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Cloud Computing

Big Data Analytics Project: Analyzing ACM Citation Network Assessment Answer

Big Data Analytics Project Spring 2020, Option A Analyzing ACM Citation Network1. ACM Citation DatasetACM citation data is extracted from DBLP, ACM, and other sources. The dataset is available on this website...

MITS5002 Software Engineering Methodology: Security Issues and Research Challenges Assessment 1 and 2 Answer

MITS5002 Software Engineering MethodologyAssignment 1 and 2Presentation and Research ReportNOTE: This Document is used in conjunction with Assessment 1 [Presentation & participation] and Assessment 2 [Research Report] in...

Automated Accounting Software for Five Point Four

ACC508Informatics and Financial ApplicationsAssignment 1Cloud versus Desktop Accounting SoftwareBackgroundThe ability to understand and present information clearly and professionally is an important skill.You have been employed by an...


Cloud Computing Basics

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Cloud computing for Webb's Store New Zealand

Task:Webb’s Stores is a successful regional retailer that operates stores in Australia and also in New Zealand. Webb’s sell a range of food stuffs as well as some speciality items. The company has two main data centres, one...