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Web Application Individual Assignment

COURSE: Bachelor of Information Technology
Unit Code:
Unit Title:
Developing Web Information Systems
Type of Assessment:
Assessment 1 – Web-based Application Development

Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:
  1. Develop a web-based information system using basic technologies such as mark-up languages, stylesheets, JavaScript, and databases
  2. Produce relevant design, implementation and test documentation, including risk, service and change management plans
  3. Critically analyse a range of software development methodologies, compare their strengths and weaknesses and have an in-depth understanding of the design process, platforms and tools for developing a web information system
  4. Work effectively as part of a team in the production of a web information system and related documentation and reports
Assessment Task:
Design and implement a web-based application using HTML5 markup
Total Mark:
100 Marks


This is an individual assignment. In this assignment, you will design and implement a web application using HTML mark up. Skills learnt in this assignment will be built upon in Task 4 group assignment.

Upon successful completion of this assignment the student will:

  • Understand the syntax of HTML markup.
  • Be able to describe and apply semantic tags to create structural meaning.
  • Be able to build consistent navigation structure over multiple pages.
  • Be able to understand use appropriate HTML attributes and tags.
  • Use absolute and relative links correctly.
  • Include at least one image in the webpage, addressing accessibility.


Each page on your site is intended to be a summary of a lecture in this unit. Lecture1.html, for instance, might capture our first lecture topics, which included:

  • a unit summary, expectations, textbook
  • Description of the difference between WWW and Internet

The content for each lecture should be mostly correct, and does not need to be very long. Ideally, it will serve to remind you of topics covered during the first 4 weeks of this unit.

Each of your pages must be consistent with one another. There should be:

  • a consistent layout look and feel between pages
  • (vertical) navigation menu with links between all 5 pages (using an unordered list)

Each of the pages must include:

  • The aforementioned menu that allows on to navigate between all the site's pages
  • At least one HTML comment per page
  • One unique photo (of your choosing) per page enclosed in a <figure>, with a <figurecaption> linking to where it was found.

Note: the clickable link to the source of the image should contain noting more than the text source.

  • You must define "alt" and "title" attributes for all pictures.
  • Valid HTML5 markup. Your site should validate without error (warnings are ok).
  • Ensure a unique and descriptive <title> tag for each page using title best practices described in lecture.
  • Semantic markup:
    • Use the <nav> tag to define a uniform "menu" on each page
    • Use the <article>, <header> and <footer> tags at a minimum, with other tags to be used as appropriate.
  • Submit your own raw HTML code – evidence of code generation will result in a 0.
  • No styles, css, JavaScript, or other advanced components to the site.
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