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Contract Law

Advise to Eddie of Legal Rights Against Oscar

LEGAL STUDIES LAW00720                    Question 1    (13 marks)On Monday, Eddie received the following letter from Oscar:  “1,500 summer...

Contract Law: Darlington Bank and Jack's Case Study

Consider the case study of Darlington Bank and Jack. Answer the given questions based on principles of duty of confidentiality in the common laws of people and contract law.

Case Issues: Advice from legal authority

Question 1 (13 marks) (1100 words limit no less but can exceeds )In a letter, dated 1 March and posted the same day Ann wrote to Jack offering to sell him her car for $12,000. She wrote,” I will give you until 7 March to make...

Contract Law Case Study

Write the topic on "Contract Law".Summary:Danny is a dealer in vintage cars. On Tuesday 10th October, he attends an auction at Erik’s Used Car Sales, looking to purchase new stock. One lot at the auction is a 1965 MGB...

Problem questions analysis: Contract Law

Question:Simon, George, Sara and Mary were all employed by different IT companies. However, they felt that they could do better if they went into business themselves. They pooled their available cash and drew up a partnership agreement,...

Read and Interpret the legal documents on Contract law

National Business Institute of Australia1 Explain fully what is a contract- Why is it used- What is required for a contract for the sale of land to be enforceable.2 Examine a copy of a vendors statement and then answer the following:what...

Elements of legally Binding law: Drug Driving Case Study

Task:Discuss the meaning of this statement: "Even though all contracts are agreements, not all agreements are contracts." In your answer, outline the elements of a legally binding contract.  

Aspect of Contract and Negligence for business

You are a legal adviser and visiter by clients who require advice on different aspects of Law. They have presented you with a summary of the case. With reference to different aspects of Law prepare a report as stated below. The...