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1. Identify the candidate’s any four values, four interests, four personality traits, and four skills.
2. Find a useful self-assessment tool (online/offline) that also gives recommendations about the careers suitable for him/her. Fill each section and take screenshot (Print Screen) for each section and document it. Finally also document the results.
3. Identify, with proper reasoning, any three kinds of job roles that best match this candidate, on the basis of the findings in the previous two steps.

4. Suggest some two methods for self-management/time-management (do not repeat the ideas already covered in the course):
5. List the exact references as footnotes on the respective pages, for the source of information.  

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Answer :


Career development and identifying the skills for personality development is an important aspect in the self assessment. The current assessment revolves around the personality traits and development. In order to accomplish the subject matter two members of my group has been chosen. My friend Arif will be the Subject in the self-assessment. The current paper intends to determine the values and interests of candidate in regards to influence the career choice. It also will attain the personality traits that have interrelation with the career choice. The will be comparing the personality skills with the self-employment traits of 21st century. These are the four personality traits found in Arif. The four skills that are interrelated with the employment purpose found in the candidate are   efficient and organized, open communication, ability of the collaborative work and good customer services. In this aspect, emotional intelligence has the coefficient relation in decision making process of career selection. Therefore, the following paper will reveal the perspectives of career traits along with skills to help the self-assessment.    

Identify the candidate’s any four values, four interests, four personality traits, and four skills

Values are the most important perception one should follow in the career selection formation as the value give the decision making process a standardized base and norms [1](Mussen, 2015). Values are those psychological objectives that tend to be a part of life in every stage (Deesilatham, and Hosany, 2018,). Values determine the priorities and beliefs an individual wants to work and live.Thus, these values also take part in the career selection of a candidate. Herein the values discussed are of the subject of the group member Arif.  Values of the candidate in the career selection:

  1. Family relations and bonds is one of the values that initiates in the career selection of Arif as he likes to involve the family members in all the decision making processes of his life. Henceforth, choosing career is crucial thus having the family values will be beneficial for the candidate as family gives the most initiative opinions in career selection along with development [2](Krahn, and Galambos, 2014.).
  2.  Apart from this. Involving the social status in the career selection will be another value of Arif. Strategy is something that makes every selection systematic and logical thus this is a value that is possessed by Arif.
  3.  In career selection there needs to be some of the helping gesture that not only help Arif to initiate in the career choice but also help in achieving the advantages of improving the social skills. Career choice includes another objective that is interrelated with the career objective and social skills as both of the attributes are related.
  4. Another value of Arif identified was personal relationships and cooperating nature. He maintains the value of cooperating with people, as he is good in maintaining the personal channel.

Therefore, the values identified in Arif that would be included in the process of selecting the suitable career. The value of a person influences the career selection in many ways such as selecting the workplace Arif wants to work with and the influence can help select the professions well [3](Little, et al 2018)

Personality traits

Personality traits always incorporates with thecareer selection process as the career selection process precedes The personality traits that were found in Arif is he is very good with communication and social skills. The personality traits found in  Arif were he’s cooperative and polite nature of working collaboratively. Good communication skills, amativeness and the ability to deliver the work determination. These are the four personality traits found in Arif. 

The four skills that are interrelated with the employment purpose found in the candidate are   efficient and organized, open communication, ability of the collaborative work and good customer services. These traits values and skills can be implied in the choice of career as all these attributes has the potential to get implied in the procedure to gain employment benefits[4](Price, et al 2014).

Self-assessment tools that incorporates with producing recommendation about the suitable career

In order to justify the career that suits Arif I have conducted a research questionnaire. The answers and questions along with the results are given in the following images.

Analysis of the result 

The self-assessment tool has helped in analyzing the abilities of Arif related to employment that has incorporation with the traits and values of Arif. Arif was asked to do the answers of the given questions that are present in the questionnaire. He has answered all the questions as per his critical thinking ability. The result has revealed that his visual ability has scored 5, aural 4 reading and writing 2 and Kinesthetic 5. This has been   raveled that Arif is majorly efficient in the management department. 

Identify, with proper reasoning, any three kinds of job roles that best match this candidate, based on the findings in the previous two steps.

According to the previous discussion of self-assessment, values, personality traits and skills of Arif it is clearly notified that Arif has some spontaneity and possibility to do jobs, which is, involved people for social welfare and improvement of cultural events. The three job roles, which are appropriate for Arif according to his all traits and skills, are - 1) Social worker, 2) An entrepreneur 3) human recourse management. 

1) Social worker - As previously discussed that Arif has good understanding and value of family and a pleasant connection with the social gathering; he should be a good social worker. As a social worker, one must have the mutual understanding and good observing power to know the impact, possibility and costiveness towards others.

2) Entrepreneur - An entrepreneur is a self-achiever, a self-learnerand a self-motivator. He is someone who not only organized a whole teamwork but also equally responsible for each one's faults as well as achievement. As Arif has proper knowledge of teamwork and self-discipline to maintain a proper sustainable workflow in the organization, he should be looking himself as a successful entrepreneur [5](Ireland, and Lent, 2018).

3) Human resource management trainee - As it mentioned before, John has a good interpersonal skill and he is very discipline person. He has a good amount of possibility to be a human resource management trainee. Since for a human resource manager it is very important to observe, monitor and control the employee hence John has maintain the work culture to give his potential effort effectively [6](Lim, et al 2016).

Suggest some two methods for self-management/time-management 

Methods for self-management 

Self-awareness is a very important skill in self-management techniques. One should aware about their course of action in daily life. It is helpful to increase the self-controlling power. Responsibility is one of the crucial aspects of self-management skills. One should learn to take own responsibility first at home. It will increase the confidence level in the future phase at the work culture. If someone is not able to know how to be productive and proactive in time to time then certain problem will always arise. One should know how to maintain the period of workload and schedule some time for refreshment. Employees should also learn how to cut off the extra stress and get some time for themselves to maintain their mental peace. 

Methods for time management

  1. Delegation is very important elements in time management techniques. It teaches how to save the time and use it properly.Procrastination is postponing or delaying the work. One should learn how to do a job in time, for his employees should make a list, which helps them to maintain the work according to the schedule.
  2. Employees should know how to prioritize their work. It is very important to give freedom to the employees to be who they are and let them think freely. It makes the productivity of their work structure but can also save time and makes their confident level strong. One must be very punctual and particular about their work culture. Complete a work in time is a very important aspect in time management skills. Always reward your employee to keep them active. It will help to motivate the willpower of them and they will do their job more effectively. 


In concluding self assessment, I learned that as the person Arif should have sufficient management and interpersonal skills so as to establish himself to get a successful career and accomplish his life goals in a proper way. Through time and self-management, Arif also learn how to value the time management skills and implementation of self behavioral aspects to maintain his daily regime to improve in his job role. Self-assessment is the process through which one can inspect their own self-evaluation which is very much help to grow the inner self of one person. It is also true that traits, skills and knowledge are varies person to person, so different techniques are applicable for different person in this process.