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An algorithm is a methodical approach for solving a problem.

For Example:

1) The algorithm to multiply "A" by "B" is to add "A" to itself "B" times.

2) The algorithm to compute the average of "N" number is to add them up and then divide by "N".

What is Pseudocode?

Pseuocode is an english like way t state an algorithm.

Simple problem

1) Find the sum value, average value and product value of three numbers.

2) We can solve this by writing out steps

3) Then we can then convert these steps to code

Pseudocode Example

Read a, b, c
Calculate Sum of the three numbers is (a + b + c)
Calculate Average of the three numbers is Sum/3
Calculate Product of the three numbers is a*b*c

Pseudo Code
Do forever [while (true is true)]
{ While ()keynot pressed)
 {if (character received)
   ( getcharacter
     display pattern }
send 'Y'
while ( key pressed)
{ if (character received)
 {get charater
  display pattern }
send 'N'

What is Dikin Ellipsoid Algorithm?

1) Actual algorithms used in practice are very sophisrticated

2) Practices matches theory reasonably well 

3) Interior point methods dominate when

    - Large ‘n’

    - Small ‘cholesky factors’

    - Highly ‘degenerate’

4) Simplex dominates when starting from a previous solution very close to the final solution

5) Ellipsoid algorithm not currently practical

6) Large problems can take hours or days to solve. Parallelism in very important.

Properties of an algorithm

1) The given problem should be broken into simple and meaningful steps.

2) The steps should be numbered sequentially

3) The steps should be descriptive and written in simple english.