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Assessment Task 1: Written Questions Provide answers to all of the questions below: 

  1. Explain the key phases of a change management process.
  2. Explain three reasons why an organisation might initiate change.
  3. Explain force-field analysis as a model for understanding the change process
  4. Explain the key premises of the Burke & Litwin organisational change model and its application to the change process. 
  5. Discuss the purpose of Kotter’s 8-step change model and the steps involved. Explain each of the steps involved. 
  6. Explain two strategies that can be used to effectively communicate and embed change during an organisational change process. 
  7. Explain how external environment can impact on change strategies.
  8. Explain the importance of a participative management style when implementing organisation change.
  9. Explain two aspects of organisational behaviours that can impact on organisational change. 
  10. Describe five components that may be included as part of a change management plan.
  11. Explain three reasons why individuals or groups within an organisation may resist change. Include at least one suggestion of how resistance can be overcome for each of the areas you identify.
  12. Discuss at least three barriers to organisational change. 
  13. Discuss at least two strategies to address barriers to organizational change. 

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