Focus Of Work For Public Health: Practice Development Assessment 1 Answer

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ASSIGNMENT 1 – PROPOSAL 1,000 word graded paper. 

Specific assessment criteria The first few weeks of the topic requires you to discuss your ideas with your tutor and develop your proposal for the focus of the work for Public Health: Practice Development.  In the proposal you will need to: 

• Identify the public health/primary health care/health promotion/development issue and the aspect of it you are going to focus on.  • Identify the systematic search strategy you are going to use to locate the relevant literature (e.g. what key words are you going to search by, time frame for the search and why that time frame was used, what databases, search engines, and other techniques you will use to find a comprehensive range of information on the issue (e.g. Hand searching, key informants).  You are encouraged to contact the specialist health subject librarian to seek advice to develop the search strategy.  If relevant to the issue you have selected, you are also encouraged to search more broadly than the health related data bases, such as the social sciences data bases.  You also need to specify what inclusion and exclusion criteria you will use to either include or exclude literature). • Identify the time table for your practice development plan, which outlines your work schedule and time lines for the topic. 

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