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International Relations

International Students Perception on Quality Learning Assessment Answer

Task 2b Research proposalTask 2b - InformationDescriptionIn this task you will determine an appropriate and rigorous research design to address your research gap, and identify and reconcile ethical and quality considerations.The research...

Case Study of Schindler Holdings in India: Problems Faced by Silvio Napoli India Assessment Answer

You will be given the following case and are required to answer the following questions:Bartlett, Christopher A., Michael Y. Yoshino, and Perry Fagan. "Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A)." Harvard Business School Case...

Syrian Conflict and Neo-Realist Theory

To what extent can (neo)realist theory explain the ongoing Syrian conflict?

War as an Extension of Politics

University of ExeterCollege of Social Sciences and International StudiesPOL2082: The Changing Character of WarfareIs war always simply ‘an extension of politics by other means’, or does it have certain unique characteristics...

Liberal Theorist on US-Chinese relations with growth and democratization of China

University of ExeterCollege of Social Sciences and International StudiesPOL2052: Foreign Policy: Leadership, Power and Responsibility What should a Liberal theorist expect to happen in US-Chinese relations if China continues to grow...