Diversity And Inclusion Strategy Policy Of ABC Pty Ltd

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University: Australian Catholic University

Code: BUSN 304


This capstone unit focuses on the relationship between diversity and conflict and on the positive outcomes associated with their effective management. Key theories and concepts of both areas are explored as they relate to both the workplace and the wider society. Topics covered include types of diversity, valuing diversity, the nature of conflict and the principles, strategies and benefits associated with the effective management of both. The unit aims to develop knowledge and awareness of how the appropriate management of conflict and the adoption of exemplary diversity management practices act as a form of corporate social responsibility in an increasingly globalised world. 


On successful completion of this unit students should have developed their ability to:

  1. Explain the meanings of the terms ‘diversity’ and ‘conflict’ and their relevance in the context of the workplace and society. (GA 2)
  2. Analyse relevant theories to explain the relationship between workplace diversity and conflict and the principles of their effective management in a socially responsible manner. (GA 2, 3, 4)    
  3. Propose solutions to complex problems in a local and globalised context. (GA 4, 5, 6) 
  4. Demonstrate appropriate information gathering, collaborative teamwork and multi literacies. (GA 8)

GA2    Recognise their responsibility to the common good, the environment and society 

GA3    Apply ethical perspectives in informed decision making

GA4    Think critically and reflectively 

GA5    Demonstrate values, knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the discipline and/or profession 

GA6    Solve problems in a variety of settings taking local and international perspectives into account

GA8    Locate, organise, analyse, synthesise and evaluate information 

Topic: Acting fairly and acting uniformly are different, and only one enables you to successfully deal with diversity in your workplace. You are to consider this statement succinctly from a critical perspective using current literature (no more than 5 years old) and take a side. You then need to argue for either acting fairly or acting uniformly. 

Assessment task:

“ABC Pty Ltd is all about creating places where people feel comfortable in their environment, allowing us all to be the best we can be. A diverse and inclusive workplace not only means people feel valued, it helps build a better, stronger and more innovative ABC Pty Ltd”.

Their global inclusion strategy is focused on embedding flexible work; achieving equity; and building inclusive leadership in order to develop a strong brand and reputation. Extrapolate this strategy into definitive policy where guidelines could be used in any industry.

You are to identify this diversity and inclusion strategy and then using the template provided develop a practical interpretation of how this strategy will apply to the organisation ABC Pty Ltd. You can assume that they are a manufacturing and logistics firm with 3000 employees. 

Developing the strategy to practical outcomes should always include  a process for breach and reporting of the breach. There should be examples of what is not tolerated and what individuals or groups should do if they feel uncomfortable in their environment. This policy is to guide employees to the leadership outcome and should include drivers such as legislation.

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Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace for a stronger, better and innovative enterprise.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Policy

Definition of  Inclusion & Diversity

The dimension of Inclusion indicates a specific state of being valued and respected by others and diversity refers to the dimension that is broadly used in order to differentiate people and groups from one another. Inclusion and diversity in terms of workplace suggest the idea of respecting and supporting the members or participants from different cultural backgrounds. In business and society it is important to value and support in order to promote equality to people of different ethnicity, age, gender, nationality religion, sexual orientation and education (Klarsfeld et al. 2014).

Link to ABC

ABC Pty Ltd is a logistic company which contains more than 3000 employees. Therefore there are people working under ABC who has multilingual and multicultural identities. Evidently, it is an eminent fact that such large number of employees suggests diversity of culture and ethnicity as well as other factors. It is important to implement a policy associated with Inclusion and Diversity in order to maintain the harmony inside the institution. The company emphasizes on the Workplace diversity concept based on the following key principles:

  • Treating each of the employees with dignity and respect.
  • Value and respect the differences of perspectives of different people.
  • Importance of breaking the inappropriate and unfair barriers .
  • Judging the subordinates based on their merit and equity.

Policy Number            0014572B

Definitions of key Terms used/referred to in the Policy

In this policy the key terms and words are defined as provided below:



Gender equality

Equity in workplace

Employee protection

Employee safety

Quality assurance



Link to Quality Assurance Principles       

This policy is a relevant part of this company’s Code of Business Ethics and Equality as well as the Diversity and Equality policy. The Equality Act 2010 protects the employees of any organization including people of different age, ethnicity, gender, religion, sex and sexual orientation. This legislation is focused to cover everyone and helps in achieving equality for all the employees. This policy can be linked with the following Australian legislations.

1. workplace gender equality act 2012

Workplace Gender Equality Act was implemented in order to ensure a better workplace which is essentially free from all possible gender discriminations in the workplace.

2. section 18 of the Parliamentary Service Act, 1999 

states the requires the department to have a workplace diversity program in place to help give effect to the Parliamentary Service Employment Principles.

Subsections 10A(f) and (g) of the Act state that the Parliamentary Service is a career-based service that provides workplaces which are free from discrimination, patronage and favouritism and that the Parliamentary Service recognizes the diversity of the Australian community and fosters diversity in the workplace.

3. work health and safety act, 2011

Work health and Safety act, 2011 was implemented in order to ensure the health, safety and workplace security of the employees working under the listed companies of Australia.

4. discrimination act, 1991

This act ensures a workplace free from all possible discriminations regarding the recruitment and evaluation of the employees. This act also considers the behaviour of the employees towards each other. This act is implemented in order to ensure that the employees of any public or private organization do not fall prey to any possible discrimination. 

5. The Fair Work Act 2009

This act provides the employees with certain rights that ensures a fair evolution which is free from any kind of discrimination.         

Policy statement

ABC Pty Ltd is committed in the process of supporting diversity in workplace and create the ambience of inclusive culture in the organization. This business is the enterprise of people and the organization strives in order to create a responsive environment that effectively collaborates with different cultures and groups (Barak, 2016). This is reflected in the interaction of the organization with all their employees, customers, suppliers, visitors, investors and shareholders. ABC Pty Ltd respects and values the cultural and lingual diversity and the object of the organization is to be the most cooperative employer that provides service for all. The purpose of the Diversity and Equality policy is to:

  1. Create an inclusive and diverse environment where      different perspectives are respected.
  2. Provide a comprehensive approach towards diversity even      in the critical time of the organization in order to modernize the      organization and introducing new talents from different cultural      backgrounds.
  3. Compete and retain the talented employees in the organization      who can be fully benefitted from the diverse workplace.
  4. Create future leaders who demonstrate the behaviours      that are valued.


It is important to develop a diverse and inclusive work culture as it indicates diverse thought process along with innovative ideas for the strategic changes of the organization. Evidently, people from different cultural background, different ethnicity have different perceptions. Collaborating all the perceptions equally in the workplace can ensure a rich and diverse work culture which is full of innovative ideas.

Strategies and practices

Identifying and supporting individual needs

The organization aims to support each and every individual associated with the organization. The organization will to:

  • Develop and constitute a particular framework in order to infuse diversity and the policy includes recruitment of more employees from different cultural backgrounds.
  • In order to construct a diverse workplace the organization focuses on the relationship building activities according to individual needs.
  • Individual needs of the employees are given prior importance. In order to help the employees to develop their personal and professional skills the organization provides employee training according to the needs of the employees.

Employee Induction

This organization ensures that the orientation process is fair and equitable. The essential element is weaving diversity and inclusion across the entire hierarchy of a standard organizational structure. This is imperative in terms of the talent-cycle performance that is a reliable framework to acquire organizational benefits from the workplace ambience (Nair and Vohra, 2015). The organizational demeanor needs to impart a circumspect perspective in order to transform the infusement of culturally diverse workforce in a consistent manner. This intent can be facilitated simply by observing a organizational decorum that tends to convey curricular notes regarding the inclusion of culturally diverse recruits throughout the process of recruitment.

HR Practices: Selection and recruitment

It is very evident that the inclusion of the culturally diverse recruits need to be percolated consistently throughout the process of recruitment. On that note, the HR of the respective institute can be recommended to develop a framework that exhibits the intensive principles and practices throughout the selection to onboarding of the new recruit (Bendl et al. 2014). A talent-monitoring programme can be observed in this regard in order to track the development and training, leadership and professional skills. The embedded intent of the respective framework is to eradicate any component of ethnic and cultural bias that might impede the seamless inclusion of the culturally and ethnically distinct work engines. 

HR Practices: Perf Management

The rudimentary objective of the performance management programmes is to emancipate and promote the efficiency of the intensive subordinates. The HR of the respective institute need to earn the insight to comprehend the process to be a continuous one. Moreover, it inherently urges for a creative collaboration of the managers and the respective subordinates in order to enable the entire institute to function and monitor the performance statistics of the institute together. This monitoring also includes the identification of the overall contribution of an respective subordinate to the absolute performance statistics of the institute (Ravazzani, 2016).  

HR Practices: Staff professional development opportunities

The intent to emancipate the scope of developing opportunities that might endow the respective subordinates with the urge to develop professional skills is something significant to take into account in terms of HR policies. The chief agenda of such programme is to develop a sincere and passionate aspect regarding the professional identity of the respective subordinate. Furthermore, it is an exaggeration to admit that this also facilitates the promotion of professional identity towards a moral and ethical obligation to cater the interests of the underlying institute (ColicPeisker and Hlavac, 2014).  

Non-compliance of the Diversity and Equity Policy

Every company has their own policy regarding gender and equity, which need to be followed by each employee, whether they belong to lower authority or higher authority within their working environment. Same concept goes with the ABC pty ltd., the CEO of this company has also framed their equity and diversity policy, which all the employees need to keep in mind before stepping up into the office. Within the set of policy framework, they have stated about various types of prejudicial or any biased behaviors such as if there are any discrimination seen within the working culture, which cannot be tolerated at this organization.  Moreover, in the framework of their policy, if any nature of racist and sexist is seen, with the help of framed policy, the authority of this company can take action against this kind of reaction and the issues can be resolved and managed. This organization can link their policy’s framework into the Grievances of ABC along with the policy of their complaint management (Li, C.R et al. 2015) 

In this policy, the legislation has been included for making the correct judgment against any kind of action regarding equity or diversity such as Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and Discrimination Act 1991.

Anti-bullying practices and guideline

The organization needs to decide for addressing the issue of the workplace such as bullying along with the way through this can be linked to the feelings of individual such as overpowered, threatened, insecurity, or inadequate in the workplace in respect of the inclusion and diversity issues. Bullying is the behavior, which is seen from the individual, who are often biased or prejudicial against each other. This organization has included the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Grievances and Complaints Management policy within their working policy’s framework. This organization has discussed about the guidelines along with the practices of anti-bullying action, which can further help to identify any bullying action such as taunting, offensive language, practical jokes, sexual harassment, physical contact and many others as well. Various stakeholders of this company have included some policies such as complaint management and Health and safety of occupation.

Communication with different stakeholders

The intent to retain and reflect diverse yet identical behaviours while deciding on the communicational strategies to fathom the potential shareholders urges an attentive and sincere gaze that is circumspect enough to discern the major stakeholders of the concern. 


The organized exploitation of the acquired experiences is one of the potent tools to enable the respective organization to reflect diversity and equity on a same tone. It urges the organization to,

  • It must enable the respective organization to discuss identical values, concerns and triumphs
  • It must reflect the intent to infuse recruit of cultural and ethnic diversity
  • It must indulge to embrace several experience from diverse resources
  • It encourages to discern the discussion of organizational prejudices and ethnic bias

Policy review

The inclusion and diversity policy of the ABC Pty Ltd is to be reviewed by the organization on every 12 months. The revision and any necessary amendment is to be based on the current incidents and breaches of the policy. It is important to review the policy frequently in order to implement necessary changes accordingly.

Measuring tools

It is evident that the success of the policy can be measured through the level of employee satisfaction. This policy is majorly concerns the employees of the organization. Therefore, necessarily the comments of the employees and their feedback can proved to be helpful in order to measure the effectiveness of this policy (Knights and Omanović, 2016).


People working in the ABC Pty Ltd are subjected to ensure the behaviours and values which are responsible in order to ensure that the values and behaviours are reflected through the actions and the way this organization conducts their business.

The executive committee of this enterprise owns the responsibility for leading an ideal example of proper workplace culture which through the actions reflects that the organization is supportive of the benefits of equality, inclusion and diversity. The CEO and the Group Director of HR develops the organizational culture in which the policy can be effectively implemented.   

Links to other policies

This implemented policy can be linked with other policies of the organization. This organization have many policies that ensure a better workplace and also takes care of the behaviour and code of conduct of the employees. The policies are:

  1. The Behaviour Guidance Policy
  2. Comfortable and according Clothing policy
  3. Grievances and Employee feedback Policy
  4. Occupational health and safety for all Policy
  5. Wellness program for all Policy
  6. Recruitment based on Merit Policy
  7. Selection based on Merit Policy.