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What is ER Diagram?

ER model is a graphical representation of entities and their relationship to each other, typically used in computing in regard to the organization of data within database.

ER Diagram Relationship

  1. They represent logical links between two or more entities.
  2. There are three types of relationship i.e. 
    • One to One Relationship,
    • One to many Relationship
    • Many to Many Relationship

Enhanced entity relationship diagrams:

Enhanced entity relationship diagrams, or EERD are specialized ER diagrams that can be extremely useful for modeling your database. EERD use several concepts that are closely related to object oriented design and programming.

It is used to model applications more completely and accurately more completely and accurately if needed. It includes some object oriented concepts, such as inheritance.

ER diagram for Library Management system

In library management system there are many attributes, entity and relationship are defined. Primary key are also defined that are uniquely represented the table. There are many relationships between the entities i.e.

  1. This is the 1-to-many  relationship between Publisher and Book entity sets
  2. This is the 1-to-many  relationship between Category and Book entity sets
  3. This is the one to many relationship between Student and Lone entity sets
  4. One to many relationship between Author and Book entity sets.
  5. This is the many-to-many relationship between Book and Amazon Book entity sets.

Finding the Topic of Normalization provided online service to ER Diagram Assignment Help:

Normalization is a formal process for design which attributes should be grouped together in a relation. 

There are several normal forms defined,

  1. First Normal Form (1NF)
  2. Second Normal Form (2NF)
  3. Third Normal Form (3NF)
  4. Boyce codd normal form (BCNF)
  5. Fourth Normal Form (4NF)
  6. Fifth Normal Form (5NF)

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