Entrepreneurial Process: Migrant Entrepreneurs

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Question :

Entrepreneurial Process – Assignment

Purpose: The purpose of the case study analysis is to enable students to develop:

  1. Qualitative and quantitative analytical skills, including problem identification skills, research skills, data interpreting and critical thinking skills
  2. Decision making skills, including generating different alternatives, selecting decision criteria, evaluating alternatives, choosing the best one, and formulate congruent action and implementation plans; despite the complexity and partial knowledge characterising the situation being studied 
  3. Analytical skills, using various tools, techniques and theories.
  4. Time management skills, dealing with individual preparation and peer group consultation.
  5. Interpersonal or social skills, dealing with peers, and practicing the art of listening and integrating diverse viewpoints, in small or large teams.
  6. Creative skills, looking for and finding solutions geared to the unique circumstances of each case.
  7. Written communication skills, involving effective note taking, developing key themes and writing case reports.

Literature review of theory/definitions and critical concepts surrounding the key themes in the question

The question:

Migrant entrepreneurs have been prominent in history for their social and economic innovations. Is this observation true in the 21st century and how is the phenomenon of migrant entrepreneurship different in the 21st century as opposed to the 19th century?           

  • Context - Compare and contrast the similarities and differences in the phenomenon of migrant entrepreneurship between the 19th and the 21st centuries. For example, you will need to discuss the historical experience, culture, values and aspirations of migrant entrepreneurs, micro and macro challenges and opportunities, nature and extent of networking, innovation, funding and non-financial support available to migrant entrepreneurs etc. in the 19th and 21st century and how the phenomenon of migrant entrepreneurship has changed over time.
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Answer :


Migrant entrepreneurs are the business owners who born in other countries and try to develop value by introducing new products, services or markets (Ram et al. 2017). In this assignment, the difference and similarities of migrant entrepreneurship in 19th and 21st century will be discussed. The research method will be secondary research process where research is going to use previous research, journals for this research. 

Migrant Entrepreneurship in 19th and 21st century

Migrant Entrepreneurship is an old concept, which has been running from long when people started to migrate from one country to another for various reasons. As an example, USA has long history of Migrant Entrepreneurship. In 19th century, US were the country where large number of immigration happened. Those migrants were set up a business for living purpose. Most of the migrants come from European countries and introduce their culture and products to US that time. However, not only the US, there are several countries in world where migrants set up a business and introduce their value and culture. People from European countries also went to several Asian and African countries for colonization purpose and set up business in many times. Those products from migrants can be different from regular products of a country. Therefore, those products gained popularity many times and the business grew eventually. 

In late 19th century, immigration became burden for many countries (Tubadji et al. 2014). That is because, those immigrants carry not only their culture and religion, but also carry several disease and other social values, which can create big problems for receiving countries. A large number of immigration can threaten the social stability of a country. However, there are some advantages such as getting labour in low lost cost etc. there were many people who were jobless after migration and the entrepreneurship is the best option for them. 

In 21st century, the whole picture is not so different from 19th century. A large number of people have emigrated from African continent to European, American, Asian and other continent because of civil war and terrorism in their own country (Desiderio, 2014). Those people carry their culture, religion to those countries. Some countries prevent them to enter in their country and some other countries welcome them. Many of those migrants open up a business for living purpose and introduce new type of products, which carries their cultural value. However, in many countries migrants are facing violence from people of that country. That is because, those migrants are capturing their jobs, living areas and business opportunities. Therefore, the process of setting up a business is not always smooth by a migrant. That migrant can experience violence when the people of that country attack their shop or business. 


The migrant people are always burden for other countries. Therefore, entrepreneurship has not been easy since 19th century. Those migrant people can introduce new products and values to a new country but they can be the reason for many social and cultural problems. For this reason, those migrants has been experiencing hardship to live and set up a business in new countries since past.