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What is Elasticsearch?

  1. In short, it can be throught of as "search engine software".
  2. It provide the realistic potential for you to run your own engine service but with say, private, sensitive, or confidential data that you do not want on the public web.
  3. Elasticsearch is an open source, distributed web application that runs on top of lucene, and it is written it is written java, and it supports REST API.
  4. Apache Lucene is the best open source search engine, and probably one of the best search engines available, and holds its own even when compared against the most epensive commercial alternatives.
  5. Very fast search
  6. Written with NRI and cloud support in mind
  7. Easy index, shard and replicas creation on live cluster
  8. Denormalized document storage: Fast, direct access to your data
  9. Easy to deploy

Installation and configuration

Supported by detailed documentation
More intutive

Text oriented

Better performance of analytical   queries
Scalability and clustering

Provides SolrCloud

Better inherent scalability and   designed for the cloud

A much bigger ecosystem of community

A growing community though not a   complete open source mindset
Very well documented 
Lacks in documentation

Where can we Use ElasticSerch?

Enterprise Search:

Elastic tool can be used in various product search engine development i.e,

  1. blog search
  2. document search
  3. E commerce product search
  4. site search


Elastic as a distributed platform provides two strong tools.

  1. kibana: a tool for flexible analytics and visualization platform.
  2. Logstash: an ETL tool to process any Data, from any source