Few Things Left Unsaid- Bittersweet Story Of A Couple

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Listen to the song 'Few Things Left Unsaid' from the short film: Bittersweet Story of a Couple. Present a detailed analysis and summary of the song considering the purpose of the short story.

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Few things left unsaid


The song that was taken into account for carrying out the task is "We don't talk anymore" by Charlie Puth. In this document, I am going to tell you a story about a girl named Jennifer and a boy named Justin. Jennifer and Justin were two best friends from elementary school. They both did everything together such as studying, clubbing, having the same group of friend. The bond between them was quite strong, and they were indeed inseparable.  From being best friends to lovers and then breaking up, it was a quite a predictive yet unusual story between them. It is a bittersweet story about a relationship that ended up due to the uncertain factors.

Jennifer was in high school and she fell in love with Justin. She started doing late night talks and texting romantic messages. She found that she was in love with her best friend, Justin. Despite the fact, being a girl she chooses to go to Justin and confess her feelings. She still remembered that it was just three days before Valentine's Day when she sat down in the coffee shop situated beside her home. They both were regular visitors over there.

But that day she was alone in the coffee shop nervously thinking about how to say those three magical words to her best friend. However, without thinking much she confessed her feelings to Justin that day itself, and Justin's reaction at first was quite weird as he could not believe but deep down inside Justin also liked Jennifer. Justin did not give any answer to Jennifer until Valentine's Day. 

They were normally talking but suddenly on 14th February 2016, Justin also confessed his feelings for Jennifer and their love story begin from that day.

Their love story was going strong until one year when suddenly they begin to fall apart. Things were not the same anymore as they used to be. They both got admitted in the same college, but that also did not help them to sustain their relationship. They had small fights at the beginning like all other normal couples, but things got bitter and bitter day by day.

One day, when Jennifer could not take it anymore, she decided to end their love relationship and wanted to be his friend. However, Justin refused and told her that he was happy to end up the relationship and do not want to be with her in any form of a relationship neither a lover nor a friend.

Both got hurt in the process of ending up their relationship. They both stopped talking to each other. They stared at their phone in nights that they would be getting text or a call from each other, but it did not happen. Hours, days, months passed but no one was talking to each other irrespective of the fact that they used to live in the same lane. Whenever they come across to each other they used to avoid and had glances to each other that were blank.

Jennifer heard from one of her friends that Justin got a new girl and she wished that if she knew this before, then she would have never ever been in a relationship with him. She thought that Justin moved on but still, she could not move on because of the memories such as friendship with him, love and everything they used to share. These all seemed so real to her even at present that she is in denial most of the time.

It was the story of Jennifer, but the same thing was happening with Justin also. After seeing Jennifer couple of times with dressed up, he thought she was definitely dating someone. However, no matter how much curious he was Justin tried stopped himself from knowing what she is doing, what dress she was wearing, if she was dating someone or they are even close. He simply thought to see her from outside that she is happy and seems like he has been fooled all this time and he wished never to fall in love with her as her passion seemed to be like the game now.

They both think that maybe it was high time for them to move on because Jennifer, as well as Justin, think that they both are gone from their life for good. The reality was different as they were in denial still. Friends pressurized both of them and they decided to go on a blind date. However, their blind date was set up by their common group of friends, and the place was the same old coffee shop were both used to spend a lot of time together.  

They were both blindfolded and asked to sit on the chair that they used to sit before although both of them are unaware who is in front of them? Now the question arises after seeing each other will they be the same as before? Or will they part their ways as strangers again? Maybe a few things are best left unsaid. 

Purpose of a short story

The main purpose of this short story to divulge the core feeling of the couple who fall in love with each other and got departed in their relationship due to the unforeseen factors. They had various complexities and issues in their relationship despite their unconditional love for each other. This short story reveals the sadness, sorrow, and pain behind the breakup of the relationship which Jennifer and Justin both had to face. The main purpose of a short story is to reflect the issues and problems which the couple had in their relation. It also teaches the sort of action which should be taken to save the relation for the sake of love they had for each other. This depicts that couple in relation should understand their thoughts and always make efforts to mitigate the possible issues which they might have. Ending up a relation is not the sort of course which could be taken. Both should make efforts to end up problems instead of ending up the relation. Therefore, it could be inferred that the main purpose of this story is to identify the things which are kept said and unsaid. However, love, feeling, and attachments are the things which are kept unsaid in life.


It is found that sometimes it is better to leave a few things unsaid. In this short film, in the end, both Jennifer and Justin sat in the coffee shop as a person to date each other on a blind date. It is very hard to determine whether they will be all together in their relationship or not. They were both blindfolded and asked to sit on the chair that they used to sit before although both of them are unaware of who is in front of them. They both were flooded with the questions for each other. These factors are very uncertain to determine. Love, relation, affection and caring for each other are the eternal feeling which does not get fade away by the time. These are some of the few things which are not only left unsaid in the world but judgment for these feeling based on their own feeling irrespective of the other influencing factors. They both might be in love again and there are chances that they both may get departed from each other lives. These are the things which are kept uncertain and unsaid in the story. What will happen and what will not will be the need of an hour which they both will have in their relationships with each other.