Executive Summary Of A Fictitious IT Consulting Firm

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Question :

Write an Executive Summary of a fictitious IT Consulting (RZG's) Firm which offers the following:

1) Security Program & Strategy Services

2) Identity & Access Management

3) Cybersecurity Intelligence Response Center

4) Data Security & Privacy Management

5) Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

6) Incident Response & Forensics

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Answer :

Executive summary

It is important for the RZG to have proper security measures and to execute suitable plans for the betterment for the entity. The executive managers, boards of directors and the IT staffs have different knowledge gaps regarding the firm's security aspects. The authority does not have the surety if the company's strategies and security structures are resistant to present conditions. Management accessing is also required for the protection for the firm, it helps the authorized persons to access the firm's important aspects. In analyzing this project for RZG, which is totally based on technology for its performance, are likely to be get threatened by the hackers and are highly prone for cyber crimes and theft

It has been evident that the cyber security should be the main focus for the sector and it is also important for RZG to have built a proper fireball security, which is programmed to immune any cyber threats.  In analyzing the project is has been further evident that Professional hackers are able to crack through the online security and are able to manipulate company data, security information therefore it is a serious threat for the RZG and   the other IT sector companies, so the data security and privacy of the information are critical for the entities. Under further introspection  in this project it has been obvious that the RZG’s executives have decided to conduct infiltration tests so that the authorities can have knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of the security sections. The tests are conducted in different ways and on different sections separately, in order to observe the detailed limits and cracks in the security systems and intelligence for the organization. Now if any security breaches occurred in the firm, it is important that the firm should know how to counter the situation, also to ensure to that the important information is not destroyed in order to maintain investigation and police principles.