Discuss The Problem Of Spanish Student In Speaking English

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Q. Discuss the problem of spanish student in speaking english.

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People who speak English as the second language often face several problems regarding speaking fluently and writing it without any errands. However, several educational researchers have identified several factors that cause the problems in their writing and speaking. Reading without any external aid is another problematic area in the domain of learning a new language[1]. This report illustrates the issues that is faced by a person of Spanish origin in communicating in English. The report reflects the result of the study that has been conducted in the form of an interview in order to understand the problems that she faces in the process of the communication. 

Identified problems of the person

An interview had been attempted along with which the respondent was asked to write a paragraph in English. The method was used in order to locate the issues that the respondent is facing in the process of communicating in English. There are several already established perspectives that reflect upon the problems that are generally faced by Spanish people in communicating in English. However, in the interview several problems have been identified that are been distinguished as follows:

Problems in verbal communication

The interview session began with an oral conversation with the respondent. It helped to identify the issues that are underlying in her verbal communication in English. The problems that have been identified are:

  • Problem regarding pronouncing specific words: Pronunciation is one of the major problems that are faced by several EFL learners[2]. However, region plays an important part in determining a specific tone in the pronunciation of that person that dominates the manner of their pronunciation. The respondents herself admitted that as a violin teacher she prefers to teach her students in Spanish as she is more comfortable in speaking in Spanish. She also mentioned regarding her will to speak fluently in English and for that she prefers language classes that can enhance her English pronunciation. 
  • Problems regarding choosing a specific word: In the course of the interview it has been identified that the respondents also encounter complexity regarding her choice of word for a particular situation. Lack of English vocabulary is one of the moot reasons for that. As she does not use English as her first language she does not have an enriched vocabulary and this is identified as one of the general problems by the language trainers.
  • Lack of confidence: Lack of confidence is another factor that she mentioned regarding her verbal communication in English. 

Issues in writing 

As per the evaluation of her writing, it is evident that she lacks words for expressing herself in a proper manner. Her sentences are not consistent. She had written several sentences with correct grammar and proper words. However, there are also several sentences that she did not finish. Grammar and use of proper forms of verb are some of the major problems that are reflected from her writing.


From the interview it is evident that she faces more problems in communicating verbally in English rather than writing it. As per her response her short term and long term goals regarding English are to learn English effectively and to incorporate her learning in practical communication. Among reading, writing, listening and speaking she finds speaking and writing to be more difficult. 


The problems that are reflected in the interview with the Spanish student who is learning English are the general problems that are faced by most of EFL learners in the beginning stage of their learning. However, the identified problems can be minimized with proper training, guidance and practice.