivered        all kind of rectifications regarding the app development.
  • The        features of the app were identified by the team and work was finished        according to the mentioned guideline of the structures.
  • Some        additional features are introduced by the company which will be included        soon. The process of the final product is ongoing.


  • The        marketing team is required to develop the promotional events and market        survey to gather the customer’s feedback.
  • The        final processes of the products are required to examine by the market        experts.
  • The        survey of the sample app was done in different places around the        country.
  • The        preparation of the promotional activities regarding advertisement and        promotion was conducted in several places in the country to distribute        the information of the upcoming i-Crop online website and app.

Part 3 (Group/Individual)

3.1 Identify stakeholders in the case study and fill in the table

As a team, brainstorm and identify all stakeholders in the project. Then individually, develop an appropriate communication plan.

Stakeholder nameInformation to be sharedThe frequency of information exchangeLocation of information exchangePurpose of communicationMechanism (hard copy, PDF, PPT, DOC)
Who whatwhenWhere Why How 
Government BodyThe government has some set of rules which the   company has been followed to run the business as per the specific guidelines   and norms to maintain the business standard. The company is required to register   the licence of the business for authorised their name. The company is   required to deliver the annual reports and the tax reports to run the   business as per government legislation.The company provides the information to the   Government on yearly basis.Government offices and also using the mail to   provide the information.The purpose of the communication is to mitigate the   legal issues regarding business expansion as well as the import and export of   the product in different countries. It also helps to integrate the   development of business as per both the productivity and profitability   matters.Both the hardcopy and softcopy of the trade license,   annual business reports, income tax files.
ShareholdersThe information such as earning per share, dividends   per shares of the company are channelized as in order to distribute the   current stage of the company and increase the possibility to raise the fund.The information is required to exchange through the   business reports on a quarterly basis.The annual report of the company, newspapers,   hoardings and the company's website.The purpose of the communication is to generate the   fund to inform the financial position and the financial performance in terms   of growth of the company in the last several years. The mechanism which is used to provide the   information such as, soft copies of the report from the company's website and   hard copies from the mail.
Buyers and GrowersInformation including offer and bid price of the   products, opportunities and availability of the products are provided to the   buyers and growers of the organisation.The information regarding products is updated in the   app as well as the website on a daily basis.Through the company’s portal.To deliver the information regarding the variation   of the price as per the economic changes and the changes in market demand and   supply scenario. Company’s website, newspapers, the hard copy of the   price list. 
Virtucon, the project management teamThe information which is delivered to the project   management team is the structure of the overall strategies, the customer's   list, the budget of the project, features of the app, the products list.The specified information is transferred on weekly   basis.Through mail and business meetings.The purpose of the communication is to control the   project team for maintaining the guideline of business and monitoring the   overall workflow of an ongoing process.The information mechanisms are powerpoint   presentations, soft copy of all documents in mail body and the hard copy as   the backup file. 
EmployeesThe information including the per day unite   productions, the limit of consumptions in the warehouse, the communication   with the buyers and growers to develop the relationship.The information is transferred in a daily basis.By conducting seminars and training, mail.The purpose of the communication is to provide the   proper skills and knowledge for developing the workflow within the company as   per enhance the profitability and productivity of the business.Powerpoint presentations, soft copy of the business   reports.

Part 4 (Individual)

            4.1 Reflection 

In this context, the Globex Corporation needs some leadership qualities to control the project successfully to develop the entire process and helps to bring out the effective outcomes from each of the departments of the corporation. During the preparation of the project report, I found some operational and functional leadership qualities which were used by the company to enhance the chances of success as a result (Mendez, Soltero & Dai, 2015). The main qualities which the company was maintained all over the project, those were communication with employees in different departments, the effective and clear vision of the project to the employees. The company was also looking after to teamwork and trained their employees the work ethics and skills. The company also cut all the delegations regarding the operations of the project. The company was monitoring the workflow on a daily basis to control the main focus of the project objectives (Schaubroeck, Lam & Cha, 2017).

            The company generated some methods and techniques to develop the project more effective and efficient. Those skills are the adaptability of the work environment to control the different departments and negotiate with the employees to generate the awareness of work and give them comfort to bring the best outcomes from them. The next techniques which the company applied, that was expertise in subject matters, that means the company provided their employee's proper training to be updated in the digitalisation era. The next technique which had taken by the company was risk management skill through which the company maintained the total operations in the circumstances of an uncertain event. Another useful skill which was used by the company was time management for increasing the activity of the workflow to finish the project within the given deadline. The skill of communication and negotiation were also followed by the company to put an overview of all the departments. The company has also implied the training of work ethics to their employees to cut the discrimination in the work environment (Fussell et al., 2016).