Gibbs Reflection Cycle: Experience With Aborginal Woman And Cultural Differences Assessment Answer

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The purpose of this assessment is to reflect your learning undertaken around cultural competence and to recognise your role as a registered nurse in providing care that is culturally safe and that addresses all the dimensions of the cultural respect framework (Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council's National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Standing Committee, 2016).

Select a particular cultural experience that you have recently encountered. Using a model of reflection of your choice, reflect on your experience. Include cultural awareness, and demonstration of cultural safety. Describe how your knowledge, understanding, assumptions and sensitivity towards this cultural experience have been influenced. Discuss how your experience may influence on your development of cultural safety and the implications on your personal growth and professional practice. You are expected to use at least (5) current and contemporary references to complete this assessment.

For more information please refer to STAB 304

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Gibbs Reflection Cycle

Experience with Aborginal woman and cultural differences 

Gibbs Reflection Cycle

Description of Gibbs refection cycle.

Evaluation of Gibbs Reflection Cycle