Ethical Issues Arising From Use Of ICT Technologies: Westpac Mobile Banking App

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Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
Unit CodeMN501
Unit TitleNetwork Management in Organisations
Ethical issues arising from use of ICT technologies
Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping)The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills in research, critical analysis and academic writing of high standard. In this assignment students will:
  • Identify potential ethical and social issues related to IT administration ethics.
  • Discuss ethical and social issues pertaining to IT systems‐administration.
  • Interpret professional codes of ethics developed by various industry bodies.
  • Discuss ethical behaviour in accordance with professional codes.
  • Explain ethical solutions to ensure that the society benefits.
Students must be able to generate ideas at abstract levels and support their arguments with strong reasoning. Students must strengthen critical thinking skills
by answering the assignment.
Submission Guidelines
  • All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
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  • Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed
appropriately at the end in a reference list using APA or IEEE referencing style.
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to the Academic Integrity Section in your Unit Description.

Assignment Description

Smart technologies are on the rise. There is a body of literature discussing the key benefits of Smart Technologies; however smart technologies also introduce many ethical issues.

  1. Social media is becoming addictive for many people. Some people are constantly haunted by the Fear of Missing out (FoMo)? Explore the extent to which the FoMo syndrome is now prevalent in the society and its ethical impacts.
  2. Cyberbullying has been a significant issue globally over the past few years. Cyber‐technology has exacerbated this problem due to proliferation of mobile applications in the marketplace. You receive notification from a third party through one of the Apps that you use inviting you to participate in an event. You are not sure how they received your details. Discuss what security issues arise due to sharing of too much personal information on social media Apps.
  3. Smart phones are being used by nurses for clinical communications and workflow in hospitals. Using smart phones to record patient data introduces ethical issues involving patient privacy. Identify what privacy risks arise in such a context and explain the risks in detail.
  4. Technologies such as google glass and smart watches are coming into workplace. Given the intrusive natures of these technologies it is easy for employees to take video or photographs of other people at work and share it with others. What ethical issues arise from use of wearable technologies in workplace?
  5. There are many apps available for download for consumers (for example, health monitoring, booking taxi, banking apps). While these Apps are user friendly and improve user experience, there is also a security concern that hackers can use some loopholes in such apps to modify or delete customer information. Discuss an 
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Ethical issues arising from the use of ICT technologies


The world is changing where the mobile application and the online system have taken over the traditional approach. The banking system has started their online system and even the mobile application to provide the easiest way for their customers to maintain the banking system. One of the best banking apps is the Westpac Mobile Banking App that allows users to manage their account, the transaction of the amount and other banking systems [2]. The paper primarily focuses on the ethical issues that are arising from the Information Technologies. The paper will also discuss thoroughly regarding the problems and their impact on society and the business.


The ethical issues are highly involved with the banking system that are being performed via online with the help of the mobile application. The major ethical issues that are being faced by the mobile banking application is the information hacking, a common source of information, security and also the use of Trojan virus to breach privacy information that is available in the Westpac Mobile Banking App [1]


The information technology in the past years has seen the rapid development and revolution in the world. This creates numerous positive and negative impact on society and the business process across the globe. One of the most significant expansions of information and communication technology is the online banking system with the help of a mobile application [5]. This eventually provides the customers the natural process to maintain their banking operation and also manage their account from any part of the world. This is one of the best systems that has been provided by the company to the users, but at the same time, it also has some ethical issues which creates a massive disturbance within the field [3]. One of the primary ethical issues is the hackers who perform an unethical activity to get the confidential information of the users. It is the fact that the information of the customers is automatically saved within the cloud system that is connected to the mobile app and for that, it becomes much easier for the hacker to use Trojan and get the information [6]. Trojan is the virus that is being used by the hackers to hack the system and breach the privacy and the data.

The mobile banking app security system is not much effective because the source of information for the users are familiar that is the cloud system. With the hacking virus and system, the hackers can easily target the primary system of the organisation and get the information of the customers [4]. It is the fact that the customers might think that their information is safe and secure as other people cannot operate their mobile banking app without phone number and password, but hackers can quickly get the account information from the cloud system by using various process [5]. This has been created a massive problem for both the society and the business because the private information of the users are exposed to the hackers and they can easily use it unethically [3]. The issues are also creating a problem for the business to maintain the information and provide a safe environment to the customers. The bank is the place where people blindly save their income and other financial assets, but the ethical issues in the information and technology system have created a disturbance within the working process of the banking system.

Evaluate and justify 

The Westpac Mobile Banking App is one of the best banking application in recent years to manage and control financial activity with the help of mobile. For almost a month I am using this mobile banking app to maintain my banking system and the financial working function in the field. The app is quite suitable in term of the payment system then the services and other processes for managing financial activity. While using this app, I was quite satisfied with the system and was convinced that the security system of this app is quite good to maintain the information [2]. But in the recent time, I figure out that one of the issues is to log in the account with the mobile banking system. The password and the PIN need to be changed on a regular basis as most of the time it becomes difficult to manage the system. Another thing that I have achieved is that my friend is also able to open my banking account just using my account number and the phone number. This creates a huge ethical threat to the customers because all the financial information are being stored within the system [2]. Hackers always find the loop to get the information and use the source most unethically.


The paper concludes the fact that the company needs to maintain their security process regarding the information system for providing the best service to the people. In the modern world, people highly depend on the ICT technologies and for that advanced security system is also essential. Westpac bank has also used the mobile banking app for their customers which provide numerous advantages, but at the same time, it is essential for the organisation to maintain the security system of the application.