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Topic: Entrepreneurial business proposal and pitch

Task Summary: Students must formulate an entrepreneurial business proposal and pitch it. The plan MUST not be about a Restaurant, Café / Coffee Shop or Food related business.

Task Details: An Entrepreneurial Venture — Group members must develop an entrepreneurial product or service that could be commercialised. The group is to assume it is seeking funding of $100,000 to add to the existing funds of $100,000, and include a financial plan for the use of these funds for the first financial year. The product or service should be original and producible (i.e. no science fiction). The primary target market should be local, although secondary markets may be reached via the internet. Pricing, distribution and promotion strategies should reflect this.

To assist groups in managing their progress, pairs of students should be finalised by week 4 and advise the tutor of their chosen product or service and primary market for approval. The proposal should contain all the relevant details and supporting evidence (in attachments) and be presented as if it is being submitted to a potential financer. The presentation should be a sale pitch for the business venture.

Purpose: The assessment is designed to allow students to demonstrate their ability to apply the theoretical concepts and models to real world current situations. As a group activity, it also allows students to further develop their team work skills and professional presentation and communications skills.

Submission: One group member must submit the report via Moodle's Turnitin link. Research Requirements: Students need to support their analysis with reference from the text and a minimum of four (4) suitable, reliable, current and academically acceptable sources per group member —check with your tutor if unsure of the validity of sources. Students seeking credit or above grades should support their analysis with increased number of reference sources comparable to the grade they are seeking. Sources such as Wiki, scribed.com, docstore.com, etc. are not considered acceptable sources and should not be used — reliance on such sources will result in a fail grade.

The report should have the following components: 1) A Title Page (consider the design — it needs to look attractive and professional) 2) Executive Summary 3) Background (to the idea) 4) Mission 5) Product (Service) offering 6) Market analysis a) Industry analysis b) Competition 7) Primary Target market 8) Marketing a) Product (probably similar to section 3 above — additional detail where necessary) b) Pricing c) Distribution d) Promotion (including a 1 page mock-up of a proposed advertisement) 9) Financial plan 10) Critical risks 11) A reference list identifying all sources used — these should also be found in the body of the report where used and referenced using Harvard - Anglia style referencing. 12) Attachments as required. Remember, images of the product, brand and promotions will add value to the report.

The following criteria will be used to mark the proposal: o Range of research sources (30%) o Analysis (40%) o Conclusions and o Written communication, referencing and presentation (10%)

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Entrepreneurial Business Proposal

Executive Summary 

SoulSpace Electronics is the entrepreneurial venture in Sydney. The organisation primarily specialises for repairing as well as the sales of the home electronics, mostly the home entertainments electronic that involve the televisions than the VDVs along with the home theatre and the CD players. The organisation will effectively target the people who provide great importance for their electronic equipment and even have high-end electronic products. The organisation will also focus on repairing as it will be more cost-effective than just replacing the product. The firm is going to have numerous low budget electronic entertainment products also so that every people are able to get the products. This will also help the business for providing the option to the people to buy new products than repairing the old products. The company is owned by the 2 partners with the profit sharing ratio of 50-50 to maintain the working function of the store and provide suitable service to the customers. 

Background to the idea 

The organisation SoulSpace Electronics is the growth-oriented business that is having the ten years goal for becoming a leading electronic repair as well as entertainment company within the country. The organisation will effectively provide the repair service to the customers along with the electronic products for the entertainment like the television then the home theatre and even the DVDs to enhance the value of the firm within the market. The goal of the business is to provide the 100 percent satisfaction level to the customers and enhance brand awareness within the market in the coming years. They even provide the home service to the customers to enhance their market value and customer loyalty. For example; if the customers are facing a problem with the electronic device, the organisation will provide home visit and repair the system. The organisation will even provide the home delivery process for the customers so that they get the product effectively delivered to their particular address.


The mission statement of the organisation is to deliver the high quality as well as convenient along with the comprehensive entertainment electronic products and even the service of electronic repairs within low and suitable cost. The organisation is in the process of providing ultimate satisfaction level to the customers by providing them the valuable service as well as products in the market (Ward, 2016). The mission statement of the firm is also to maintain their service and the relationship with the customers in the friendliest way. They are also providing the service that is suitable to meet the expectation of the customers by providing them the valuable understanding within the process. 

Product/Service offering 

The SoulSpace Electronics offer a wide range of products as well as the services to the customers. The ultimate goal of the business is to provide the one-stop need for the customers for the products like the home entertainment which involves both the sales as well as the servicing facilities for the consumers (Qureshi, Saeed, and Wasti, 2016). It is the primary activity by which the organisation can effectively provide greater perceived value to the customers as compared to the numerous shops within the market. The organisation will provide the products of diverse range so that all type of customers is able to get the products and have a diverse range of activities within the market. The organisation will also provide a low-cost strategy for their service so that customers get the best service facility from the firm (Yang, and Gabrielsson, 2017). The organisation is also planning to have the various sizes of electronic devices with a diverse price range so that the customers prefer to buy the new product then getting the old product repair. The products, along with the services provided by the firm, will have an effective value within the market as they are providing the need of the customers most effectively and suitably.

Market analysis

Industry analysis 

The industry of electronic products is highly competitive in regard of the suppliers that have the great deal of the power within the setting as well as the negotiation of the price for the products then the services within the electronic shop. The customers in term of the electronic business generally expect to provide the service also, and for that, it is highly essential for the firm to provide the need of the customers effectively within the market. The level of competition is high within this industry, as there are numerous electronic shop and stores within the market (Plunkett, and Shen, 2019). It can be seen that the barriers to the entry within the market are moderately low as well as a large number of the competitors are present which eventually lead to the high level of a substitute and for that the pricing for all the substitute is having the high competition level within the industry. In recent years people are highly becoming gadget freak, and for that, they always prefer to have the latest model that also within the best prices that could be achieved from the market. The market level of the firm effectively shows that the business has been developed for providing their value and their most essential market condition within the field.


The level of competition is quite high within the market where it can be seen that numerous electronic products provide the home entertainment products to the customers along with the repair service to the customers. The primary competitor of the firm is Jaycar Electronics then the JB Hi-Fi then the Telstra Store World Square and the Officeworks in Sydney. The competitors are quite stable within the market, and they are providing some of the best facilities to the customers where they have the ability to maintain their activity within the field (Brinckmann et al., 2019). The competitors provide electronic products, mostly computers, than the DVDs and other electronic items within the market. SoulSpace Electronics dwell in the market of home entertainment electronic products that help them to stay within the competitive market where the people are highly crazy for electronic gadgets. The entire electronic firm provides a suitable service to its customers who hold the high competition level in term of service within the field.

Primary target market 

The primary target market is the people with medium to a high level of income and also has an interest in electronic gadgets as their passion. The major aim of the company is to target the people who have the likeness towards electronic products. The store even targets the teenage people for their home theatre and other electronic products like the smartwatch than the CDs which provide them the essence of music and value to the people (Din, Anuar, and Usman, 2016). The organisation has even segmented its section according to the lifestyle and the living of the customers. It is the fact that within the market the primary target of the firm are the middle-class couples without any children and also the single men or women living alone or with their roommates within the country (McKenzie, 2015). The baby boomers are also one of the major targets of SoulSpace electronics as they mostly stay alone at home, and home entertainment electronics will be highly effective for these people.  



The products that are available within the firm are the television then the home theatre, then portable media player along with the DVDs, CDs and even the home audio for the people. The organisation provides varieties of products to their customers so that there are numerous options available for the customers. The organisation even provides the service of repairing the electronic devices by providing both the home service as well as the store service to the customers (Kyndt, and Baert, 2015). They even provide products like the smartwatch and the iPod to attract teenage people. The organisation even provides the varieties in their television products like they have a smart TV then the television of various size so that every type of people are able to get the products of the firm with the suitable services. It is the primary fact that the business needs to develop their market and their understanding of dealing with the situation and providing the essential activity within the field (Abor, 2017). The other products that are being provided by the firm are the home theatre and the music system of various sizes and even the Walkman so that customers get the one-stop experience in this store and get the best products.


The organisation is dealing with the entirely competitive environment, and for that, it is highly essential to maintain the price of the products within the market. The organisation primarily sells the electronic products, and for that, there is a very limited ability for the firm to set the price of the products. They can eventually sell the products according to the market price to the people and get the best from the market (Ghezzi et al., 2015). The primary pricing strategy for the firm depends on the repairing service that has been provided by the organisation to its customers. The average prices for the service that the organisation provides to their customers are ranging between the 30-75 dollar per electronic devices according to the products and the warranty period of the products (Rodríguez-López, and Souto, 2019). The organisation effectively uses the market penetration pricing strategy for the repair service that has been provided by the firm to the customers. 


The organisation is the start-up business, and they are going to enhance their market value by sharing their products and their service within the market. The store will be located in Sydney, and they eventually target the local people to spread their product as well as the service within the service. The products are being distributed to various location of the country and mostly to the customers by the process of the home delivery system (Yang, Sun, and Zhao, 2019). It is the primary fact that the organisation develops its distribution process where they are eventually providing their value to the customers and also developing the need for the working function. The distribution centre of the firm is also to develop their working value to the market by providing the free home delivery then the free serving process to the customers with the valuation process and effective working function within the market.


The promotional strategy of the firm is to share their information for developing the band value of the market. The organisation will effectively use the flyers than the direct mailers along with the price discount pamphlet than the billboards as well as the television advertisement and the radio advertisement to deliver the awareness among the people all over the country (Yıldırım, Çakır, and Aşkun, 2016). The organisation will effectively use the newspaper and the advertisement process for dealing with the situation and providing the valuable activity within the market to deal with the customers and enhance the market share of the business (Spigel, 2016). The organisation is also expected to spend a large amount of money on the marketing process where the 1st two years they will work to build up the awareness for the products as well as the service value that come to the mind of the customers for dealing with the business and providing the valuable activity within the field. The organisation also uses the newspaper pamphlet that helps them to spread awareness to the entire market and analyse the activity of the firm for dealing with the situation and analysing the business process.  

Financial plan 

The financial plan of the organisation SoulSpace Electronics is as follows.

The projected profit and loss account of the firm for the first consecutive years;

Elements Year 1 ($)Year 2 ($)Year 3 ($)
The expense of the other products000
The entire operating expense of the firm187,950200,350290,560
The net profit or the loss incurred by the firm  -7.5%-0.6%4.89%

The projected profit and loss effectively show that the firm might face loss in their first years as they might face huge competition level within the market. The organisation needs to develop its marketing activity which will help them to deal with the situation, and for that, they could develop the market share for dealing with the situation by getting support from the market with the extra 100,000 dollars for the firm in term of marketing activity (Nabi et al., 2018)

The project balance sheet of the firm is as follows;

Elements Year 1 ($)Year 2 ($)Year 3 ($)
Total current assets40,25035,00039,450
Total long term Assets2,5005,0008,500
Total assets42,75040,00047,950
Current liabilities30,00032,00035,000
Total liabilities32,00035,00036,000
Total capital 10750500011950
Total liabilities42,75040,00047,950


Critical risks 

The risk that could be faced by the firm within the market is regarding government regulation to form the business within the market. Another risk that might be faced by the firm is to get suitable and effective staff members for the business to develop their value and their market within the field. It is the fact that the organisation needs specialised people to provide the suitable and effective repair service to the customers so that the value of the firm get enhanced and their business process is effectively done within the field. It is the primary activity of the firm that they need to understand the need of the customer and provide the suitable service and products and for that proper staff is required that would maintain the highly stabilised relationship with the customers.