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What is Election Algorithm?

1) Any process can serve as coordinator.

2) Elections may be needed when the system is initialized, or if the coordinator crashes or retires. 

election algorithm
generate initial population;
compute eligibility of each individual;
create parties: initial candidates and their supporters
REPEAT // advertising campaign
For candidate size do // positive advertisement
candidates advertise their plans and improve their stance by learning new ideas;
// negative advertisement
candidates tryto attch the supports from other parties toward themselves;
candidates collateif they have same ideas;
//revision the candition of parties
Reevaluate the eligibility of candidates;
UNTIL population has converged

Classical leader election pseudcode:

min_find: Classical leader election pseudcode
input: tmax, u
output: classical_leader
1) classical_leader = true;
2) t0 = get_current_time();
3) Amin = ui
4) send( Amin, *);
5) repeat
6) A = read();
7) if (A < Amin) then
8) classical_leader = false;
9) Amin = A;
10) send (Amin, *);
11) end if
12) tc = get_current_time();
13) until (tc - t) > tmax


1: Method four supports a Classical leader election.
2: Method five and six respond, showing four to stop
3: Five and six each supports a Classical leader election.
4: Method six tells five to stop
5: Method six wins and tells everyone.

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