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Parts of a financial statement

Financial statements are the documented reports prepared by an expert presented before the head of the company, shareholders, executives and general public of a company, quarterly or annually manner.  The following are the three important financial accounting reports -

  1. Statement of income - This document showcases the total profit made by a company during every financial quarter. The formula to derive the statement of income is Net profit which equals to revenue-expenses.
  2. Statement of cash flow - This document showcases how much of fund came in as well as how much of fund left the business is to be shown in the sheet of finance. 
  3. Balance sheet - This document is considered to be the final steps in preparing the showcased financial reports. The balance sheet, lists the assets of a business on one hand and the liabilities of the company on another together with the company owner’s equity.

The methods of financial analysis

Financial analysis is done mainly throughout financial ratio analysis. Here are the primary financial ratios that are used in drafting a financial statement analysis –

  1. Current liquidity ratio
  2. Profitability ratio
  3. Debt ratio
  4. Quick liquidity ratio
  5. Profit margin
  6. Earnings per share
  7. Dividend cover

The subject of financial statement analysis –

Financial or economic analysis primarily refers to the assessment of constancy, viability and productivity of an enterprise as a complete or a particular venture that is undertaken. It is carried out by the specialists who are professionals in preparing reports by using relevant information that are prepared by the means of using the financial statement of a company. The financial reports are the chief and important tool that is used in making financial decisions of a company. It is usually presented by the company workers to the top level of management. Be it in academics or professional world the financial statement analysis has immeasurable value in the hands of the right people. To be able to draft a financial statement with confidence students of the subject require financial statement analysis assignment help to devise ways to do it with ease. 

Our subject specific financial statement analysis assignment help writers painstakingly point out the correct way to construct a financial statement as on the accuracy of the report lies these decisions –

  1. With a financial report in hand it becomes easier to decide whether a business should continue with or discontinue a certain part of the business concerns or the primary operations of the company
  2. With a financial report in hand it becomes easier for a business to acquire, lease or rent the company equipment or machinery
  3. With a financial report in hand it becomes easier for a business to purchase a particular material to utilize it for manufacturing the product
  4. With a financial report in hand it becomes easier for a business to increase their working capital or to issue stocks or to negotiate for a loan
  5. With a financial report in hand it becomes easier for a business to take the certain decisions in lending or investing their capital

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