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Explore Edith Cowan University

Being a public university, Edith Cowan University is exclusively financially supported by the government of Australia. The respective university was named after the first woman who was elected and the respective Australian Parliament. The Edith Cowan University is the only university which is exclusively named after a woman in Australia. Edith Cowan Was a huge supporter of the growth and development of education and always backed innovation and advancement of the respective academic resources. 

And this is how the Edith Cowan University also advances for the with complete support to growth modification and enhancement of a student as per their needs and convenience. 

The university is known for offering more than 400 courses and allowing scholars to choose the course of study as per their interest with which they want to study further. The respective university was set in the year of 1991 and is this exclusively located in Perth. With exceptional facilities and campuses, it is very much popular among the students from all around the world helping them with their respective courses which they want to study and have their future life. The respective campus of Edith Cowan University will be able to support around twenty five or more students to around three thousand official members. 

The students who are at the respective university are highly assisted with a wide range of courses from which they cancel liked one of the courses which they want to study and have their respective future professional life. They have the most experienced and qualified tutor is working with them to help the students with their respective a cadre make a means and allow them to succeed and the respective professional life. 

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Courses Covered In Edith Cowan University Assignment Help Online Service

The Edith Cowan University covers a wide range of courses to entice the students from all around the world. Their respective University also provides distance education which has the respective student to pursue their course by sitting in their residence. In the region of Western Australia, the Edith Cowan University is highly acknowledged as the largest provider of community studies and psychology education courses. 

Below mentioned are few of the popular courses pursued by the respective students, take a look:

  • Bachelor of Science (Applied and Analytical Chemistry) Honours
  • Master of Hospitality Management by Research
  • Bachelor of Sport, Recreation and Event Management
  • Master of Human Resource Management by Research
  • Associate Degree in Criminology and Justice
  • Master of International Business by Research
  • Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management) Honours
  • Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Laws
  • Master of Management Information Systems by Research

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