Digital Marketing Tactical Execution: Assessment 4 Answer

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Question :

Assessment item 4

Presentation: Digital Marketing Tactical Execution

Length: 5-10-minute presentation 

Subject: Marketing -Digital and Social Media Marketing


This assessment is to be completed in the same pairs as assessment 2 and 3

Using knowledge gained in previous Assessment 2 and 3, you are now required to develop three tactics and justify why these tactics are appropriate for your organization/brand. To present your ideas, you are to deliver a 10-minute presentation in class. 

Important Notes

  1. The communication/tactics do not have to be complicated nor do they have to complex, it just has to match the target group.
  2. Remember the insights gained from Assessment 2 and 3 will need to be used as the core basis for your execution. The questions listed below are a reminder of what you have covered - you do NOT have to re-write them again, you just need to use them to justify your work. For example, we noted in Assessment 1 that GoPro customer preferred video showing people using the product, hence our campaign will revolve around POV shots.
  3. Who are you targeting?
    • What do you want to say?
    • How does your customer like to communicate?
    • Do they like to use to images, videos, words, gestures or so on?
  • What language do they use? Is it formal or informal; personal or impersonal
  • Where do they congregate?
    • What sites will help you connect;
    • What combination of sites will work best to engage;
    • What are the rules of engagement for these sites; and
    • How will this influence your ability to communicate?
  • What technologies do they like to use and when?

You can use this framework as a guide to develop your material and justify your tactics.

NB: We will discuss technologies in Interact that will help with the production of the video.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to conceptualize digital marketing as it applies across multiple digital platforms. 
  • be able to plan, implement and evaluate digital marketing strategies as a standalone strategy and integrate with more traditional marketing strategies. 

If you remember back to our first week together, I placed a video on the site explaining my view of teaching. This is the assessment where I want you to explore, be creative and explore the possibilities that digital and social media provide. The days of setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account and expect people to be dazzled are over, we need to be more than that, we need to be real. Sharing our ideas with others, through the peer-to-peer review component of this task, enables us to learn from each other and be really innovative!

Additional outcomes
be able to integrate digital marketing strategies with more traditional marketing strategies

Marking criteria and standards

 HD (8.5-10 marks)
(3 marks)
The tactics are imaginative and creative. Shows a deep understanding of brand and community for this particular site.
 The features are clearly justified and critically evaluated with consistent explanation of creative elements
(4 marks)
A range of complex structural, language and visual features are consistently and accurately composed for this particular site.
 Justification: Content is critically evaluated with consistent explanation of professional practice in relation to identity
(3 marks)
Authentic: All expressions appear sincere and genuine showing moral alignment with community norms for this particular site.
 Language/image highly consistent with brand and community for this particular site.
 Credible: The tactics are believable for this particular site. It appears to be from the brand.
The objective of the tactics clearly matches the brand. No spelling/grammar mistakes. Tactics engaging and are not advertising.
Justification: Explains and critically evaluates tactics with consistent explanation of responsible practice in digital media for this particular site.


A 10-minute presentation.

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Answer :

Slide 1: Buyer Persona

Target Market: The target market for the business includes mostly the youth between the ages of 15-35 years of age. Therefore, Guess Jeans are mostly worn by the younger generation due to the design and development mainly focused on stylish consumers.

The necessity of the categorisation is in the impact the various strategies can have on the marketing and productivity of the organisation. Guess specifically targeted for fashion aware and younger generation who demand innovative styles in their jeans So, the categorisation of the marketing channel is required to specifically target potential buyers through advertisements on digital platforms or the print media. the use of digital platforms over print media will have a greater impact on the younger generations as they are technologically inclined towards online shopping and digital marketing strategies would help the company increase the sales volume.

Slide 2: Objectives

  • To use digital media platform for attracting more customers
  • To make a unique catchphrase for infusing loyalty among customers
  • To generate prospective leads from the online platform

Slide 3: Tactics 1

Social Media: 

Guess can grab the opportunity of the existence of a huge customer base in a single platform such as social media The categorisation of the adopted technologies is important for its application in the retail industry. The target customers mostly prefer the informal mode of communication, and so, the use of social media platforms would provide a trustworthy outlet for young consumers. The use of video content often has 10-15 times more impact than a general still photograph. So, the use of A/V method of marketing would be effective to attract young consumers. The use of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. would help the companies to communicate and engage with the people directly. The rules of engagement can be laid down by the company according to the level of invasion the marketing strategy intends to do. The reason for the development of the strategy is to optimise the marketing through the digital and non-digital means of communication. 

Slide 4: Social media converse

The company needs to keep in regular contact with the consumers to have clear knowledge and insights into the minds of them. The needs and demands of the consumers changed regularly along with time, which must be perceived and predicted by the companies always to deliver the jeans. The conversation on the companies with the consumers through the expression of complaints, opinion or views allows the companies to have knowledge of the market traditions. Guess company has used social media platforms, and digital technologies for connecting with potential consumers 

Slide 5: Tactics 2

Search Engine Optimisation: 

The search optimisation methods include the process in which the answers to the relevant keywords searches yields the company's website as one of the first and most viewed sites on the internet. The optimisation of the search engine leads to greater footfalls of the websites and thus may speed up the process of popularity and help in marketing. The search engine optimisation will help the company to present itself as the topmost result when relevant keywords are entered 

Side 6: Comprehension with SEO 

The companies using the various strategies of advertising must understand the meaning of the collected data. The comprehensions of the data collected are necessary to change or for the adoption of a newer method. The change in the strategy or in the approach can also be done better by understanding the meaning of the consumer opinions. Guess has effectively employed strategies in the market to increase the popularity of jeans and its sales volume, which means that the professionals involved has a clear understanding of what the market demands and needs are. This comprehension has allowed the company to apply the marketing strategies

Side 7: Tactics 3

E-commerce website: 

The people are constantly becoming technology dependent, and hence the need for an online website is of increasing value. Guess jeans have established a website for online shopping and the various discounts and offers can also be displayed, which will be an effective channel for advertising the products. The websites would add value to the authenticity of the offers and discounts and increase the loyalty of the customers.

Slide 8: Researching key words 

The production services need to be continually changed according to the demands of varieties of jeans in the market, and so the opinion and views of the consumers create a big impact on the shape the future of the products takes place. The views and opinions are a great source of information for channelling the necessary adjustments which are required for the success of the product. The relationship of the Guess with relevant consumers will have the company gain inside full knowledge of what the consumer wants and help shape the jeans product according to their demands. Thus, collaboration is an effective way of marketing

Slide 9: Tactics 4

Newspaper Advertisements: 

Despite the advent of technology and digital platforms, the newspaper industry is still going strong, and many of the consumers are still dependent upon the newspapers. So, the advertisements in all the leading newspaper may attract the attention of the customers. The billboards, pamphlets, etc. can also be used as an alternative to digital technologies.

Slide 10: Engaging with Community 

The participation of the community in forming an opinion about a product or a company greatly influences the market share held by the company. So, the opinion of the community must be influenced and characterised according to the goals and objectives of the company. The company’s jeans have become immensely popular and are being used by most of the people in the community. So, the involvement of the community has brought in a revolution in the marketing strategy by the inclusion of every stratum of consumers even if they don't directly contribute to the sales volume.

Slide 11: Convert

The company needs to create loyalty in the customers and also to increase the awareness about the brand. The company’s jeans have become a well-known brand because the adopted strategies have been put to use by the company and the professionals are following the directions of the company management which has led to immense satisfaction and loyalty within the customers. The conversion of the adopted techniques into real-world applications has led to grabbing the attention of the consumers who are now becoming more and more interested in jeans.

Slide 12:  Connect

Any marketing strategy adopted by the company must be able to connect directly with the consumers or potential customers of jeans. The connection to the marketing instruments is greatly dependent upon the relevance of the advertisements or simply the mode of advertisement. Guess has adopted modern digital technologies to promote a variety of jeans which are becoming wildly popular all over the world and also provide a platform where millions of potential customers coexist. These customers can be attracted or brought in the circle of advertisement of the Guess company with minimum effort.