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What is Flume?

Apache Flume is a distributed, reliable system for efficiently collecting, aggregating and moving large amounts of log data from many different sources into HDFS

Flume Architecture:

1) Events generated by external source are consumed by Flume Data Source.

2) The External source sends events to flume source in a format that is recognized by the target source.

3) Flume source receives an event and stores it into one or more channels.

4) The channel may use local file system in order to store these events

5) Flume sink removes the event from channel and stores it into an external repository.

Flume Artitecture

Flume Components:

1) Event : data being collected

2) Flume Agent: source, channel, sink

   - Source: where the data comes from

   - Channel: repository for the data

   - Sink: next destination for the data


To define the flow within a single agent

  1- List the sources / channels / sinks

  2- Point the source and sink to a channel

Limitations of Apache Flume:

  1. Duplicacy
  2. Weak ordering guarantee
  3. Low Scalability
  4. Reliability Issues

Built in flume sources:

  1. Avro, 
  2. Thrift, 
  3. Exec, 
  4. JMS, 
  5. Spoolong Directory, 
  6. NetCat, 
  7. Sequence Generator, 
  8. Syslog, 
  9. HTTP

Basic syntax of apache Fumne:

# list the source, sink and channels for the agent
<Agent>.source = <source>
<Agent>.channels = <channel_1><channel_2>
# set channel for source
<Agent>.source.<source>.channels =   <channel_1><channel_2>..
# set channel for sink
<Agent>.sinks.<sink>.channel = <channel_1>

Finding the Features of Fumne online service to Fumne Assignment Help:

  1. Open Source
  2. Documentation
  3. Latency
  4. Configuration
  5. Data Flow
  6. Routing
  7. Inexpensive
  8. Fault tolerance and scalable
  9. Distributed 
  10. Relible Message delivery
  11. Streaming 
  12. Steady Flow