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Employment laws are commonly referred as labour laws. It is so called because it deals with the legal rights of working population and the organisation where they are working. The subject covers statutes of law, court rulings on labour disputes and labour law models. The subject aims at building the healthy relationship between employee and employers and also endeavours to bring forth amicable and just settlement between the parties. There are a number of labour laws which is required to be complied by industry and hence the requirement of labour law professionals is also very high. 

A labour law professional can also consider the profession as a noble one since it helps build a strong society with ensuring the rights of working professional and maintaining an amicable relationship between employee and employer. 

Employment standard as per Employment Law:

Basically, ensuring minimum socially acceptable working conditions for working professionals, whether under the payroll or contractual is the only objective of employment laws. The defined statutory standards that stress on laws to ensure minimum socially acceptable conditions are what we understand as employment standards.

Types of Employment Law:

Employment covers the rights of both individual employees as well as relationships between employee, employer, and union. There could be a number of employment law but they can be grouped into the following 2 categories:

a.    Employment law defining the relationship between employer, employee and employee union.

b.    Individual employment laws that focus on the rights of employees at their place of work.

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Brief About Employment Law In Australia

Employment Law in Australia is a very important subject in the region of employment law, involving:

  1. evolving problems related to employment law in Australian 
  2. the enhancement of employment law in an international context in Australia
  3. legitimate principles of employment law in Australia
  4. technological facets of employment law utilizing theoretical, historical, and practical views in Australia

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Characteristics of Employment Laws:

Students will find certain specific characteristics of employment laws discussed in detail in our Employment Law Assignment Help material which will be available to those who subscribe to the service. The following could be elaborated as the characteristics of employment laws:

1) The laws will focus to mediate between an employee and his employer based on the contract of employment.

2) Individual employment laws that ensure the minimum socially acceptable working conditions for individual employees.

3) Laws would restrict the current freedom of employees to protect the very future of the employees. 

Our Employment Law Assignment Help will include the basic and the advanced concept of employment law. Few of them are mentioned below such as:

1) Terms and conditions of Employment as per employment laws - These standards focus on issues like hours of work, wages, remuneration packages, awards and facilitation of employees, rights of employees to access training, promotion policies, policies related to mentoring, standards on dressing standards, employee safety at workplace and many other standards.

2) Employee Termination Laws – The standards deal with the termination process of employees, rights of the employee before termination and rights of employment after termination.

3) Maternity, Paternity and Family rights Laws – The standards deal with the rights of an employee to fulfill his or her obligation towards family while in employment. It covers the number of days of maternity leave and benefits during pregnancy and other benefits like mediclaim for the family. 

4) Sexual Harassment Protection Laws – The standards deal with the process to be followed to ensure the protection of employees from sexual harassment in the workplace, especially women employees.

5) Laws protecting the interest of organisation following termination.

6) Minimum Wages – The standards that deal with ensuring minimum wages for all class of employees i.e skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled.

7) Industrial Relation Laws – This involves standards that deal with the study of employee and employer relationship and how the same could be developed to an amicable level.

8) Discrimination Laws – The standards that deal with the prevention of discrimination or harassment of an employee by other employees or seniors is what we understand as discrimination laws.

9) Child Labour – The standards that deal with the compulsory exclusion of child labour from all kind of employment. 

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