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Complexities of Writing An English Essay

It is a complex task to write an English essay because of the several areas of focus including topic of essay, grammar and sentence structure, flow of ideas and several other factors to be considered while writing an essay in English subject. Moreover, students remain focused on grades instead of the experience that they gain from English essay writing. Focusing on experiences along with external points will make English essay writing more fun and rewarding for the students. Therefore students look for efficient English essay writing help to sail through the challenging task of writing proper English essays. 

Expert tips to write an English Essay

Our essay writing experts providing expert English essay writing help have prepared a list of some tips to write flawless and expressive English essays. We offer the best essay writing service on any topic of your choice or even suggest essay topics to allow you to make a selection.

Start with an Outline

Much before you actually start writing an English essay, it is important that you clearly know what to say and convey through the essay. The simplest way to narrow down the ideas and create a proper argument is to make a basic outline of the essay. The basic structure of an academic essay includes an introduction, the body of the essay and a clear conclusion that brings in everything together while connecting it to the arguments presented in the paper. It is equally important to create an outline and look for at least three solid points and evidence directly supporting your essay.

Proper understanding of grammar, style and punctuation

Writing an English essay needs serious consideration for proper grammar, style, flow of ideas and punctuation. Make sure you have a solid understanding of these basic elements and various rules associated with each of these to ensure well-formed sentence structures. Make sure you know the proper usage of various punctuation while being mindful of comma usage and being clear where to use a period. It is equally important to focus on usage of active voice instead of passive voice that is the most common mistake done by a majority of students. With a concise language, it is important to avoid transition words to avoid any unnecessary words distracting the audience or making the text complex for the readers.

Using correct vocabulary 

Your writing style should be such that it’s easy to read and understand for the audience. The language to use in an academic English essay should be simple with proper vocabulary instead of adding big words just to sound smart resulting in easy recognition of an overcompensating act in the piece of writing. Don’t risk your essay writing by using words of which you are not sure of the exact meaning and it is always good to take the help of thesaurus to identify best words to explain the argument.

Understanding the argument and analyzing the evidence critically

The key argument of the essay should always remain the focus on your writing. This will ensure that your writing is kept concise and brings in arguments with proper evidence that should directly support your ideas related to the essay. It is equally important to evaluate all the evidence in a critical manner to check if it associates with your arguments and the strongest evidence should be used to back up your idea. 

Writing Proper Conclusion

Conclusion is a section or last paragraph that is generally overlooked by a majority of English essay writers. The art of flawless English essay writing lies in giving equal importance to every section and bring in all the ideas as a summary in the conclusion section. This is the key section that ties all your research together to prove you ideas, points and the overall thesis. A mistake made by students or essay writers comes in the form of considering conclusion as a restatement of your introduction or a cop-and-paste of your essay arguments. On the other hand a proper conclusion should be able to present a quick outline of key evidences discussed in the body of the essay and directly relating these o the essay topic and the main point of argument. Therefore, it is necessary that you focus on your conclusion and don’t let your properly written essay become a derailed one due to weak and vague sentences in the conclusion paragraph.

Hiring professional English Essay Helpers

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