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Occupational Health and Safety

HLTWHS002: Follow Safe Work Practices for Direct Client Care

Assessment – HLTWHS002: Follow safe work practices for direct client care. 2Competency Record to be completed by Assessor 3Observation/DemonstrationThroughout this unit, you will be expected to show your competency of the...

WHS Project: Hazard recognition and Improvements

General Instructions:  Complete all tasks detailed in the following pages Fill in this assessment cover sheet and submit with your completed assessment task  Sign the declaration Submit the completed tasks within...

Occupational Health Management Plan: Ace Chemical Company

Task In this assessment task you are required to develop an occupational health management plan for an identified occupational health hazard in one identified workplace. This could include drugs and alcohol lifestyle issues...

Occupational Health Hazards and Management Plans

Occupational Health Management Plan Rationale This assessment task incorporates the knowledge of occupational health management that has been obtained throughout the unit and applies that knowledge in a manner that is directly...

How to Maintain The Generator

Q: Discuss the topic 'How to maintain a generator' in terms of health and safety at workplace.

Implement WHS Plan and Measure and Evaluate WHS Performance and Review and Improve WHSMS

CODE: BSBWHS605Q1. Develop an appropriate WHS policy for your allocated business/industry.Q3. Suggest various consultations methods to be used in the workplace for WHS consultation purpose.Q4. Suggest various communicaion methods to be...