Feasibility Analysis: Signed, Sealed ,Delivered Innovations

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Holmes Institute
Code: HS2061
Title: Information Systems Project Management

1. Develop a system scope document

Using the Signed, Sealed, Delivered Case Study provided, develop a system scope document. This document must include a section for each of the following:

• the business problem,

• a statement of purpose,

• the benefits of a new system

• the system capabilities and what it must achieve as a minimum

• exclusions – what the proposed system will NOT include

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Answer :

Executive Summary

Signed, Sealed, Delivered is a company that desires to exercise their innovative aptitudes by making certain circumspect alterations in their prevalent strategic layout. In terms of feasibility analysis, they have discovered with a gross technological disability that potentially prevents them from availing the latest ideas. In this regard, there is a high requirement of the company to employ technically sound recruits in order to attend the operational intricacy. Furthermore, the company requires to update their prevalent technological expertise in order to be able to attend those innovative ideas.


It is imperative for the business organizations to determine the viability of their yet-to-be-executed innovations as a strategic emergency since this is the prime indicator of the upcoming alterations is able to successful or not. The popular feasibility analysis framework can determine viability of activities where the major components are the technical, economic and operational feasibility. Moreover, the resources requisite need to be analyzed as well in order to fathom the functional and non-functional specifications of the nascent activities. In this regard, the current suite is supposed to evaluate those in terms of the aforementioned components in order to guide the company of Signed, Sealed ,Delivered towards their innovative activities (Hussein and Hafseld, 2014).

Feasibility Analysis

Technical Feasibility

In the advent of the current study, the company of Signed, Sealed , Delivered is supposed to add some activities in their strategic metric out of a sheer emergency. In this regard, they require a nominal technical soundness that might assist towards the accomplishment of those. For instance, instead of taking a monthly bill, they wish to get involved in a interpersonal encounter with their potential customers in order to maintain an alumni of them (Ahlan, 2014). In this regard, they have to maintain a register of records of their potential customers. In this regard, the innovative aptitudes of the respective unit appear technically sound as they wish to customize their online portal. Furthermore, in order to offer special privileges to their potential customer, the respective unit intends to devise a profile that need to be updated on a regular basis in order to portray them as their emerald customers. In terms of the plan that enables the potential customer with the option to opt the delivery time, they need to upgrade their webpage accordingly. Furthermore, in order to enable their potential customers with the opportunity to keep record of the progress of their delivery, they need to upgrade their Global Positioning System. In conclusion, the current stance of the unit is not technically sound enough to avail their innovative ideas at this point of time.        

Economic Feasibility

Signed , Sealed, Delivered appear to be a company that intends to serve their customers while stimulating their sales via business to consumer trajectory. In this regard, they have been able to obtain a status in the market of online delivery with their sincerity of delivery and evident punctuality. In terms of their annual revenue, they have been able to earn a considerable amount within a short course of time. In order to explore their venture towards the next benchmark they have decided to incorporate several service alterations that, according to their strategic acumen, might assist them to retain their customer base while availing new frontiers. In this regard, the management of the respective unit requires to install certain technical expertise that might enable them to avail their innovative services (Lam, et al. 2013). In this regard, evaluating their current economic condition with a reliable analytical framework, it can be easily stated that they are at the threshold of availing those since they have been able to maintain a consistent economic gain within a short course of time.   

Operational Feasibility

It has been already established that the management of Signed, Sealed, Delivered pertains some innovative aptitudes that the wish to incorporate in their prevalent strategic objectives in order to consolidate their prevalent customer base while seeking new frontiers. In this regard, they have discovered that they need to introduce some reforms in terms of technical expertise in order to accomplish the desired objectives. In order to operate those technical expertise prudently, the subordinates require to be technically sound enough in order to operate those expertise properly (Larson and Gray, 2013). For instance, the Global Positioning Apparatus that need to be operated accordingly in order to track the residence of the immediate customer. While conducting the analytical framework, the researcher came across certain technical impediments prevalent among the potential subordinates that might prevent the entire unit from availing the innovative aptitudes. Thus, in the light of the outcomes of the framework, it can be depicted that, the subordinates are still not adequately prepared enough to deal with the considerable alterations.      

Requirement Analysis

Functional Specification

In this regard, it is evident that the primary functional requisite is updated technological resources in order to accomplish the desired outcomes. For instance, the respective unit requires to install the upgraded version of Global Positioning system in order to keep the requisite track that might enable the unit to avail the desired outcomes. Moreover, in terms of workforce requirement that is the pivotal component of the functional requirements, the unit requires to recruit technologically sound employees who are eligible to perform the technical operations in order to make the upgraded expertise function accordingly (Schwalbe, 2015). Moreover, since the unit is planning to keep the record of their potential customer instead of just serve them with their requested amenities, they might need a website developer who can access a portal accordingly and operate and upgrade those as per the profile of the respective customer.       

Non-functional Specification

In order to answer the non-core competencies of the company that is beyond their functional expertise, they can simply hire an auxiliary unit that might outsource their non-functional competencies. Non-functional competencies, in the current context can be categorized as the additional specifications that the respective unit requires to meet in order to avail seamless customer retention. 

Project Constraints

One of the major project constraints is the absence of potential technical resources that might disable the respective unit to accomplish the desired outcomes. In terms of the innovative aptitudes that they have undertaken to pursue, there is a high requirement of the company to install prudent technological expertise (Laudon and Laudon, 2016). For instance, the respective unit might require an updated global positioning system to track their potential customers nearby. As per the current stance of the unit, what they majorly lack is technological expertise. Moreover, in terms of workforce the unit is also devoid of technological expert to operate the upgraded systems. These can be highlighted as the potential constraints of the project.       

Project Work Breakdown Structure

In terms of Work Breakdown Structure, the innovative ideas that the unit intends to incorporate in their prevalent strategic metric required to be narrowed down in accordance with the corresponding timeframes. In this course of time, the primary requisite of this Work Breakdown Structure is to recruit a group of potential subordinates that might assist the unit with their prudency and technological soundness. Afterwards, they need to install the technological requisites accordingly in order to let the employees function accordingly. At the end of the structure, they need to train their new recruits that they can work accordingly.  


In the light of the above study, it can be concluded that the company of Signed, Sealed, Delivered has been found with an flagrant absence of requisite technical resources that might resist the unit to embark on the innovative aptitudes they have planned. However, in terms of economic advantage, they have been discovered with a positive stance since they have been able to earn consistently. As per the recent requirements, the foremost requirement of the company is to employ subordinates with technically sound recruits in order to avail the operational intricacies of the yet-to-be-installed technical expertise.