ECTPP301A Australian Professional Teaching Standards And Teacher Accreditation Assessment 3 Answer

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Subject Code: ECTPP301A


Course Code: HE20510


Assessment Event 3  Digital Database

Title: Australian Professional Teaching Standards and Teacher Accreditation

Weighting: 40%

Length: 3000 words

Due: Week 12

Learning outcome: 3

In consultation with the subject academic select a digital platform for this assessment task. Some examples include: WakeletPebblepad, Microsoft word, one note.

For this assessment you will need to:

  • Write a critical reflection which examines your professional and ethical approach to teaching in relation to your obligations as an early childhood teacher to enact the Australian Professional Teaching Standards into everyday practice.  Ensure to examine:
    • the domains of teaching
    • the professional capacities
    • the seven (7) teaching standards
    • teacher accreditation
    • collation of evidence
      • Utilise the NESA Proficient Teacher Evidence Guide: Early Childhood teachers and provide personal practical examples (from professional experience placements or working in the industry) you could use for each of the teaching standard descriptors as evidence for teacher accreditation.
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