Evaluating The Segmented Markets Of Two Of France's Leading Hotels

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Q1: Present the recommended destination and the chosen hotel in general in your own words.

Q2: Analyze and discuss the reasons that make these particular hotels the best among others.

Q3: Discuss why the main market segments are attracted to these products.

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Tourism is one of the contemporary emerging sectors that have been earning prominence these days being able to contribute a considerable moiety in order to stabilize the GDP of a respective country. Guests of a respective country are supposed to be considered as equivalent to deities and serving them in accordance with their level of specification is considered as the prime empirical principle that every hotel and identical hospitality industries must abide by. France is globally acknowledged for their proficiency and passion for hospitality along with the liberal attitude that they are prone to exhibit to their guests (Peiró-Signes et al. 2013).  The corresponding study is supposed to evaluate the segmented market that two of France’s leading hotel decided to target against the specifications of products that the guests are vulnerable to prefer in most of the visits. Furthermore, a considerable amount of review on which the guests typically resonate have been posed here as a concrete evidence of the nascent outcomes of the evaluation.      

Brief description of the destination

France is extensively considered as the heartland of European Hospitality as it is the most reputed tourist destination so far. In the previous year, France has been able to draw almost 83 million tourists to its banks and immediately become a matter of envy among the global hoteliers. 

Radisson blu is one of the sprawling hotels that France pertain which is situated in the Champs-Elysees, which is considered as the heart of Paris, the capital city of France. Prime destination of the hospitality unit of identical name intends to amaze the tourists and holidaymakers with soundproof rooms, luxury boutiques and fine dining restaurant.

On the other hand, Villa Maia is located in Rhone-Alpes, which is considered as the Hill of Prayer of Lyon. The hotel is literally the embodied version of the cultural impulses of artisanship and French ‘art de vivre’. This hotel intends to amaze their guests with panoramic view and sprawling designed rooms. The spa resembles with a wild flower garden along with a dining with diverse gastronomic inclinations and a wine bar in the rooftop.       

Brief description of Hotel 1

Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel & Thalasso is situated in Cannes and charge little moments from the Old Harbor area with the availability of the requisite amenities such as restaurants, nightclubs and boutiques. It is considered as the heartland of French Riviera where the guests are endowed with the option to bask in sun at the old quarter of Cannes. The prime aspect of Radisson Blu is they own a private beach known as Maema Beach, which is mere seconds away from the lobby. Furthermore, it has to offer Radisson Blu Disneyland within an immediate proximity that is nothing but the outcome of the commissioned project of Disneyland Paris theme park.     

Segmented target markets and specifications of the preferred products

The target market of Radisson Blu can be anticipated from their imparted vision towards the guests. Apart from that, the management is supposed to exploit the cultural surroundings with historical significance as a tool to draw the culture enthusiasts all across the globe. Their target customers can be classified as;

Nature lovers; since they are supposed offer the option to their guests to soak them up in La Sequet at the old quarter of Cannes, which is literally far from the madding crowd. Moreover, they are supposed to offer designed rooms with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea (www.radissonblu.com, 2017).

Cultural Enthusiasts & History Buffs; It holds credibility in an universal sense as well since Radisson Blu (France, in general) has enough to quench the historic and cultural pursuits of the enquiries of the enthusiasts and the buffs. They can explore Musee de la Castre, a castle of medieval edge, location of which is minutes away from the hotel compound (www.radissonblu.com, 2017).

Guests and holidaymakers who seek sprawling décor and sumptuous cuisine in a reasonable expenditure can also be designated as the target customers of Radisson Blu. 

 Since the reasons of attraction of Radisson Blu have already been established, it is easier to anticipate the preferences that enable the guests to visit here as compared to other hotels.

The proximity of Mediterranean with seamless accessibility can be considered as an option, which holidaymakers and nature-enthusiasts usually seek for.

 Exquisite spa & Thalasso Les Thermes Marins de Cannes 

  • A state-of-the-art fitness facility
  • Spacious and airy rooms with luxurious twists and phenomenal ocean view
  • Sumptuous cuisine, Le 360 degree, Le bio and Restaurant 30 degree
  • Spectacular lounge bar with cocktails of diverse flavors


 Strengths and weakness

  • Proximity of Mediterranean sea
  • Cultural surroundings with intensive heritage
  • Exquisite spa experience with sumptuous cuisine
  • Convenience of Transport

  • Opulence
  • Expensive faculties

 Reasons of Popularity

The reasons of popularity can be anticipated from the regions of specification that enables Radisson Blu to strengthen their competitive advantage classified as; 

Reasons of competitive edge

  • Convenience of Transport: The hotel is situated at the heart of Paris and inherently enjoys a wide range of routes as transport links. For instance, the station of Gare de Cannes is just minutes away from the compound of the hotel (www.radissonblu.com, 2017).
  • Proximity of Mediterranean Sea: The hotel is located at the heart of French Riviera where the tourists are allowed to bask in the sun in Le Sequet, which is approximately six minutes away from the hotel premises.
  • Cultural Surroundings: The medieval castle of Museede la Castre  that is considered as a rich archive of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean artifacts is exactly 5 minutes walking from the hotel premises (www.radissonblu.com, 2017).
  • Exquisite Spa experience: As Radisson Blu owns a private beach, it is studded with several authentic spa treatments.  It ranges from Les Thermes Marins de Cannes, which is a state-of-the-art fitness facility that the hotel is supposed to provide as a spa offering. Moreover, the tourists are offered sea salt and algae body wrap treatment.

Reasons of attraction

  • Those who seek proximity of nature in their holidays might find Radisson Blu attractive since they are allowed to spend time or get soaked in the shores of Mediterranean Sea or in the heart of the French Riviera. 
  • Maema beach, which is the private beach owned by the hotel and seconds away from the lobby of the hotel and the guests seem to crave for the location.
  • Brunch Cocktail, which the guests are allowed to sip while having a spa treatment.
  • Promenade de la Rosette, which is supposed the restaurant cum nighclub that one might fantasize for (www.radissonblu.com, 2017).
  • Proximity of Cannes film Festival

Guests Review

In order to identify the customer satisfactions and their needs thirty customer reviews regarding their experience in the hotel have been evaluated. In the evaluation, it is pertinent that different customers have their different specifications that attract them toward this particular hotel. As this hotel is situated at the sea front the major tourists like this place because of the sight scene and the scenic beauty that can be availed from this hotel. Among other facilities, the restaurant has its own trademark which appeals to the tourists. Major amenities of the old harbour area can be availed mentioned ten among the thirty customers. Most of the nature lovers as per this study which is 17 of the 30 interviewees stated that because of its situation at the heart of French Riviera appeals to them most. Some of the customers who prefer their holiday to be luxurious prefer this hotel because of its services. 8 of the 30 customers mentioned that this hotel is their first choice in terms of rejuvenation. The services like their own spa and private beach are the amenities that can be availed by them in a very comfortable manner. Their spa services are much famous among the customers. As per the guest reviews it is evident that the majestic view of the ocean and the quality services attract the major number of guests in Radissonblu.

Brief description of Hotel 2

Villa Maia is a boutique hotel with luxurious countenance located in Rhone-Alpes which is considered to be Hill of Prayer of Lyon. Hill of prayer is considered as a seminal work in terms of artisanship since it caters the embodiment of French ‘art de vivre’. The hotel have spacious and airydesigned rooms with spectacular views to offer to their guests. Moreover, as per some amazed visitors of France, it pertain a spa, which resembles with a wild flower garden. On that note, it can be addressed that Villa Maia is supposed to offer a diverse range of cuisine that might be potent enough to quench every gastronomic specifications. 

Segmented target markets and specifications of the preferred products

Guests or Tourists who desired to spend their holidays far from the crowd while celebrating the seclusion since the hotel is situated in the Fourviere Hill that is heard to be settled by the Romans in the ancient 43 BC.

Cultural enthusiasts; since during the Les Nuits de Fourviere at the summer nights, culture buffs feel insisted to experience the theater performances and concerts that are supposed to be performed in the Theatre Romain which is an open-air theater performance.

Apart from spending their holidays in seclusion, Tourists with specific interests in artifacts and architectural charisma might find heaven over here since the hotel itself is framed upon the antiquarian heritage of Fourvier.

  • The products, irrespective of being tangible or intangible, can be classified as,
  • The sublime rooms that the respective hotel is supposed to offer to their potential guests appear to share a profound root with the retro décor of rooms since the Walls are lined with traditional Japanese straw along with custom-made pale furniture.
  • The spectacular view of 180-degree city panorama along with the shimmering photographic artworks of Charles Maze inscribed in each floor along with towel rails and mirror-embedded television sets in each of the rooms is one of the prime attractions of the potential tourists (www.villa-maia.com, 2017).
  • The sumptuous food that Villa Maia is supposed to offer to their guests including the specific trend to serve the breakfast in the garden in warm weather is remarkable. Moreover, they pertain Tetedoie, which is known as the gastronomic temple of Michelin-starred chefs and supposed to serve seasonal yet modern French cuisine with regional food ingredients.
  • The services are unbiased and consist of several specifications, which appear dedicated to serve the children and challenged tourists in a family-friendly manner. 

Strengths and Weakness

  • Transport Convenience
  • Infused with heritage and cultural charismas
  • Heritage intensive references in every corner of the compound
  • Spectacular style characteristics
  • Demand and specification intensive facilities
  • Expensive and opulent
  • biased of economic classes

Reasons of Popularity

In accordance with the strengths, it is easier to figure out the reasons of popularity.

Reasons of competitive edge

Convenience of Transport: The provinces of chintzy Fourviere Basilica is close to the top station and enjoys a funicular link with the station of Fourviere to Veux Lyon are minutes away from the premises of hotel. Furthermore, there exists a Unesco-protected old town specified for Lyon that is exactly 15 minutes strolling distance from the compound of Villa Maia (www.villa-maia.com, 2017).

Infused with heritage: The hotel itself is situated in Fourviere hill which has found deep heritage roots as it was constructed by Romans around 43 BC and known as the hills of prayer. This flagship and commissioned project of Maia group is found inspiration from the antiquarian heritage of Fourviere which is still considered as a contemporary in terms of art form. The interior design has been developed by three iconic interior French designer that have endowed the premises of the respective hotel with spectacular landscape view .

Each of the sublime rooms typically comprises of specimens from the photographic expeditions of the celebrated photographer Charles Maze (www.villa-maia.com, 2017). 

 Spectacular style characteristics: three celebrated French designers have designed the floors and the interior ingredients as it was mentioned earlier. The interior of the respective hotel is the outcome of the collaborative camaraderie of Jean-Michel Wilmotte who is a architect while landscape designer Louis Benech is also in the group along with the celebrated decorator Jacques Grange (www.villa-maia.com, 2017).

Passionate facilities: The guests and tourists are supposed to be endowed with the facilities where they will be able to attend board games or access libraries. Furthermore, the reception is courteous enough to spare a laptop to the tourists for personal use (www.villa-maia.com).

Moreover, the hotel contains a meditative courtyard garden that resembles with an oasis with spectacular serenity of an indoor pool.  

Reasons of attraction

  • The serenity of the hilly regions of Rhone alpes, intensive to Lyon
  • Michelin-starred dining experiences with diverse gastronomic inclinations
  • An irresistible casual wine bar in the rooftop
  • The panoramic beauty of the Lyon countryside and Fourviere Hill
  • The Fourviere intensive heritage of antiquarian architecture
  • Totem-pole installation by Guy de Rougemont at the reception of the hotel
  • The oeuvre along with the dazzling photographs of Charles Maze in the ceiling
  • The 180-degree panorama dining experience in the lap of Alpes
  • The sumptuous and modern cuisine prepared by Christian Tetedoie with seasonal flavors and provincial resources
  • The bar is supposed to be ruled by the pop artist Peter Gee who used to rock the evenings and allowed the potential tourists to make their own cocktail of their preferences. 

Guests Review

In order to understand the rate of customer satisfaction of the hotel Vila Maia the reviews of thirty guests have been scrutinized and evaluated. In the evaluation it has been found that the guests of this particular hotel are quite satisfied with their services as 20 of the 30 guests preferred to rate the hotel more than 8 in a scale of 10. When they were asked what is the primary thing that appeals to them, 23 of the 30 guests mentioned the designer rooms and the sensational view that most of the rooms of this hotel offer. The second thing in the list is the wild flower garden which can be seen from the vivacious and luxurious rooms. The wine bar at the rooftop of the hotel is refreshing according to 16 of the 30 guests. The decor and the spa have also been in the good list of the visitors. From the guest reviews it can be assessed that the designer rooms, luxurious spa and the grand dining have its spell bounding appeal over the visitors and attract the gusts to visit the place again.

Advantages and disadvantages

Radisson Blu
Vila-maia hotel
Room condition 

Tidy and clean
Airy and spacious
Not Sound proof
Central heating system not working   properly
Staff and reception
Language problem
Slower response
Environment and location
Closer to beach
Excellent view
Cleanliness and value added services
Always available
Luxurious treatment


The recurring study is supposed to explore the essential ingredients of a hotel in accordance with the specification that they are dedicated to provide to their tourists. As both of the hotels are chosen across the hospitality industries of France, both of the hotels have obtained a significant moiety of competitive edge by the virtue of cultural intensiveness. Furthermore, it can be stated that, the guest reviews appear coherent in terms of their mode of conduct as well as the content and, in most of the cases, they appear dazzled by the panoramic view that both of the concerns intends to endow their guests with.