Evaluating Relationship Between Employee Motivation And Customer Retention

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Assessment Title: Understanding Research Methods

Unit Title: New Advances in Business

Unit Code: BSS007-3

Description of Assessment Task:

Assessment 1: 

Your first assessment requires you to produce an individual report of no more than 1,000 words, evaluating a research article which is based on primary research that is relevant to your subject area. There are 5 research papers for you to choose from. You only need to select one of these papers and critically evaluate it according to the criteria set out below: 

The criteria for assessment 1 is as follows:

Your critical evaluation should cover the following issues:

  • The research question and objectives – you should consider evaluating the question and its related objectives in terms of clarity, feasibility, importance / relevance and substance.Refer to your lecture materials and core text as a guideline.
  • The Literature Review – evaluate the content, critical nature, structure and use of literature to support arguments raised. Refer to the checklists in Boxes 2.3, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 of your core text for general guidance
  • Recommendations for improving the research question, objectives and literature review of the selected article

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Answer :

1. Research objectives

In this case, study, Mondovi Motors has adopted different techniques in motivating the employees and retaining the customers and these techniques have met the detailed objectives of this study. Schneider (2010, p.31), analysed that motivation of employees means encouraging of the employees. So, that they give their best to the organization. Customer’s retention is the way to hold the customers by the companies so that they do not shift their brands.

It has been observed that the Mondovi motors are providing promotions to the employees who are working hard and those who are implementing new ideas in their works. Additionally, they are maintaining friendly relations with the employees so that employees feel free to work in that organization. They also provide accidental insurance, performance management and many other facilities. This way they are motivating the employees of their organizations. On the other hand, they retain their customers by providing a better quality products and services to the customers. 

Additionally, it has been analysed that if the employees are motivated then they will try retaining the customers and by this way, a relationship will be maintained between the employee motivation and retention. Schaufeli et al. (2010, p.10), stated that in order to maintain the influence of gender on motivation of the employees they have adopted the strategies, which are acceptable. On the other side, there are different objectives, which they have applied, and these strategies have met the objectives of Mondovi Motors.

2. Literature review

The researcher has used several techniques to depict the scenario of employee motivation and employee retention. Moreover, the researcher has segregated the topic through independent variables and dependent variables. There are different independent variables, which are providing a better salary, fringe benefits and employer identification for the hard work. On the other hand, there are certain extrinsic factors, which are effective training, career paths and employee welfare programmes.   They provide a better pay and benefits to their employees. If the employees are motivated by giving a better salary package then they will work in a better way in order to retain the customers. Yee et al. (2010, p.109), opined that take care of the employees and the employees will take care of the clients. 

On the other hand, if the employees are given rewards for their hard work then they will definitely try to work hard for the company. Organizations must create a better work environment. Hoyer et al. (2010, p.283), analysed that creating a positive work environment will help to motivate the employees to achieve the organizational goals. If there is a negative work environment in the organization then it will be difficult for the employees to work in a better way in an organization. Kim (2010, p.557), stated that if the organization's wants to gain a larger market share then they have to motivate their employees in a better way.

There are different ways in which the companies try to retain their customers which is by providing a better quality services to the customers. Nadiri (2010, p.33), stated that of the customers are provided a better services then they will not switch to other companies. Additionally, most of the marketers have a idea in their mind to retain their customers and to gain a larger market share. 

3. Critical analysis and evaluation 

The researcher has used several techniques and principles but the researcher has not framed the research questions, which is very much essential for conducting a research. If the researcher had given this then it would have been easier to gather much more information. If the researcher has focused more on the customer retention techniques then it would have added more colours in this research work. Similarly, the researcher have focused more on a particular topic which is employees motivation techniques but the researcher have not focused in other topics the way the researcher have focused on employee retention part. 

Additionally, if the companies provide a better after sales services to the customers then it will help to retain the customers for a long period. Most of the companies forget the customers after selling the products to the final consumers. If the companies provide better information to the customers about new products and prompt delivery then it will definitely help the company to retain the customers for a long period. If the employees are motivated in a better way then they will definitely help the organization to achieve the goals.

4. Recommendation 

From the case study, it can be recommended that the researcher have not framed the research hypothesis questions and if the researcher would have done this then it would have been better to continue the research further. Additionally, if the researcher has used questionnaires then it would have given better results. On the other side, if the researcher have used more diagrams and charts then it would have been better to understand the concept theoretically as well as in mathematically. 

It can be recommended that the introduction part of this case study is very brief, if the researcher has added a little bit more information than it would have became more attractive. The researcher has not created a different page for an appendix, which is very much essential for a case study. Additionally, the researcher have not added the table of contents page in this work so if the researcher have done this then it would have been better. 

5. Conclusion 

From this case study, it can be concluded that if the employees are satisfied in a particular organization then they will try to retain the customers. If the customers are satisfied by the services of the company then it will create positive impacts among the customers regarding company's performance. Additionally, it can be analysed that the employees are motivated in two ways, which are the intrinsic, and extrinsic factors.  On the other hand, the motivated employees are having zeal among themselves to achieve the organizational goals. Therefore, the employees must be motivated in a better way.