Digital Platform Project For Improved Patient Care

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Assignment Guide for Project Management and Risk

Title Page: 

In the Arden Assessment cover page, under the Assessment Title, students should indicate that this is a Project Plan/Review Assignment.

NOTE: This assignment must be written in the third person and should display good to excellent ability to write academically. Unless specified, all effort should be made to avoid using pronouns i.e., no use of “I, Me, We, Us”. Also pay attention to general key words useful in demonstrating at this level of study – for instance; critical evaluation, analysis, critical discussion, application and synthesis.


Here you should introduce and briefly discuss the main concept(s) discussed within the body of your assignment. Also remember to add a signpost of what the assignment will cover. This part should not be more than 5% of the total word count.

Main Body

  • You have been asked to prepare a project plan from the case study provided(on page 3 of the assessment paper) which:

For Task 1 requires you to consider the type of project being proposed, the drivers for such a project and why it is necessary to be implemented (business case). Critically evaluates the choice of project lifecycles which could be adopted for this type of project and suitable methodologies which could be used if any are to be recommended. An outline timeline and budget should be included. 

For this task, the following checklist should be used to ensure relevant concepts have been discussed, applied and critically evaluated (where required):

  •  Devise a well scoped project around the case study stipulated – at the same time providing a rationale/drivers and making a business case for it. This requires a discussion of theoretical information (around efficient delivery, simplify access, supported by a digital platform that will recognise patients and personalise the help they get­-­­ etc.
  • Triple constraint and baselines for the project
  • Project Life Cycle and approach/approaches
  • Project Methodologies and how choice or choices for your project was arrived at
  • A brief summary of your Work Breakdown Structure
  • An outline timeline and costing (budgeting) for thedevelopment, installation, maintenance and training for the online digital platform (Gantt Chart)
  • Template for the above should be submitted as part of your answer for task 1 and not as an appendix
  • Consistent linking to the case study
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list.

The above concepts, and any others that are deemed relevant could be applied in your response to task 1.

(1600 words)

(40 marks)

 The above concepts, and any others that are deemed relevant could be applied in your response to task 2. 

(1200 words)

(30 marks)

For Task 3, you are required to consider as to who should be included in the project team and how that team needs to be structured and managed to ensure the project is implemented successfully.

(1200 words) 

(30 marks)                                                            

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Answer :


An emergency care and urgency network such as the barking and Dagenham, Havening and Red bridge(BHR) Resilience group of systems Vanguard, consists of a local commissioning  clinical group, acute hospitals trust, GP federations,NELFT- which provides  mental health and community services along with local Council in London cities (Kisling, 2019). The report will discuss about the digital platform project. In this case study, I have been appointed as the project manager who will be leading the project

Project Scope

Click Button-This service includes an online supporting mechanism which is a ‘click’ button Information Service that helps patients to book appointments on urgent basis for self-care

Call Button- call button service to receive advice from experts (Ali, 2018)

Come in options- Another service for the patients who can simply walk in to the emergency Care Unit known as the ‘come in option. 

Therefore, There is also a reassurance of the booking service.

Project Life Cycle

Project Life Cycle

Project Life Cycle

Project Initiation Phase

The purpose of the project initiation phase is to define and authorize the digital platform project.

Several sources have been used to provide the initial definition to the project such as:

Statement of work for the project (SOW)-An ambitious plan was described by the Vanguard application, which makes it comfortable for the local people to receive help whenever required by them (Chari & Agrawal, 2018).

Business cases-In order to implement this project successfully, a project manager helps in setting up the project management team including digital platforms for execution of the required project details with above mentioned project scope. 

Contractual Agreement- Contractual Agreement Will Be Done With IT Experts Who Will Be Responsible To Develop This Digital Platform For Patient Care.

The project manager prepares a project charter after collecting information about the project details, which helps in authorizing the documents and other requirements for starting the project.

This will include basic information such as: Aims and Objectives- The barking and Dagenham, hovering and Red bridge system (BHR) has the vision of simplifying access of healthcare to improve patient care through digitalization. 

It is supported by a digital platform that helps in recognizing the details of the patients in order to provide them personalized care. 

Milestone Schedule, Budget And workbreakdown structure- With the budget of £5.000.000which will also include developmental and installation cost for Digital platform and providing training sessions to the staff. There are 75 employees that have been chosen for departmental trainings over a period of 6 months.

Workbreak down structure

Project Initiation Phase

Budget And Milestone Summary

Project   Management500
Rollout(including   Training)500

Project Sponsor Details And Authority

Project Sponsor Details And Authority- The project will be sponsored by emergency care and urgency network. The authority of project will be with barking and Dagenham, Hovering and Red bridge(BHR) Resilience group of systems Vanguard, consists of a local commissioning  clinical group, acute hospitals trust, GP federations,NELFT. Stakeholder analysis has to be conducted before starting the project in order to understand the organization and people connected with it which will directly or indirectly influence the success of the project (Acosta, 2019). 

Project Planning Stage

The main purpose of this phase in the planning process is basically to determine the methodologies, tools and approach adopted for the project completion. It comprises of two phases namely:  strategic planning and implementation planning.

The approach and overall conduct of the project is planned during the phases of strategic planning and the details regarding implementation are plant during the implementation planning phase.

The project planning stage comprises of visualizing it as a personal agenda and steps undertaken to achieve it. Such as:

Project initiation comprises of the mission that project wants to achieve. When planning strategy, it clearly includes deciding the approach that will help  in reaching project agenda. The final stage comprises of implementation of plan by identifying various details that are required to successfully complete project agenda.

Three methodologies selected for the digital platform project

Waterfall Model - A Traditional Methodology

This is the most traditional form of software development which includes practicing of methodologies that have been used for decades. It comprises of development life cycle and timelines modeling. However, this model in terms of modern software development segment cannot address challenges. The project is undertaken stage wise in the waterfall project management methodology, where completion is done step by step upwards until customer delivery. A plan is made immediately and executed in a more linear manner by assuming no modification.

Waterfall Methodology

Waterfall Methodology


It is a methodology used in the project for proposing various principles and processes in order to improve the delivery of the product. This is one of the most renowned methodologies while developing software as it consists of simple Modeling and framework to help bring principles in practice.

  • A definite completion date is lacking in the scrum methodology two leading to a scope creep.
  • There is a high requirement of commitment and cooperation from the individuals otherwise; it can lead to project failure.
  • Managing the scrum methodology in a larger team is quite challenging.
  • There is a requirement of experience employees to make the frame for successful
  • Team members get frustrated due to daily meetings at times.
  • If a project member backs out at any given point of time during the project, it can lead to a big negative effect on the project
  • The employees of the team have to go through a very aggressive form of the testing process in order to achieve quality.

“Sprints “refers to basically dividing the developmental process in two cycles of approximately 2-4  weeks in which daily short meeting take place known as Scrums. These are basically meetings conducted to get an update of the daily work done on the project and its progress. Sprint gets over, a sprint review meeting is conducted that by the product owner who will pass the definition of done (DOD).

Scrum Methodology

Scrum Methodology

Prince 2

It is a standard form of de facto practice used by the United Kingdom government mostly used in the private sector.

7 processes have been defined in Prince2 to that are interconnected namely:

  • Project starting up (SU)
  • Project initiation (IP)
  • Project direction (DP)
  • Project controlling (CS)
  • Stage boundary management (SB)
  • Product delivery management (MP)
  • Project closure (CP)

Prince2 Methodology

Prince2 Methodology

Evaluation Of All Three Methodologies

In waterfall methodology, There is scope for departmentalization project development and control. Each stage can have its own deadline and the development of the product can complete in phases. The various steps include concept of the product, designing, implementing, and testing of the product on real grounds, installing, troubleshooting, and operational maintenance. However, In waterfall methodology, There is not much scope for revision as it is extremely difficult to modify things in the application once it reaches the testing stage (Hinde, 2018). Any modification during the project will require a lot of analysis and perseverance to pass through the Limited scope of revision in this model.

However, the main advantage of this scrum Framework is to enhance the communication network within an organization with better teamwork and speeding up the overall development process. Basically, this Framework consists of terminologies such as sprints, burn down, backlogs and scrums. This approach formally advocates the usage of cross functional team which is smaller in number with the maximum of nine people to take care of the backlog items that have been prioritized by the owner of the product. While in Prince2, (Projects in controlled environments) is a methodology used for effective management of the project which is process based. The major advantage of this methodology is decision based oin timeline, cost and risk factors (Evans, 2019). However, the issue with this methodology is ignorance of human factor which is essentional in patient care.

Chosen Methodology

The waterfall methodology is chosen in circumstances because it fullfullis the ideal conditions of waterfall methodology

  • Digital platform project for enhanced patient care has clear and fixed requirements that have been defined earlier
  • There is no ambiguity is seen in the requirements during the project development
  • There are availability of IT experts on the project and no limitation to the resources 
  • The organization has been able to maintain a high level of confidence with the client to completely trust the work of the company while developing if product.
  • The company has expertise and most experience in developing the similar kind of products and management of similar types of projects in the past.
  • It is a short duration project
  • When the project management team is able to understand the technology extremely well, then this model can be used as a good option.

Project Execution Stage

The project planning phase comprises of various activities and the project execution main purpose is to define these activities. It basically includes the maximum amount of money, human force and time during the overall project completion phase and most of the action takes place during project execution (Orgut, 2019).

Project Closure Stage

This is basically the project closing phase on a formal note. This includes various primary activities such as:

1. Verifying completion criteria’s accomplishment

2.  Preparing the project closure and completion report

3. Collecting the artifacts for project archive

4. Performing the detailed and indepth review of the project


It can be concluded that It is the responsibility of the project manager to co-ordinate all the activities taking place during the project management of digital plateform project. This includes progress tracking for every activity and modifications as per the situational requirements. It is also known as the monitor and controlling of project activities.