Executive Meeting Report Assessment 2 Answer

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Capstone  Assessment 2



Prepare a cover page and Table of Contents.

  2. Description of overall strategy
  3. primary strategies - eg low cost provider – which did you choose (Refer lecture 2)
  4. Summary key outcomes eg: against key benchmarks, image ,ROI, ROE, profit (you need to refer to the BSG for these benchmarks – investor expectations – also see ‘Lecture 2’)
  5. Comment on changes from previous year to year 11, in profit and revenue
  6. Changes in share price and effect on shareholders wealth
  7. Forward strategies

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  1. SUMARRY OF Key Performance indicators 

                                Y10 Y11 Y12



Net Profit 

Net Profit % 



As each year progresses you will need to add to this, Yr 13, 14 and 15

  1. Comment other financial results eg revenue / wages Chose those that a relevant and outline why.
  2. Financial data re balance sheet / financing/share issues, effects on ROE
  3. Apply/determine some liquidity ratios and analysis 
    You will need to determine these – Please see Financial Ratios Summary on Moodle.
  4. Comment on the company’s cash position 
    eg: Do you have too much cash? Why? eg: do you expect to expand, etc?
  5. Decisions made /strategies taken 
    Explain how the decisions you made relate to your chosen strategyComment on the position

Explain how the decisions you made relate to your chosen strategyComment on the position


1. Stock levels

Comment on your inventory levels – did you have stockouts? Do you have excessive inventory ? Why?.

2. Production levels

Did you meet demand through your productions or in some other way? For example buying excess capacity from the market. Explain the process.

3. Worker productivity pairs/worker /year Why has this improved or not?

4. Were there any upgrades of capacity required

What was the basis of your decision? Why did you chose this rather than say purchase capacity from the market

5. Was plant capacity utilised fully or underutilised

If underutilised, why did you not fully exploit your capacity…eg: sell capacity to the market?

If fully utilised, what are your considerations for next year?

6. Commentary on above

7. What else do you feel relevant to communicate?

  • What is your ‘good news story?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for the year ahead?


                                                                          Y10 Y11 Y12

1. Sales per region (dollars)

You will need to add the results with each successive year ie: Yr 10 through to Yr 15.

2. Sales per region (units sold)

Ideally present this in a summary table and show trends each year.

3. Pricing - average

  1. Internet
  2. Wholesale

Comment on this and relate to your positioning? How do you compare to the rest of the industry?

4. Sales per dollar of advertising spend

This is a measure of marketing effectiveness. Remember if you have celebrity endorsement, you need to support your celebrity with advertising?

5. Commentary on above

Provide an over-arching summary of the above.


1. Number of staff employed

What is the employee productivity (number of shoes produced per employee)

2. Pay increases and bonuses

  • effect on corporate image
  • effect on productivity

3. Training strategies and expenditure

Has this paid off? Has your investment in training resulted in improved productivity? What is the financial benefit?


You should provide a logical summary based on the overall results.


A brief explanation how you will overcome weak performance and what you will do to exploit a superior position.

Relate this to the decisions available within the Business Strategy Game. DO NOT embellish your discussion around irrelevant points or areas which you cannot influence. eg: do not say you will advertise on TV or other media – you do not have the ability to make these decisions in in simulation.

Please Note:This is not an exhaustive list. It is expected that you will use this as a guide.

Not all ratios /analysis are important, however highlighting the areas that relate to the strategies you have chosen for your company and the associated analysis and commentary is.

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