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What is Finance Planning?

Finance as a subject has 3 core areas namely public finance, corporate finance, and personal finance. In short, the process of management of the manner of attainment, budgeting, spending and saving of monetary resources by an individual/government/corporate keeping in mind unpredictable factors like financial risk, market risk, and future uncertain future events. 

The topics covered by us:

a.    Cash Flow Management: The topic is concerned with the financial position of an individual/corporate/government. The process is simple. By comparing the cash inflow and outflow it is analysed whether the income generated by an individual/corporate/government is sufficient to cover the monthly expenses. It also helps to frame the strategies to be followed to improve the liquidity position.

b.    Risk Management: The topic aims to identify the different kind of risks that a Corporate/Government/Individual is exposed to at the present as well as in the future. The purpose is to frame strategies, rules, and procedures to be followed to cover all potential areas of risk exposure.

c.    Investment Planning: The topic covers an extremely critical area. It aims at the procedure to be followed to determine how the surplus fund could be invested in order to generate further income. The accumulated wealth of entity needs to be channelized and invested in different securities so that it could be utilised in a better manner.

d.    Tax Planning: The area is very critical and aims at planning the tax liability of an Individual/Corporate.

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Why is Finance Planning chosen as a Career?

Students arrive at their preferred choice of higher education based on the promise it holds for growth in their future. Finance Planning as a field is extremely challenging but are lucrative. The subject has a number of importance and relevance as discussed above. It is so huge, that it is not only divided into 3 core areas but every element of finance planning itself is covered by the different department.

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