English 1100 Research Essay: Integration Of CSR In Starbucks For Environmental Stewardship Assessment Answer

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Question :

English 1100  Research Essay Assignment 

Read and follow instructions CAREFULLY. 

Conduct research on a topic below of interest to you and write a 1200-1400 word persuasive essay in MLA style and including a Works Cited page.  This means your paper should have a thesis or argument; it should not be a research “report”, but a position with which others could disagree. It should answer the “so what”? question: why is it relevant/important? This paper will serve as an assessment of everything  you’ve learned in the course, including tone, grammar, citation, MLA, summary, reporting expressions, and critical thought/analysis backed by sound research that is used appropriately. 

You will need to budget your time wisely to do well on this paper; some of the course deadlines are there to help you do this.  I suggest using a simple folder in which you store this document and any draft notes/thesis statements or drafting you work on for the paper so you don’t misplace anything. I’ll be asking for a number of things back for the final submission. 

STEP 1:  Choose one of the pre-approved topics below and develop your own thesis statement/argument from the broad area represented by each. It will be up to you to determine a specific focus for your research; if you are too broad, the paper will be too. Ideally, you’ll have picked a general topic on the day of the library research orientation (Wk 4). 

*You may also request to do a topic not listed here if nothing speaks to you, but you MUST get my approval before proceeding or your paper will not be accepted and you will receive a zero grade. 

The deadline for proposing a topic by email is our class date in week 7.  It should be as specific as possible (i.e. “I want to write about sports medicine” would be too vague).  Proposed topics sent after this date will be rejected. 

STEP 2: Find 2-3 research sources to use in your paper by the end of week 7; the library session in week 4 will help get you started. 

STEP 3:  Bring a copy of your working thesis statement to class in Week 9; we will actively workshop them. 

STEP 4:  Bring 2 printed copies of a FULLY completed paper draft to class on Week 10 for a peer-editing    workshop. This session is mandatory and must be done in class. Not attending/participating will result 

                in a 20% deduction from your paper’s final grade. Keep the marked up drafts to help you with revision

STEP 5: Make final edits and revisions and submit your final research essay, along with the 2 drafts completed by classmates. Final version must show significant revision. Also submit your thesis statement from the thesis workshop. All items must be submitted for your paper to be considered submitted. 

THE TOPICS: Here are the pre-approved, open ended topics. They will require you to narrow your focus and develop your own clear argument. My preference is that you choose one of these, since I already know you will find scholarly material on them. 

  1. For better or worse, the corporate world continues to exert a great deal of influence on everyday life.  By examining ONE corporation (Starbucks, Microsoft, Apple, Monsanto, Enbridge Oil, Kinder Morgan, Planned Parenthood, Tesla, Beachbody, etc), make an argument the positive OR negative effects of a corporation on the community or the environment. You might base your argument on sweatshops, the effect large corporations have on small businesses, ‘green’ initiatives, poor or progressive wage allotments, job creation, sustainability and environmental protection, multi-level marketing etc). Please avoid Nike! 
  2. Is the use of animals for human benefit justified or unethical for (CHOOSE ONE CATEGORY)
  3. Scientific endeavors ( medical testing, cure development, etc)?
  4. Entertainment OR Education? (zoos, marine parks, circuses, Tourist elephant rides, swimming with dolphins at vacation resorts, etc) 
  5. Hunting (you might consider the BC wolf cull, the seal hunt, hunting for food or financial supplements in rural or isolated communities, poaching, trophy hunting, etc.)
  6. Food/Culture: how are animals consumed, and why? You might consider the exploitative nature of delicacies like fois gras, shark fin soup, veal, octopus, Yin Yang fish, etc)
  7. Fashion and/or cosmetic testing (mink or fox farms, fur, leather, etc)? You might consider current backlash against companies like Canada Goose. 
  8. Public transit and/or environmental impacts of traffic congestion in Vancouver/Lower Mainland. Are there problems with the current system? How can it be improved?
  9.  Highway 16, also known as the Highway of Tears, is an infamous location for missing and murdered Indigenous women of British Columbia. Only in recent years has the government finally launched an inquiry. What are the implications of the federal government having ignored these murders in regards to sexism and/or racism? Why has it taken this long for the federal government to acknowledge the missing and murdered? What needs to happen now?
  10. Much research has been done to strongly argue that rigidly held gender stereotypes negatively affect both men and women. Moreover, such stereotypes suggest that there is a right and a wrong way to be a man or a woman; masculine or feminine. Consider the expectations of men OR women in terms of gender, and how either men or women are impacted. This topic should  center on VERY specific cultures, geographies, or industries as applicable. Generalities don’t often apply everywhere. 
  11. Technological development has arguably enabled us to make progress, innovate, and communicate in ways that have not been possible before. Choose ONE SPECIFIC technological development and argue how it has positively or negatively impacted society, relationships, kids, etc. (Internet/Social Media are too broad to be appropriate topics). I encourage you to examine cutting edge technologies. 

You must include at least 3 scholarly, academic, peer-reviewed sources in your paper in order for it to receive a passing grade. You can include extra sources that are not peer reviewed (except Wikipedia) but you must include the minimum requirements outlined here and have them supplement, not form the basis of, your argument. Do not rely on non-academic scholarly sources in your paper; they are not as reliable. Maximum 5 sources 

NOTE: 1-2 page articles, book reviews, etc will not suffice for this kind of assignment and if you use them, I will not count them towards the 3-5 scholarly source requirement. A typical scholarly article is a minimum of 6 and up to 25 pages long or more. Don’t leave research until the last minute!!

I will not approve topics that will pose problems for you in finding peer-reviewed, scholarly sources, or that put you in danger of grappling with something that is too broad in scope for a 1200 word paper. 


  • Essays will be evaluated on Content, Organization, Style and Mechanics, and Format/Citation. 
  • You must be present on the day we do peer review, and you must have 2 copies of a  complete draft of your paper (it doesn’t have to look pretty, it just has to be done!)
  • Essays lacking a Works Cited page OR in text citations will be deducted 20%
  • Essays that have been plagiarized, accidental or intentional, will likely receive a grade of 0%
  • Papers overlimit by more than 150 words will lose 5%.  
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Answer :

How Integration of CSR helped Starbucks to acquire Environmental Stewardship and protect the environment?


The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility implies the undertaking of initiatives by an organization pertaining to the following of certain ethics during the course of conducting and undertaking of activities that are related to business. The main aim of the essay is to present an overview of the benefits for Starbucks as a result of the integration of Corporate Social Responsibility. These benefits include the acquisition of Environmental Stewardship by Starbucks thereby playing a vital role in the protection of the environment. Starbucks is an incredible multinational coffee brand headquartered at Washington D.C., capital of the US.

Thesis Statement

The research focuses on utilization of effective Corporate Social Responsibility in accordance with initiatives to recycle and reduce waste, conserve energy, addressingclimate change and building LEED certified stores has been quite effective in laying positive impacts over the attainment of environment stewardship for an organization like Starbucks that can be proved through extensive evidences. 

Role in Community Welfare

Starbucks has played an extremely essential role with regard to the undertaking of activities which has benefitted the communities to a huge level. It is committed to make a positive impact over the communities it serves through business. It has in the recent past engaged itself in activities related to ethical traded in terms of sales of coffee thereby implying that it is committed to ensure that the future of the farmers are secured. As a result, Starbucks makes sure that the coffee manufactured and market under its brand is of the finest quality. It has focused on the conservation of resources to a huge level thereby impacting on the environment (Kangand Namkung 1145). As a result, it has influenced climate change to a great extent. Starbucks has also emerged as one of the most important supporter of renewable energy in the coffee industry thereby leading to a positive impact over the environment. It has also adopted initiatives pertaining to the emissions of greenhouse gases from their workstations, joints and manufacturing plants thereby paling an extremely important role in terms of climate change as inferred from its website. Starbucks has engaged in the providing of the beverages in eco-friendly cups for their customers in the stores thereby implying that the scope of recycling is increased. It also implies that the cups can be used again as a means of consumption of the beverages. Innovation plays a very important role in the undertaking of the activities related to environment on part of Starbucks. The collection and disposal of the waste is done in such a manner that the environmental protection is ensured to a huge extent (Tang, Mack and Chen 1375).  However it is to be seen that whether the country where Starbucks has its operations provides for the infrastructure related to the recycling of its cups. In this aspect, the policy of the respective government related to recycling would also be taken into account. The policy with regard to the prevention of environmental pollution would also be an important factor which would help in the identification and determination of the feasibility in terms of the undertaking of the activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility on part of Starbucks. In its manufacturing plants also, Starbucks is striving towards the undertaking of initiatives with regard to the improvements in the working conditions for the staff thereby ensuring that their health and safety are not compromised (Li, Lu and Huan 175). It has also engaged refugees in their activities thereby employing them based on the skills as per the suitability of the job roles. As a result, it has implied the welfare of the refugees to a huge extent. It has also engaged in Diversity Management by inducting a wide range of people into their business thereby playing a vital role in the providing of a huge scope and opportunity for employment of people from various backgrounds.  Its activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility has played an important role in the aspect of climate change at the global level due to its prevalence in the international arena.


Starbucks is committed to sustainable development by advocating for the building of stores which are purported to receive a certification related to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Such a certification is the most popular form of making an approval or a validation in terms of the rating of a building in terms of its eco-friendliness (CampbellHelleloid 50). The standards and framework pertaining to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design would play an important role in the enabling of Starbucks to undertake activities related to the setting up of such buildings accordingly in order to house their stores and offices. As a result, it would be ensured that a healthy ambience is created thereby resulting in the effectiveness and efficiency related to the production and subsequent marketing of the products of Starbucks. The costs involved in the construction of the buildings would be saved to a great extent as a result of the implementation of eco-friendliness. As a result, besides the role played by Starbucks in terms of the developing of environmental friendliness, it would also ensure the economic viability accordingly in an incredible manner as far as cost effectiveness is concerned (Barnett 175). By the virtue of these kinds of practices, Starbucks would be engaged in environmental stewardship thereby ensuring that it complies with the ethics in a proper and appropriate manner. The aspect related to environmental stewardship on part of Starbucks would also imply the donations it makes in terms of the expenses to be made in the future with respect to climate change as far as aspect related to the environmental friendliness is concerned. In this regard, the management of resources on part of Starbucks has to be quite incredible. The initiatives undertaken by Starbucks have proved to be extremely beneficial thereby implying that the impact it has over the environment, most notably in terms of climate change is quite positive. In terms of business, it has also engaged in activities related to green retail thereby implying the packaging of the products in eco-friendly paper bags rather than plastic bags. It has also been engaged in the marketing and manufacturing of sustainable coffee thereby leading to the satisfaction of its customers in a proper and appropriate manner as far as their health is concerned. In terms of green retailing, it has built many stores which have received certification as per the framework set out by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design as aforesaid (Osagie et al 245).  As far as electricity is concerned, it has received certification related to the usage of renewable energy for power supply in its stores. In this regard, Starbucks has played an extremely important role in terms of innovation. It has also formed partnerships with other companies with regard to the usage of renewable sources of energy as far as the power supply is concerned. Its aims and objectives imply that it is committed to strive for greener products and services in the interest of sustainability. As a result, it has complied with basic ethics with regard to the capitulation upon Corporate Social Responsibility.   


As observed from the aforesaid discourse, it can be concluded by stating that the activities relating to Corporate Social Responsibility on part of Starbucks have not only been justified but are also appropriate. The discourse has presented the role played by Starbucks in terms of protecting the environment thereby leading to positive outcomes for the communities it serves. The aspect related to climate change as a result of the initiatives undertaken by Starbucks pertaining to Corporate Social Responsibility have also been discussed and demonstrated. The concept of certification as per the standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design has also been taken into account.