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In an organization, it is necessary for the employees to have a proper level of communication in order to enhance their skills and knowledge. Therefore, every organization these days are mainly focusing to enhance their communication platform in order to have a proper level of growth that can easily outrage their competitors. Along with that, according to Treem & Leonardi (2013), the organizations also need to take an aspect into their account that how the employees are taking those communication tools and whether they are providing positive feedbacks regarding those tools or not.

Atlassian has been chosen as the organization for this particular study. It is a technological organization in Australia and mainly deals in the different tracking applications. The primary aim of this particular study is to evaluate the impact of the different digital resources over their communication process. Along with that, the study also defines the different tools that Atlassian use for their communication. In addition to that, the study also provides the trending tools that Atlassian can use for the communication in upcoming future.

Process of business communication

Figure 1: Process of business communication

(Source: Treem & Leonardi, 2013)

Tools that Atlassian use for business communication


Proper business communication is considered as the key success factor for any organization for their decision-making purpose. Wolny & Mueller (2013) said that the proper and effective communication at the workplace could easily help Atlassian to get their job done at the proper time and within the allocated budget. The managers and the leaders of Atlassian need to communicate their business objectives with the employees and their project team in order to define their aim properly. Below some of the communication tools that Atlassian use for their communication process.

Intranet/social intranet

An intranet is considered as the private hub that can only be accessed by the authorized users of Atlassian. The intranet is mainly used for the internal communication purpose. As the organization is mainly focusing over the aspect BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and telecommunication therefore, intranet results in a flexible workplace environment. Along with that, it also assures all the employees regarding the fact that they are working towards the same objective (Jin, Liu & Austin, 2014). Earlier Atlassian had faced an issue regarding the communication breakdown in between the different departments and the employees. Therefore, they have implemented this intranet solution for their effective communication purpose.

Chat rooms along with private and group messaging

The collaborative spaces that mainly provide both private and group messaging along with the chat functions are considered as one of the main business communication tools that Atlassian use. It is considered as an effective tool for communication that keeps all the employees of Atlassian to work together. In addition to that, the concept of instant messaging service also enhances the communication process in between the employees and the managers. It also makes them update regarding their different projects and discussions over the project. According to Munar & Jacobsen (2014), chat rooms and the group messaging looks to be same, however, they use different interfaces. As Atlassian have an ample amount of team projects in their hand, therefore the use of chat rooms is much better than the instant messaging because of its effectiveness in the team works. The tools that Atlassian use for their communication purpose are HipChat, Skype along with Slack.

Discussion forum

It seems to like an old way of communicating with the employees, however, it is still preferred by some of the organizations, Atlassian is one of those organizations. This mainly brings both the managers and the employees of Atlassian at a place and allows them to perform an open discussion regarding any kind of issue. Along with that, it also helps Atlassian to bring their workforce together (Ellison & Boyd, 2013). In addition to that, this is also effective in terms of achieving the different organizational knowledge. Moreover, the use of discussion forums has also increased the employee morale and makes them confident regarding the participation in the meetings with the view on the different organizational functionalities.

Internal blogs and audio

Content is considered as a factor that mainly defines the fact that whether the teams are engaged together or not towards a particular project. The different eye-catching images in the organization’s intranet platform make it more attractive to the employees of Atlassian. In addition to that, for the marketing purpose of Atlassian, they also use the info graphics. This particular medium is very much appealing and it helps to communicate with many instructions. In addition to that, the internal blogs that Atlassian use for their communication purpose can also be considered as a good option. According to Vernuccio (2014), the customers and the competitors are not able to have an access to those internal blogs. In the internal blogs, the employees of Atlassian share their different sense of knowledge and views. One of the greatest advantages for Atlassian of using the internal blogs is that it connects all the employees across the different departments. Moreover, it keeps the staffs of Atlassian up to date with the important set of information and any kind of updates. 


Podcasts are generally the audio files that are available to stream or download. Atlassian uses this concept over their employees through their mobile devices. The organization mainly uses this aspect for their external marketing. The internal podcasts of Atlassian mainly consist of the audio messages from the CEO regarding the new and different business functions and different human-interest topics. Along with that, Atlassian has used the recent technologies in order to make this aspect very much attracting towards their employees. However, they have kept one thing in mind that the technology comes in the second place, as the content is the main factor for the podcasts (Nickerson, 2015).

Innovative tools that Atlassian can use in business communication

When it comes to the technological advancement in the field of the communication process in between the organization, Atlassian may use the different innovative tools that can enhance their communication process both external and internal. 

Web based communication

 The different technologies such as the Voice over IP (VoIP) mainly reduce the requirement for the traditional phones. Atlassian may consider this innovative approach for their communication purpose. Along with that, according to Toth (2013), the use of WebRTC enables the process of video conferencing from the different places by using the standard forms of browsers along with the applications. Atlassian may use this concept for their internal and external communication purpose.

Mobile computing

The advantage of different mobile devices can be seen in the applications of the different business firms. As for example, it can be said that the organizations can make their internal announcements in their social intranets or on the social media sites. In addition to that, the use of high-tech smart phones can make the employees able to track their emails whenever they want to have it. Along with that, the different productivity applications can also support the employees of the organization to enhance the productivity in terms of their performance. 

Enhancement in the cloud based solutions

Along with the above-mentioned technologies, Atlassian may also use the cloud solutions for their communication purpose. There are many business firms who are already taking the advantage of the cloud based technologies as it is easy to implement and low in cost. The hosted real-time communication can provide Atlassian with an enhanced business communication solution. According to Brink & Costigan (2015), this can be considered as far better than the on-site systems. Moreover, if the cloud technology is integrated with a CRM, then it can help Atlassian to provide proper customer support along with the proper access to the central database. This mainly enhances the customer service for Atlassian and based on that they can easily enhance their efficiency regarding the different organizational functions.

Use of social media platform

The social media is considered as an effective platform the employees of an organization. The employees can share their knowledge through the different posts and gain an ample amount of knowledge from the other expert’s views. Therefore, Atlassian may use this aspect in order to enhance their communication process. Along with that, as the organization is using the social intranet in their functionalities, therefore the use of the social media for the communication process can be considered as a profitable step for them (Fall, Kelly, MacDonald, Primm & Holmes, 2013).


 After summing up the entire study, it can be evaluated that the process of business communication in a firm is very much essential for them in order to survive in the competitive market. Along with that, it can also be concluded that the proper maintenance of the communication process in the organization can easily enhance their overall performance. Moreover, it can also be evaluated from the above study is that the use of both old and new process of communication are equally important for the organizations. The organizations can update the old communication process to a new and innovative approach. Therefore, it can help them to have a competitive advantage. As an example, it can be said that the use of Whatsapp is considered as the update of the podcasts.  Therefore, it can be said that if Atlassian uses those innovative ideas regarding the communication process into their account, they can easily outrage their competitors.