Ethics, Professionalism And Governance

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Case Study 5 – Use of Company Computers

Joseph is a security administrator for a company with 500 employees, this is an ongoing job (not a short contract) and he wishes to stay at this company for a long time. His manager gives him the task of providing weekly reports showing which web pages have been accessed by individual employees and flagging any websites that are questionable (such as pornography).

Joseph is aware that employees have not been asked to sign any agreement about which web page they visit while at work using work computers.  He is also aware that employees may be penalised. Discuss briefly the ethical dilemma that this presents to Joseph outlining the potential outcomes if he provides the report.  Show your utilisation of either Thomas White or Chris MacDonald's methodology to demonstrate how Joseph might analyse and resolve the dilemma. Provide a recommendation of what actions Joseph should take and how he should communicate his choices.

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Case study 5- Use of company computers

Joseph is the security administrator of the company and his manger have told him to weekly report the web pages which have been accessed by the employees he wants to stay in this company for a long time. He knows that the employees have not signed any agreements regarding the pages they have to visit at workplace which can lead to issues between the management and the employees if he provides such reports. 

According to Chris McDonald and his guide to moral decision making, Joseph will first analyze the moral impotence in and evidences included in the conflicts two parties, to assess the parties interested and indulged in this conflict, to evaluate on the principles and the values of fairness in the decision making process and to make sure that the decision is made on the ethical principles and is to the benefit of both the company and the employees, to make out better option through which better solution on issues can be formed, he can also look for similar cases and the decision taken on it to make out  his decision regarding the issues by this way he can get clear idea of what he can do, he can discuss his issues with other professional to evaluate on it and come to a desired solution which will benefit the company through proper discussion he can get good knowledge about the issue and can discuss it broadly to get to proper solution, to look that whether decision which he made is in the accordance to the rules of the organization will be in the benefit of the company, whether the decision is under legal obligation and that the decision will not make any effect to the code of ethics and will not try harm the legal obligations and perform the same set of legal rules for the implementation the decision, It is important that Joseph feels good about the decision he is making so that he cam imply his moral decision with confidence (Hartman, DesJardins MacDonald & Hartman, 2014). 

Through this guide Joseph can manage this ethical situation by providing right decision which will balance both the employees and the manger’s requirement. The ACS has set of 6 ethical values which the professional needs to abide. The code has relevance to the professional standard legislation failure of following it will claim for professional negligence.  

Code List:

The codes are: 

1. Primacy of public interest 

2. The enhancement of quality of life  

3. Honesty 

4. Competence  

5. Professional development

6. Professionalism 

In case of conflict primacy of public interest takes priority over other values it is important for the professionals to follow it (Leicester, 2016). For example in web designing consultancy the report was to be done on the employees performance and but there was issue of privacy in the company which was in the concern of the library and information professionals, especially in the US since passing the Patriot act  in this the codes are stated below in table

Codes of ethics
Standards of conduction
I must secure the information of others and it   confidentiality
Social implication
I must consider and respect other people’s privacy