Film Tourism: Literature Review

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Learning Objective: An important task when constructing an academic article is conducting a literature review. The objective of this assessment is to ensure that students know how to collect and analyse appropriate information and to organise it for future use.

Scenario: You are a business graduate employed as a marketing practitioner in a progresive international organisation. The Chief Marketing Officer has recognised your expertise and requested that you research a topic for a future internal magazine. 

The CMO has suggested that when you research the topic you should focus on academic journals rather than popular media.

The CMO will supply you with a Microsoft Excel spread-sheet to enable the collection and organisation of data [there is a reason for this and it will become apparent as you progress]. Your task is to investigate a topic [see below], to explore relevant references as they emerge. Within the spread-sheet you must record key themes, key words, and establish a hierarchy of importance. Each row within the spread-sheet must be limited to one key theme, therefore, it would be usual for each article to span more than one theme and have multiple rows. Each row should have the article authors’ names to enable sorting of the themes.

At all times you must relate/link your literature review to the unit learning.

The CMO strongly emphasised the importance of appropriate referencing conventions. You are restricted to two quotes in the internal magazine, therefore, CMO has emphasised that you record your findings in your own words. However, as quotes must have page numbers these need to be recorded during the literature review. When your literature review is completed you will undertake a two-page research proposal. Within the proposal you will:

• State the research problem [the purpose of the work]

• Outline the key themes within the literature

• Express the future significance/contribution of your research

• Detail the theory which will be the foundations of your future article

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Answer :

Purpose or problem statement

There are certain problems relating to the purpose of the study and there is various purpose regarding the film tourism. The main purpose of the film is not only entertaining the audience but also make an enhancement of the location of the spot for visitors. In some ways, the research might find that film tourism also makes a vacation or holidays for visitors. Moreover, it also creates a special interest for the audience about different countries culture. Researchers may find that previously film did not give much attention but in the recent days, the audience showed a huge interest regarding film tourism. The researcher will find from a literature review that the proper location of a film can also make an attraction spot. While visiting on this spot the economy of that country also increases at a higher scale (Reijnders et al. 2015). Nowadays the audience visits the place as per attractive location made in the film as found by the researcher.

Researchers may find problem relating the film tourism. Problems rise up at for not making proper planning for the film location. While the proper location is not made previously, it creates a huge problem. Moreover, a researcher might find that the communication gap is another problem. The As different country has their own ways of communication with the people.A researcher may find that the culture will be another problem relating the film tourism. There may be less space to make accommodation for the excess visitors. A researcher might find that the extra security will help theft of things from the location of films. A researcher might focus on the replacement of market in the tourism.  

Key themes

The researcher will make a research proposal after completing the literature review of the mentioned topic that is film tourism. The research may find many important factors relating to the topic the researcher has made certain works relating the proposal. The researcher has found certain key themes relating to film tourism from a literature review. The different themes are location; audience visit; impact falls on film tourism of audience; presentation of cultures as based on tourism. In this key item, it will include the location and types of films. The location will be the prime factors for the film which could enhance the audience visiting on that location (Yen and Teng  2015). This location could also increase the potential for promotion of the film. As the appropriate position of the location is the vital part of the films. Secondly, the audiences gathering on the film make a release for adapting new ideas and concept that are focused in the films. There will be a huge impact for the audience after seeing the films. While visiting the place in the film tourism enrich a value in the culture of different people. Moreover, these themes will help the growth of the film tourism. Themes also make more attention towards the development of films market value. The location of the films makes a major issue on the tourism for the film. Moreover, a researcher has found the importance of visiting of audiences in the new set location. The film tourism appears to be a niche activity connected with the few special destinations or place. However, the interest from the film tourism has generated, recognize the occurrence of the distinct type of tourism behavior, activity, and experience of the audience (Gong & Tung, 2017). Indeed the scale and extinct of the research literature not only allows but makes a necessary themes review of the major ideas, topics and perspectives with a proper view of ideas of the topic made in the film. It also provides a future direction towards the wider academy of tourism. 

Contribution of Study

The researcher has made a huge contribution towards the mentioned topic of film tourism. Film promotion will help to create a large gathering of audiences. Moreover, it will help in an understanding of the market. It also helps to know the audience taste and preferences towards the film. The main importance of the tourism will also help the country’s growth in economic. The researcher will find both the positive and negative impact while contributing towards the film tourism. Positive and the negative impacts come from the location made in the films. In the positive impact, the films make a very popular cultural influence for the society (Radzi et al. 2016). Moreover, films are very important medium of communication across a different nation of the country. The Proper location also makes a positive impact on the film tourism. It also makes a competition towards competitor while promoting the films. New innovative ideas also show a greater interest towards the audience and also makes the location as their holiday visit.  

There are also certain negative impacts towards the film tourism. As tourism of films is mainly done in other places for countries, so states a financial problem. Not all the audiences can afford to visit the places that are made from the films. Moreover, there will be a huge problem for the visa as all the country does not provide a visa to the audiences. The study also states that both the negative and positive impact will impart film tourism.

Details Theory

The researcher will find a different theory that helps the research study. Theory will include the market for the tourism, attraction for the heritage, impact fall on the tourism and involvement of the well-known tourism. This theory will help the researcher to carry out in future of the film tourism. Involvement of the well-known personality will help the audiences to gather at the time of a release of films. It also affects a high gathering of people in the film promotional activity. While carrying out the study the researcher will get the impact of the tourism. These impacts can be positive or negative depending on the country where the film will be promoted. In these research studies, the researcher might get an extra attraction of heritage beside film tourism. In order to visit the location, an audience not only makes film tourism but also visit the heritage buildings or monuments (Beeton and Cavicchi, 2015). Heritage for the buildings and monuments also brings a huge attraction for the people from all over the country. The researcher will receive all the details theory related to the film tourism.