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Culture Assignment 30%


Part A: (APA STYLE with proper Referencing):

  • Choose a culture that is different from your own cultural background.
  • Research this culture and write a 2-page summary including the following information.
  • Collect information about this culture focusing on elements (at least 5 elements) of culture such as follows: (please include Customs or rituals as one of your five elements).culture focusing on elements
  • Research material must be from recent (not more than 5 years old) books, journals, internet sources that you deem to be reliable sources, research-based magazines (National Geographic), community centres and cultural groups that serve the specific group you are researching.
  • Use APA style and write in full paragraphs and not point form.
  • Use at least 3 sources.

Part B: Comparison

Compare the various elements of the culture with your own culture

  • Specific similarities and differences between your county of origin and Canada
  • Values, norms and beliefs, how it is the same or the different between your culture and your chosen topic/ culture.
  • Ways in which you are expected to partake in cultural practices (i.e. Food, religious, cultural practices).
  • Child-rearing practices
  • The role of religion or government in people’s day to day life.
  • Society’s expectations for the child, image of the child. How is a child supposed to behave? Example: a quiet child is considered a “good child” but an active child is labelled as one with “bad behavior”. Are children looked at as capable beings? Are self help skills promoted in preschool children? or are adults expected to do everything for the child until they are older.
  • The roles of family members. Gender roles, such as position of male and female in household and society.
  • Role and position of Elderly in this researched culture in comparison to your own culture.
  • Importance of education and expectations of certain level of education.

Part C: Analysis and Conclusion:

  • Considering that Canada is a multicultural and diverse country, do you think the childcare environment take all cultural elements and components in to account when planning and implementing day to day programming?
  • Discuss 2 strategies that address diversity in the classroom in an early childhood setting. In other words, considering the above research how can you promote and antibias program (focusing on 2 examples).
  • Conclusion paragraph.
  • Importance of education and expectations of certain level of education.
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