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What is Dot Net Programming Language?

Dot net is a collection of languages and frameworks. It is developed by Microsoft. 

Dot Net consists of two parts:

1) FCL- Framework Class Library

2) CLR- Common Language Runtime

What is Dot net Framework?

.Net is a framework provided by Microsoft. This framework is useful when using for web development/ development of windows applications on windows using visual studio tool. It is of no use to a normal user. Although some programs that u download from the internet do require .net framework to run, but these programs are in a scarcity. 

Parts of .NET Framework: overall Architecture of .NET Framework


overall Architecture of .NET Framework

Language Supported by .NET

C#, C++, VB.NET, JScipt, Java, other .NET languages,  Standard ML, SmallTalk, Scheme, Pyton, APL, Cobol, Component Pascal, Haskell, Mercury, Oberon, Perl, Java, Other languages supporting HTTP requests etc.

Finding the VB.NET Programming Language Features online service to .NET Assignment Help:

1) Inheritance (object oriented language): inheritance is one of the important feature o the OOP. Inheritance is the method by which object of one class gets the properties of another class.

2) Threading

3) Attributes and Multithreading