Developmental Psychology: Analysis Of Human Thought Process

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Write an essay on developmental psychology considering the different categories and sub-categories of human thought process development.

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Developmental Psychology


With the ramified changes in time, each and every human has different perception and thought process which changes throughout the time. The psychological analyses can be made on the basis of various different genres of the human mind and thought process which actually influences the daily actions and the workings of a human being. In the present social structure the various subcategorized streams, it would make it easy to understand the functioning of the human behavior and psychological development in human. 


In this essay, various subcategories studied thus far for each of our career fields has been analyzed and evaluated by undertaking the examples for each working field. The word development itself speaks of the different stages mainly the physical and the cognitive psychological growth of a human with all the developments of the surrounding which comprises the socio environmental growth too.

Development psychology

In development psychology, it is observed that the thought process changes with the growing age and also the environment where one is residing while their growing years. So the doctors prefer the understanding of the development psychology as the science of mind which changes with the growing age and also starts reasserting the differences of simple and complex thought process ((Verhaeghen et al. 2019).   

Further to understand what type of career field can be chosen in this category of work than simply one has to go through first the study of the subject with early childhood education, residential youth treatment. These are the papers one need to clear. And then one can work as a professor being in the teaching field and training, go for being a development psychologist, be a specialist of the residential youth treatment or for the early childhood education. Whichever field one chooses for this category each would be for training the new generation or rather helping the existing one (Verhaeghen et al. 2019).  

Personality psychology

 Well while talking of personality one may think which specific genre it must be indicating, actually it speaks of the different emotions a human being has in them, the feelings, the thoughts accumulated with the feelings. So in a whole the personality psychology analyses all the various emotional phases, the combination phases, the behavioral patters and even the thoughts process linked with the emotional mind set. In a whole this stream really helps to understand the by phase of the human psychological changes according to the different personality traits (McDougall, 2015).

To have a career in personality psychology one has to have a doctor’s degree and can work as a psychologist with a state license who would be helping people to deal with their own emotions and expressions. It is quite a noble profession with much responsibility as he or she would he helping an individual to understand oneself in a better way or in other word go through a self-retrospection (McDougall, 2015).

Biological psychology

This stream is much sensitive and moves in the depths of the physiological, the behavioral and the genetic phase of a human mind and emotions. The psychologists dealing with this stream do their research based on the mainly theses analysis.  It mainly deals with the conscious thoughts. It is believed that the conscious and the subconscious mind of the human being bring the various mood changes in a person on daily basis. Sometimes the conscious is much stronger subsiding the subconscious and otherwise the subconscious get the upper hand. Generally while one is sleeping and the conscious mind is at rest, the subconscious mind activates in full throttle which develops and forms the dreams in the human mind. Through the biological psychology analysis these studies becomes much easier (Sherif, 2015).

The best career to choose in this field would be to become a councilor of mental health, helping people to balance their mental thought processes. Also research assistant would another great option with ongoing research projects to be a part of, or even a trainer or teacher of the following field (Sherif, 2015).

Learning/Memory psychology

The main aspect of the learning or better to be presented as the memory psychology deals with the simple way of learning and keeping it in the memory section of the brain which deals with various complex emotions and thoughts to be precise. It is said that memory is the way of expressing one has acquired through their own understanding of any subject, natter or situation. So mainly here the speed of things happening is the record analysis for this stream of psychology.  Simply of put together it boils down to the acquisition of the new way of various skills with the base of knowledge building a slow yet active stage of memory. The three main stages of the memory are the encoding of a situation, the storage in the mind and finally the retrieving process to bring back that memory when to get it used for daily life.  So in a way it is learning, absorbing and then saving till the time of retrieving the memory back for the better usage of the learnt phase (Sternberg, & Sternberg, 2016).

Here the best career option is to become a cognitive psychologist, who helps mental patients to bring back their balance in life. For this lot of research and study is needed and the doctors degree is without fail a must (Loftus, & Loftus, 2019).


This is the study of learning the mental disorders basing it on the psychology of a human being. It deals with the entire various different biological, social and the physical changes in the person. Mainly in one word to be described as the neurological analysis. Mainly this is studied to understand the functioning of the mind and the reason for the mental disorders in a human being with their characteristic changes and the needful analysis of the person (Putnam, Sungkhasettee, & Roediger III, 2016).

Here the career is to become a clinical psychologist who deals with the sensitive areas of mental and emotional disorders. These are mainly affected by schizophrenia and also with depression in children. The main job of this psychologist would be to bring back the mental peace and help the child to find themselves when lost (Soderstrom, et al. 2015).

Industrial Organized Psychology

Here the main focus is on the studying of the various psychological principles through the researches done on the basis of problem solving and putting to action methods in the work zone or of the employees of a company. The psychological analysis here helps in making the workplace better to work on and changing the thought process of the environment of any basic company or industry for the same. Mainly the study is based on the environment research and the employee thoughts and creative minds which helps the psychologists to make a report on the changes which can be made for the betterment of the employees and the growth of the company accordingly. The result would be the high productivity and the management skills of the employees who are giving their time and energy in the growth of the company. The working style of each employee differs so doing a research on them individually would give a thorough study report of the whole environmental changes needed in the company.  So basically it is the moral values and the personality of the employee which decides on the working (Basar, 2016). 

Workplace is the most essential time span for a person, so here the career would be to be a psychologist who would help the employees to have an improvement in their work process, communications, environment, performance, work satisfaction and the overall protection (Hall, Mattingley, & Dux, 2015).

Social psychology

This stream basically is the overall study of the human being in their own society. It includes the different emotions, the expressions, the thoughts, the creativeness even the execution of the thoughts matters (Verhaeghen et al. 2019).  It can be seen as one but has many sub categories’ which are divided according to the needs of the person and their behavioral changes according to the situation or their capacity to handle it. Society always plats an important role in the making of a human mind, so through this study a human beings thoughts can be captured which are basically been influenced by the environment and the people around them (Schacter, & Szpunar, 2015).

Well this field has a vast range of career has the options are much bigger and the need is significant. One can choose to be a political strategist dealing with political campaigns and winning skill training, a human resource specialist, whose responsibility would be to find the proper employee for the company. One can also choose to be a social service representative whose work would be to help families, individuals and even children to find a way to healthy living with safety and peace. There are more but these few would be the best option for one as a career (Kizilcec, Papadopoulos & Sritanyaratana, 2014).

 Conclusion/ Summary

After assessing all the subcategories studied thus far for each of our career fields, it could be concluded that every subcategories studied has different opportunism which could be used by individual to make effective career. So it can be concluded that the psychological analysis of each of the stream is different and the psychologists have to make their research depending on the various aspects of the human mind and thoughts. But if seen specifically then each of them are truly interlinked with each other bringing the best out of them. Each of these psychological analysis has their own positive and some strong deep readings of the complex human mind but overall they are the interesting yet sensitive way of handling any human mind.