Experiences To Tourists In Mount Cootha Brisbane

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The Blended media is presented as a video but integrates different modes of digital communication in any combination, providing a creative way of communicating. The video must incorporate you narrating your script along with a blend of any of the following elements:

•  video and images taken by you on your field visit,

•  voice-over narration,

•  text,

•  animations,

• 3rd party videos and images,

•  video of you presenting information,

•  music

You should report on two phenomena as written blog posts and reflect on how they relate to the content you are learning within this subject. These entries should not simply be a description but rather should endeavour to either apply concepts you are learning to the phenomena you chose, or analyse the phenomena by asking sharp questions such as "who are the winners and losers?" Each post should not exceed 500 words (not inclusive of references) and may be illustrated with multi-media and hyperlinks to assist in reflecting on the issues. The stories may be related to each other, or may follow a theme across all entries, or, they can be completely unique from each other. You have flexibility in the topics you select and the concepts that you explore so that you may choose what interests and engages you as an individual.

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Answer :

Entry 2: Mount Coot-tha Brisbane

Mt Coot-tha is a perfect spot for picnic offering a panoramic view of Brisbane. It is the best place to get some breath-taking views along with some beautifully manicured gardens. The latest proposal of developing a Zipline at Mt Coot-tha is attracting lots of concerns and criticism due to several issues associated with environmental impact of such a development. The project proposes to offer some distinct experiences to tourists including the treetop canopy tour, the scenic Zipline tour and he Indigenous cultural heritage tour and skywalk (Stone, 2018). 

Mount Coot-tha Brisbane

It is to be noted that environment is a key factor to be considered in the field of tourism. This is so as tourism has a significant dependency on environment, as it becomes the key tourism attraction itself and this holds true in case of Mt Coot-tha, which itself is known for its natural attractions. However, the proposed Zipline project will result in removal of around 200 trees affecting the native vegetation significantly. Furthermore, as per the concerns raised by Birds Queensland and BirdLife Australia, the project will impact the Powerful Owl, a species native to eastern Australia (Swanston and Garty, 2018). The close proximity of besting trees near the “treetop canopy tour” will pose a risk of abandonment for the species and owls would attach people using the zip-line (Stone, 2018).

treetop canopy tour

As discussed by Getz and Page (2016) specific plans and actions should be implemented to increase he benefits of tourism while decreasing the gravity of any negative impact on the environment. It is necessary that various communities have proper understanding of the wide capacity of endeavour and bearing to analyse and reach consensus about the positive impacts to accentuate (Mason, 2003). 

The project is set to have a negative impact on both natural and human features of the environment. The project is supposed to increase the awareness of the environmental, cultural and Indigenous values of Mt Coot-tha but concerns are raised over the balanced and guided experience while finding ways to avoid any major impact on the environment.