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EER413 - Research and Practice in Early Childhood Education Assessment and Exam Items

Assessment item 3 - Short answers to research scenario-based questions


Short answers to research scenario-based questions (50 marks)


This assessment task is designed to test your understanding of key research concepts, and your ability to apply these understandings to a practice-based research scenario.

Read the short scenario below, then, answer the questions using your weekly and suggested readings as a guide. There is no one right answer to the questions. We are asking you to propose answers that show your understanding of: the specific implications of choosing and using qualitative or quantitative methodologies and methods; and, the consistency between the methodology and the other choices you make for sample size, ethics, methods, participants and dissemination methods.

Please set out each answer separately, with your answer set out under each question. IE Include Q1a text, then, your answer underneath; then Q2a text, then your answer underneath etc

Each answer should be in paragraph form, not a set of dot points. You must use references to scholarly sources  at a minimum from your textbook and from the suggested readings list - to support your answers. You must use APA 7th referencing format throughout the assignment.

The word limit is 2500 words, excluding the references and headings above each answer. Use the weighting of the marks for each question as a guide to how long each answer should be.


Salma is a diploma qualified educator and room leader with children aged 3 to 5 years in a standalone, community-run preschool in a regional area. The preschool is open in school term time only, opening to children and families at 8am and closing at 4pm. There are three classrooms. In each room the 3-4 year olds come for Monday and Tuesday, then the 4-5 year olds come for Wednesday-Friday each week, during term time.

Salma has been observing the children’s dramatic play in term one, and in term two she wants to do some research to understand more about the roles the children take during their dramatic play inside. There is a dramatic play area in her classroom that she has set up to resemble a home  with a kitchen, dining area, and baby’s bedroom.

1. Research design

  • What methodology would you suggest for research to investigate Salma’s topic? What are your reasons for suggesting this methodology? (7.5 marks)

Consult Module 3 readings.

  • What could be a research question to guide Salma’s study? What is your rationale for suggesting this question? (5 marks)

Think about what sort of information you will be trying to gather, and what methodology will best suit this. Your research question should match the methodology you are using to guide the study.

Consult Module 2 readings.

  • Using the question you have suggested above, suggest what sample size (ie number of participants) would be appropriate? What are your reasons for suggesting this number - how is this choice connected to the chosen methodology and research question? (5 marks)

Think about the methodology you have chosen and what sample size is appropriate for this type of question.

Consult Module 5 readings.

  • How could children be involved in the research you are suggesting? What are your reasons for suggesting this approach? (7.5 marks)

Consult Module 6 readings.

2. Research methods and ethics

  1. What methods could Salma use to gather information to research using the question you suggested above? What is it about the method/s that you are suggesting that makes them appropriate to what Salma wants to find out? (5 marks)

Consult Modules 3-5.

  • Suggest two ethical issues that Salma will need to consider as she plans and undertakes her study, and explain why these are important, with reference to the National Standard on Ethical Conduct of Human Research (2018). (7.5 marks)

Consult Module 8 readings.

  • Suggest two different ways Salma could use to share the findings with people who are interested in this study? (7.5 marks)

Consider what is appropriate to the

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